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  • Where to Meet Girls for Dating: Offline Edition
    The way we date became an issue of some psychological researches. The research aimed at finding differences between online and offline relationships has shown that the best way to find a couple for a weekend is offline.
  • Younger Women Dating: Tips for Older Men
    When young women seeking men who are older, people don’t understand what an older men younger women relationship may look like. Most likely, this is a beautiful student who goes to the clubs on weekends. Or in her free time, she is engaged in dancing or other interesting hobbies. He, as a rule, is a homebody. Or the man works a lot so that he doesn’t even have time to go to the bar with friends. So, what can unite such different people?
  • Should I Date My Best Friend – Let’s Find Out the Truth
    The friendship of a man and a woman is more like self-deception since one of them has more tender feelings for another one. The transition of relations from friendship to love occurs imperceptibly, gradually and, if it is mutual, develops into very strong relationships.
  • How to Not Be Bored in a Relationship
    We all feel terrible when boredom starts creeping into our relationships, we feel like this is the end, you are done, you two now know everything there is to know about each other and nothing new can come out of such a relationship. But is it really true? And if so, does it signify the end of a relationship or is it just something that you should accept?
  • Over 50 Dating: Online and Offline Tips
    Some people ask me, “Dating over 50, what is it like?” Are there any unspoken rules relating to this type of relationship? What do and what don’t elderly people allow during their dates? How do I find a woman I can spend the rest of my life with? Where do I find a man when I’m 50+?
  • How to Tell If She Is the One
    There are no comrades when it comes to taste and color, each man has his own preferences and desires in choosing women. In this article, you will find several basic signs that you have found the one. Be careful. Let’s first figure out the ways to tell she is the one.
  • Romantic Trip Rules: How to Get the Most of It
    The best way to support and feed our feelings for our partners is to organize different romantic events. First of all, it is about romantic trips because they are very important for every couple since they bring you closer and can even reawake your feelings.
  • Should I Marry Her If I Have Doubts?
    Marriage involves a lot of commitment; it is about bounding your life to someone else’s life and trying to make the best of it. And sure, you can always get divorced and move on to meeting someone else, but divorce is always associated with a lot of different issues, and divorce never brings pleasure to anyone. Thus, you should be careful when it comes to picking a partner for marriage.
  • How to Deal with Divorce When You Still Love Her
    Divorce with a woman is a serious situation that can unsettle even a very strong man. So, after it, he starts visiting a single woman dating site, may face depression, complete devastation, which in the end, can lead to anything. And it is quite difficult to overcome such a state itself and even sometimes completely impossible.
  • What to Say When Approaching a Girl
    So many different types of anxieties can influence the decision to approach a girl with some serious intentions. What if she rejects? What if I am not pretty? What if she is crazy and is gonna call the police? Well, the latter is unlikely, but let’s talk about some more realistic aspects of such a scenario. What should you know about approaching a girl?
  • What Should I Do If All the Girls Are Rejecting Me?
    “What is the problem? Why do girls reject me?” – They ask themselves and find no answer. And everything is very simple, you just need to change something in yourself and know the little secrets that will allow you to be popular among women.
  • Being in a Relationship with Someone Who Has Depression and Anxiety
    If a person is depressed, they block all the good things and contacts that people have or generally avoid them. It is as if they are unable to swim or stay on the surface of this sea without effort, so they only exhaust themselves, frantically floundering and swallowing the air. What is dating someone with depression-like and how to help your anxiety-prone partner – read below.
  • 10 Tips on How to Get a Girl Out of Your League
    Dear men, if you want to succeed, then you have to understand a simple thing - everything has its price. If you want to get something valuable, then you should offer something valuable in return. Therefore, there are no inaccessible women in the world but different levels of access. In fact, when beholding inaccessible girls, guys are afraid that they cannot afford such a girl.
  • 10 Sure Signs You Are More Than Friends
    In the life of each guy, there are several girls who communicate well enough with him and share his interests and hobbies. And such friendship can become only stronger over time. They want more than just casual talks, discussion of events and news.
  • How to Date a Gemini Woman
    If a Gemini woman paid attention to you, then the next task would be to keep her. We have already said that these women are windy and inconstant, therefore, having seduced Gemini, you must do everything so that she won’t get bored and lose interest in you as a person.
  • 20 Pivotal Relationship Rules
    Every relationship begins with romance, passion, and admiration. At the beginning of the acquaintance, a man and a woman are in seventh heaven and think that their love euphoria will last forever. But if one does not make efforts and work on relationships, then the everyday life takes effect and relationships begin to show signs of strain. So, there are some pivotal rules for a good relationship that a couple should observe to strengthen love.
  • How We See Public Display of Affection
    Today, many people do not pay attention to the public expression of feelings, they are already used to this. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you can publicly kiss or more. That is why it is important to talk about the meaning of PDA in relationships and main rules of public display of affection etiquette.
  • Dating a Woman with Abandonment Issues
    The fear of being abandoned and left out without support is familiar to many people in a varying degree. But in some people, it takes the form of phobia, overmasters their whole life, and even requires the advice of professionals. This is about abandonment issues in relationships. What it is? What are the signs of abandonment issues? And how to date a person with such a problem?
  • How to Recognize Manipulation in a Relationship
    It is interesting to observe how the understanding of what psychological manipulation is and the attitude to this phenomenon are changing. A few years ago, trends in popular psychology were topics like "How to get a man to make a proposal," "How to get a girl to have sex," "How to make my husband stop drinking." It’s not that these problems have ceased to be popular, but now articles about what manipulation in a relationship is, how to resist manipulation, how to recognize a manipulator (a sociopath, psychopath, etc.) are coming to the fore.
  • Best Age to Get Married According to Various Cultures
    No one will ever give an accurate and unambiguous answer to questions like, "What’s a good age to get married" and "What age should you get married?" Each couple has its own answer to these questions, and only stubborn statistics says that girls prefer to marry at the age of 20-25, and usually choose men at least 3-6 years older as their husbands.
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