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Romantic Trip Rules: How to Get the Most of It

Love is the most important feeling for humans. In our lives, we constantly search for a partner with whom we will be able to spend our lives together. But the most important part here is the fact that we must support and feed our love. Otherwise, it may vanish. The best way to support and feed our feelings for our partners is to organize different romantic events. First of all, it is about romantic trips because they are very important for every couple since they bring you closer and can even reawake your feelings.

Unfortunately, not everything is that good because sometimes people like different ways of traveling. For example, you may like camping, while your girlfriend desperately needs comfort. This is just an example, and the differences between you may be very drastic. So, when searching for single women always try to find someone who shares your views on this life, on traveling in particular. Thus, you will be sure that you won’t face any problems during your trips.

romantic road trip

How to Make Your Trip Romantic

Ok, trips are very important but what next, how to make a weekend trip romantic? In fact, it is way easier than you think because you don’t actually need to do anything special or particular to make any trip with your girlfriend feel special and romantic. You don’t even need to carefully plan your trip and talk to foreigners to organize you a constant flower delivery to your room. It is also not very expensive because you don’t pay for feelings, right? A small self-catered accommodation is way more romantic than a very expensive and glorious hotel room. But everything should have its place. For example, if you just came back from mountains where you had spent the whole day on foot, it is way better to spend a night with wine in a hotel where everything is prepared for you, instead of serving yourself in self-catering house.

Throw your phones away

The first and most important rule is to abandon your phones. Remember, you are not searching for girls looking for dates you have already found one. This is your special trip, don’t let anyone steal it from you. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you must forget about your relatives and friends, and completely disappear from radars. But to make your ordinary trip romantic, it is just enough to pay each other three times more attention than you pay to your phone. We are talking about your active hours of attention, not when you sleep.

Bring a camera

Every romantic trip needs to be captured in pictures or videos. The only excuse for using your phone is when you are going to take some pictures of it. Of course, generally, it is better to bring a good professional camera, but this is not always possible. And, even, if you bring it with you, it may not always be near at hand, while your phone is always with you. Modern smartphones, even in the budget segment, have very decent cameras, especially if you take pictures during the daylight. Take some time to read more about the mobile shooting, and you will be able to shoot like a pro.

Pick right destination

This is the most important part. We are talking here about your preferences and health restrictions. Pay attention to your partner’s interest and health. Don’t be afraid to ask him or her about where they would like to go on a trip. This is crucial. For example, if you know that your girlfriend has very gentle skin and can easily get a sunburn, then going to Africa in summer doesn’t sound like a good idea. Your destination must be interesting and accessible for both of you, only then you both will enjoy your trip.

best romantic tripEnjoy

Every human relationship must bring joy and happiness to both partners. To have the best romantic trip you both must enjoy it. In fact, if you have picked the right destination, brought cameras, and willingness to shoot or to pose, then you will definitely enjoy your trip. There is no reason to go somewhere just because this is a “must-have place.” If you came to Rome and instead of going to Colosseum, you want to stay in your hotel for the whole day, then don’t push yourself. You enjoy what you enjoy, you can visit everything later, and then you will surely enjoy this place.

Hints and Secrets for a Romantic Trip

Of course, not every trip can be called romantic. Sometimes, couples very carefully plan their romantic getaways, but in the end, they fail to make a romantic weekend trip because they forgot about the rules of the road trip. We are going to provide you with five hints and secrets that will give you an idea of how to make a road trip romantic. These are very easy to remember tips, but they can make the difference between a nice romantic road trip and a complete failure.

1. Plan together

Often in couples, only one partner is responsible for organizing the trip: he or she searches for air tickets, chooses accommodation, and makes up the ideal route. Planning a trip alone is a very exhausting task. Your partner may simply burnout, and you won’t go anywhere. Help your partner: make a to-do list and identify who is responsible for what, and don’t forget to consult with one another. Also, set up sharing on Google Maps, so that everyone can mark the sights and restaurants that he or she wants to visit. Planning the trip may be a very romantic process by itself.

2. Do not chase the most popular places

Small and barely known cities are created to fall in love, even if you are already in love with your partner. There are few tourists and attractions, so nothing will distract you from each other. In such towns, there is a spiritual atmosphere and a pleasant calmness that allows you not to rush anywhere and enjoy the moment. It is better to search for such cozy places on standard, paper maps, instead of using google maps. Try to choose a place not too far from big cities. Then, if you get tired from a small town, you will again dive into the bustle in a couple of hours.

3. Forget about shops and visit local markets

Unlike shops, people come to markets not so much for shopping as for the atmosphere. But if you are lucky, you will be able to take something special home. In many cities, flea markets sparkle with the treasures of antiquity on weekends in central squares and secret streets. And in the grocery markets, you can often try the main dishes of local cuisine by yourself. Plus, those dishes maybe be even several times cheaper than in a restaurant. Take away food and replace dinner by candlelight with a picnic in the park to make your trip even more romantic.

4. Get an unusual experience together

They say you should collect memories, not things. But combining two in one is even cooler. Brew beer together in Berlin, prepare pizza in Naples or make ikebana in Tokyo. Learning new things will bring you closer and will create some nice memories that you will remember forever. Since it is believed that lovers should have at least one common interest, why can’t it be learning new things together? You won’t need those skills in your life unless you decide to open a small business but, without a doubt, you will remember this experience forever.

5. Climb higher

The perfect way to see a city or someplace is to see it from above. Up there, you will forget the problems that were making you so worried down there. The easiest way to get above all this rush is to climb to the observation deck or the hill. If you happen to have binoculars or camera with powerful optical zoom, then you can spend hours looking at how motor ships swim under bridges, cats bask on the roofs, and clouds cling to the tops of the mountains. The demo version for this is a Ferris wheel: a couple of minutes there will allow you to see the whole city from above.

Romantic Trip Ideas

As you can see, organizing a romantic trip for two is not really a very hard thing to do. Most people believe that the biggest problem of trips together is to find romantic destinations, and they right but only partly. Frankly speaking, every destination may be very romantic. It all depends on your personal preferences. After all, the main idea of a romantic trip is to spend time alone with your partner. But still, we are going to share with you a couple of ideas about where to go on your romantic trip. Thus, you will be able to plan your special and perfect romantic trip.

1. Go somewhere cold

Winter trips are very hard and sometimes maybe even dangerous, but this is exactly what you need if you want to reinforce your relationship. Usually, at a winter resort, heavy snowing looks just terrifying, but your warm and cozy hotel room with Jacuzzi will help you get warmer. If not, then I am sure your partner will be there to warm you with a hug or kiss.

2. Visit warm countries

The best choice is to go to some tropical islands or countries. There you rend a bungalow and spend a week alone away from civilization. You can rent food delivery right to your place. If you prefer to spend time near the water, then you can rent a yacht there. Thus, your romantic trip will look like a Hollywood movie.

3. Asia

In Asia, couples should pay very close attention to various temples where locals teach foreigners to the secrets of health and love. Asia culture stands very far from the Western one, so this is a nice opportunity for both of you to try something new together.

how to make a weekend trip romantic4. Europe

Paris, Rome, Venice, and other well-known European cities sound like a standard option for a romantic trip. But there are other cities there too. You can pay a one-day visit to those well-known places, but it is better to spend the bigger part of your romantic trip going to other smaller cities. In Europe, the older the city is, the more beautiful it is.

5. South America

Many different nations and people live in South America. This is a very nice choice if you like to open something new for yourself. For example, you definitely should visit well-known Carnival, or, maybe, the Jesus Christ statue in Brazil. If you like nature, then it is worth visiting Argentina. Warm climate, warm local food, and magnificent nature will help you remember this romantic trip forever.

Main Mistakes

When people search for romantic road trip ideas, they usually forget to google for the main mistakes that tourists make when they take spontaneous romantic road trips. This is the most important part of planning because, even though you can relatively easy deal with some small problems, a big one can still ruin your romantic vacation. Yes, problems unite people, but problems are not what you expect from your romantic trips. Thus, you should carefully analyze the main risks of your planned trip. Pay attention to the country where you are going. For example, in Africa, you need to vaccinate, or in Brazil, in some regions, criminals may rob you right on the street at the daylight.

Budget miscalculation

The worst thing you can do is to expect that going somewhere with a small budget is a good idea. This is simply not safe. If you calculate your budget according to the prices of activities that you found on the Internet and expect to visit, then you are doomed to failure. Very often, prices online and prices in real life are significantly different. Besides, some problems can’t be resolved without money may appear. The best choice is to calculate your budget according to your planned activities and then double the amount of money. If everything is okay, then you will simply bring your money back with you, or will buy more souvenirs.

Too many activities

No doubts that you want to cover as many interesting places as it is only possible. But you must remember that you are going on a romantic trip, and it must be pleasant. Too many activities may simply exhaust you, and this is not going to be pleasant. It is enough to plan two or a maximum of three big activities per day, but no more.

As you can see, if you follow rules and know what you are doing, you can turn any trip into a romantic one. The most important part here is to know what you and your partner want. There is no perfect recipe to have a magnificent romantic trip because everything is very personal. While some couples enjoy walking on the streets, others believe that this is a complete waste of time. This is why it is crucial to know what your partner wants and likes. Satisfy your partner's needs and wishes, and he or she will remember your trip forever.

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