Russian Girls in Relationships

  • How Not to Talk Too Much on a Date and What to Do If Your Vis-à-vis Does
    Let's discuss such a phenomenon as "excessive date talking." Perhaps, it will help you stop meeting girls out of your league, and prevent you from making the above-mentioned mistakes.
  • Is a Polyamorous Relationship Suitable for You and How to Make It Work?
    To make a polyamorous relationship work, you need to know its basic rules, principles, and mistakes to avoid. Luckily, this is what we are going to talk about.
  • What to Say When Approaching a Girl
    So many different types of anxieties can influence the decision to approach a girl with some serious intentions. What if she rejects? What if I am not pretty? What if she is crazy and is gonna call the police? Well, the latter is unlikely, but let’s talk about some more realistic aspects of such a scenario. What should you know about approaching a girl?
  • How to Date a Pisces Woman: Tips & Advice
    Pisces women are charming, fragile and mysterious young ladies who attract men with their vulnerability and defenselessness. Their femininity and weakness are their main trump cards, creating an atmosphere of mystery around them.
  • How Long Does It Take to Get Over Infidelity
    The hardest thing that can happen to a couple is infidelity of one of the partners. After such a betrayal, the person who was cheated on has all rights to feel depressed and puzzled.
  • How Old Is Too Old for Dating?
    Age is not a too significant indicator in a romantic relationship to always take it into account. The fact is that when a person falls in love, he gets an almost inexhaustible source of energy. Surely you saw how already grown-up people, with respectable gray hair on their temples, behave like real children - a feeling of love knows no boundaries like age.
  • How to Start a Relationship and Make It a Success
    The secret of a successful relationship is quite simple: you need to communicate, listen and understand, give and take. Many couples ignore these simple basics and their relationships fail. If you want to be happy with your partner, read this article to learn how to have a successful relationship that will work and last long.
  • Dating a Russian Girl: Rules & Tips
    Many guys don’t know how to get acquainted with Russian girls in such a way that the conversation grows to further meetings and dates. They just stop making even the slightest attempt to make acquaintances after several unsuccessful trials. This article will help you understand how to behave with Russian girls in order to make meetings easy and pleasant.
  • How to Fight the Awkwardness When Meeting Girl's Parents
    At some point in your relationship, you are expected to meet the parents of your partner and be introduced to them. Usually, partners decide to meet each other’s parents during their first year together. Meeting her parents is an important challenge. It can be dealt with easily following simple rules provided below.
  • A Complete Guide to Open Relationships: Everything You Need to Know
    A lot of people consider open relationship something inevitably linked with promiscuity and degrading morality. But those who think this way don't seem to have the slightest idea of what is an open relationship.
  • How to Break Up without Hurting Your Partner
    Not all relationships end with the celebration of the golden wedding, and this needs to be understood. On the other hand, no one should suffer: if you want to seek a new road to happiness – you have the right to do so. If you decide that the relationship has exhausted itself, then the first thing you need to do is calm down and think about how to break a relationship without hurting anybody.
  • 10 Signs that a Shy Girl Likes You at Work
    Working etiquette does not imply a rapid and public manifestation of emotions but, nevertheless, the ladies indicate their interests more clearly, although it looks subtly and delicately from the outside. The following 10 signs a girl likes you can help you clarify the situation and make the first step yourself.
  • How to Turn a Russian Girl On: 10 Proven Tips
    A man cannot always easily turn a Russian girl on. Sometimes, this is completely impossible. Unlike a man, a woman is a more sophisticated mechanism and requires a special approach and some kind of a "key" which can start this mechanism with half-turn. Many men dream of giving their girls great pleasure, but not all of them succeed.
  • What Irritates Russian Girls the Most in Men
    You might have read many articles explaining what dating Russian women is. But this one raises rather a different problem – we are going to learn what annoys these girls the most in guys and how to fix it. Read and find out right now!
  • What Russian Girls Value in Relationships
    Men all over the globe are keen on Slavic girls, especially, on Russians. What makes them so fabulous? We are sure that it’s not their natural beauty only, but the unique combination of merits. Russian women are famous for being kind, tender, and faithful. They tend to be great friends, lovers, wives, and mothers.