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How to Date a Pisces Woman: Tips & Advice

Pisces woman characteristics

Pisces is the last, 12th sign of the astrological zodiac circle. Pisces is one of the most controversial representatives of the zodiacal constellation. The element of Water determines the variability and instability of their nature. The Pisces constellation is governed by Jupiter and Neptune, and therefore the duality of their character is ensured from birth. Most of the representatives of this sign are people that “go with the flow”, not accustomed to change something in their lives, they rarely resist circumstances.

Pisces woman compatibility​

What about Pisces women personality? Pisces are dreamers who live in a world of their own illusions. They are very good at music, are capable of self-sacrifice, and often act intuitively. Without feeling love and support, Pisces become disheartened and are able to find themselves in a state of severe protracted depression. Best of all, Pisces realize themselves as musicians, artists, teachers and representatives of creative professions. Thus, they are at their weakest in the situations that require leadership and responsibility. So, a famous Pisces woman may find it hard to cope with all of the attention and responsibility.

Pisces, being the last sign of the zodiac, is the so-called mirror of other signs, incorporating their positive and negative features. They, like no other sign, are divided into two types - bright and staunch idealists, people who are sensitive, dreamy and energetic, that are ready to commit themselves to something important, and then there are low people, parasitizing opportunists that love to get empathy from people for their visible weaknesses.

Pisces find it hard to accept criticism - they are ready to be deceived and listen to information in a form that does not traumatize their psyche. They themselves also love not to tell everything there is to say, so as not to disturb the harmony for which they always strive. In the desire to organize their world harmoniously, Pisces are very attentive to aesthetics - they love everything beautiful, they are good at fashion, art, and nature.

Here are some facts about a Pisces woman. Phlegmatism, closeness, and vulnerability of Pisces, who are absolute introverts, are often accompanied by such diseases as neurasthenia, depression, alcoholism, and drug addiction. Their excessive sensitivity and sentimentality sometimes look charming but often turns out to be detrimental to themselves. Pisces are very susceptible to weaknesses that relieve them of heartache, and therefore the cultivation of will power and the inability to resist the heavy blows of fate is their main problem. This may get them in trouble, as they are easily convinced of anything they hear.

Pisces women are charming, fragile and mysterious young ladies who attract men with their vulnerability and defenselessness. Their femininity and weakness are their main trump cards, creating an atmosphere of mystery around them.

Pisces women do not even try to play the fateful temptresses, firmly knowing that their beauty is in their naturalness, the desire to be led, being dependent and pliable. Some men idealize their kindness and ability to make sacrifices, others are irritated by the lack of stubbornness and a coherent opinion on life in general. At the same time, timid and gentle Pisces women sometimes have an enviable practicality and common sense. dating a Pisces womanHer disposition is not easy to achieve, and it is her instincts that allow her not to be manipulated by her emotions. The most powerful features of Pisces women are femininity and the ability to properly use their signature features - fragility and softness. Their weaknesses are - suggestibility, changeable mood, weird world perception that is built on their own fantasies. She prefers not to interfere in financial matters of the family, leaving them to a man, but in relations with relatives, children or at work, she sometimes takes on other people's problems.

When it comes to Pisces woman compatibility, the best fits for her will be strong male signs like Taurus, Scorpio, and Leo. Taurus will probably be the best match for Pisces women. Yet always consider that Pisces compatibility, just like any other issue of compatibility, is much more complex than you might think.

How to tell if a Pisces woman likes you

Pisces women are sensitive, romantic and charming. Love for them is the source of life and at the same time, their weakest state. They can cry for hours at the slightest negative pretext they’ve found, fall into a depressive state, but as soon as they realize that the feeling is mutual, they completely change their attitude, with there being no end to their happiness.

To understand that a Pisces woman is in love is possible according to some of the nuances of her behavior: a Pisces woman in love tries to surround the subject of her love with warmth, attention, and care. She is very susceptible to even the most insignificant pretexts, which is why so many men will find a relationship with a Pisces woman to be quite challenging.

How to seduce a Pisces woman? You need to prove your love to a Pisces woman. To know and see your love is not enough, she has to hear the words of love and she will truly appreciate them only when she finds them sincere. Then how to attract a Pisces woman? It is absolutely necessary in this case for her man to be jealous, otherwise, she will not feel the love from him. Most guys simply do not understand such an attitude, as we’ve said, if you are a type of a guy who likes straightforward and strong women – a Pisces woman is not for you. However, Pisces women are able to compensate for all the shortcomings with their care, sexuality, and sensuality.

Yet, just as quickly as they light up their feelings, Pisces women can cool down fast. If a Pisces woman sees that her man is simply not interested in their relationship, she will go away and it will be hard to get her back. Such a lady will simply focus her attention on another man that will be more caring and loving. Pisces women are among the most loyal and faithful companions any man can have, they are able to move mountains for a man who loves them.

How to date a Pisces woman

Here’s a thing you should know about dating a Pisces woman: she is filled to the top with tenderness and kindness. And sometimes she looks so fragile and defenseless that a man wants to embrace and protect her from all the cruelty of the world around her. Many say that a female Pisces has the image of a medieval woman - so feminine and fragile, yet so caring and loving. A man who wants to have her by his side must understand that the strength of this woman is in her weakness, which must not be used but appreciated. In fact, next to a woman of this sign, a man feels like a real hero, a courageous protector and the head of the family. But he needs to learn that a Pisces woman, while loyal and faithful, always has men surrounding her that would like to steal her away from her husband. She cannot be called a flirting girl, but she knows perfectly well that due to her femininity and tenderness, she will always have a lot of options when it comes to men.

Her ability to combine romantic touching and erotic nature became the object of true admiration among men. Her mood can change like the weather in April. A man who wants to steal her heart must remember that she does not evaluate possible relationships by how convenient they might be.

Some almost mystical phenomena, like signs of the Universe, will certainly have to influence her decision to become your chosen one. After all, a Pisces woman is in high regard and it is quite hard to get her to love you. (Not you in particular, but any guy in general.)

A Pisces woman wants to see a man who can make important decisions himself and be the head of the family. She will be willing to support him, but he should assume the leading role in the family and she will be very grateful to him for that. As a mother, a woman of this sign is very loving, tender and sensitive. She, like no one else, knows how to give warmth and love to her child.

Pisces compatibilityPisces women are like rare exotic flowers. They require reverent attitude and care. Without this, they will wither and lose their charm, fragility, naivety, and kindness.

Pisces woman in bed

A woman born under the sign of Pisces is notable for her amazing femininity, sensitivity, sensuality, sexuality and an excellent level of intuition. With her sense of mystery, she attracts a large number of men around her. At her core, a Pisces woman is dependent on a strong partner, which allows a man to actively lead the charge in the relationship and sex.

When it comes to Pisces woman dating, being fragile by nature, she needs to be constantly reminded of your feelings for her, and the role she plays in the life of a man. The greatest pleasure for her is to realize her own importance and she is able to thank a man with her amazing sensuality.

Pisces are shy and timid, which hinders all attempts to take concrete actions. A Pisces woman seeks to surrender herself to the world of fantasy and dreams. Despite this combination, such a woman knows how to fill her surroundings with necessary, powerful and most favorable people. If it is necessary to get help from a certain man, she will stop at nothing and will be able to seduce him. In matters of seduction, she seeks to maximize the use of her body with natural sensuality, eroticism and sexuality.

In a sexual relationship, a Pisces woman is distinguished by her amazing artistry. In bed, a woman born under the sign of Pisces knows her role and what she should do with any man she has sex with. She creates the right atmosphere and easily achieves the goals she set for herself, and when combined with a great sense of care, a Pisces woman cannot refuse her partner in anything.

How to turn on a Pisces woman sexually? In sex games, such a woman is defined by her relaxedness and a sense of imagination. She doesn’t need long foreplay sessions in order to get aroused. It doesn’t take much to get her going, only a glance at her partner’s body will be enough. In bed, a lady born under the sign of Pisces, for the sake of pleasure, easily agrees to new and amazing ways of doing it.

Here’s a beautiful thing about Pisces woman: her amazing acting can bring her lover to the most unforgettable heights of self-worth and pride in their own efforts and successes. Her moans and acting will allow even the weakest of men to feel like Gods. Pisces women in bed seek to occupy a leading position, despite the fact that they are so gentle and weak by nature. Her natural eroticism, perverted fantasy and a constant thirst for love allow the libido of a Pisces woman to be the most active compared to women of other zodiac signs. The greatest peak of sexuality of a Pisces woman is reached during her menstruation.

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