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  • Sure Signs of Attraction in Women
    Women and men are said to be from different planets. Yes, they differ in a number of ways – from appearance to psychology, but they can’t live without each other. They are mutually attracted. When it comes to romantic relationships between the opposite sexes, the representatives of each want to be attractive in the eyes of their potential mate.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Polyamory Relationships
    The idea of polyamory lies in trust and honesty. And not only men can have more than one sexual partner but also women. And this definition is associated with openness and equality between people. But first things first.
  • Why Monogamy? A Scientific Research
    A relationship between a man and a woman is an incredibly complex interaction. And not always, having chosen one partner, a person is ready to devote their life to monogamous relationships, not paying attention to other representatives of the opposite sex. Monogamous relationships are right with regard to the moral norms and the universally recognized principles of life.
  • How to Know You Are in an Abusive Relationship
    An important component of any relationship is trust and respect for both members of the couple. The absence of these components can lead to the appearance of abusive relationships built on selfishness, misunderstanding and violence. It is easy to determine an abuser, but living with such a person is simply unbelievably difficult and even dangerous. Abusive relationship is a tragedy for every woman she will never forget and forgive.
  • Sexting for Dummies: Turn Her On with Text Messages
    Do you know what is sexting? The definition appeared in New Zealand in 2005. It means the exchanging of personal photos and messages that have sexual content via modern means of communication. Today, you can hardly imagine your life without the gadgets, they’ve literally become part of the modern world. It would be strange if people did not use them in the intimate sphere. Therefore, it is easier and much more interesting to send sexting messages, having accompanied the words with a piquant photo.
  • Unhealthy Relationship Behaviors and How to Deal with Them
    If your relationship has become suspicious, you should look through the hints that may help you identify behaviors that ruin relationship and, perhaps, change something.
  • When You Are Falling for Your Best Friends: How to Turn It Around
    There are many signs you're in love with your best friend. At a certain point one realizes that something more than just friendship is present between the two friends. This something is the feeling of love. Read the following guide to know all about the difference between friendship and relationship.
  • 15 Kamasutra Sex Positions Everyone Should Definitely Try
    Wish to freshen things up in bed with some hot Kamasutra sex positions? From the well-known doggy-style to the “Catherine wheel”, here you got an ultimate manual to Kamasutra best sex positions for both partners, set out from the point of view of our wonderful girls. Now run through this article and you’ll thank us later!
  • 10 Tips for Men to Using Body Language to Attract a Girl
    What does body language mean? It is a perception of movements and poses that occurs on a subconscious level. You can easily understand the internal state of other people, being aware of the psychology of body language. Fortunately, not everyone is good at reading body language psychology, and you can get an important advantage.
  • 11 Kinky Things to Do with Your Girlfriend in Bed
    When sex starts getting dull over time, all it needs is a little push to revive the passion and sexual ecstasy you shared during the first months of dating. You’re definitely experiencing not the best times if you came looking for this article. Just try out the following kinky things to do with your girlfriend, chances are, you two will enjoy it a lot more than you can ever imagine.