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  • Dating a Russian Woman: Rules and Guidelines
    How to date Russian women? This is a hot topic for any guy who meets a girl and madly falls in love with her. And then the question is the following: how to start a relationship with her? Here are rules and guidelines specially for you.
  • How to Start a Relationship and Make It a Success
    The secret of a successful relationship is quite simple: you need to communicate, listen and understand, give and take. Many couples ignore these simple basics and their relationships fail. If you want to be happy with your partner, read this article to learn how to have a successful relationship that will work and last long.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Russian Women
    We know that Russian women are beautiful, but that cannot be the whole story. There must be something else that made men all over the globe dreaming about dating those gorgeous Russian women. So, let's check out why those Slavic females enjoy such popularity among western men for more than twenty five years.
  • Should You Pay for Marrying a Russian Woman
    There are different ways for you to get a Russian mail order bride. Searching through internet you certainly wondered how much you need to pay to receive the best service. The following guide will help you to minimize your expenses while choosing among different options to mail order Russian brides.
  • What Are Russian Women Like?
    You can easily find many people around the world who are still wondering what Russian brides are like on the other side of the amazing pictures on the dating sites. So, how can you understand that mysterious Russian soul? What should you know before you take a position on the matter without studying all the available information?
  • 15 Things You Need to Know about Dating as a Divorced Man
    Dating after divorce can make you face various difficulties. After you broke up with your ex it is always troublesome to even start to imagine yourself with somebody. If you previously had a serious long-term relationship, you would need some time to recover and get well. If you feel like dating, then there are 15 important tips which can make your dating experience more successful.
  • Dating a Russian Girl: Rules & Tips
    Many guys don’t know how to get acquainted with Russian girls in such a way that the conversation grows to further meetings and dates. They just stop making even the slightest attempt to make acquaintances after several unsuccessful trials. This article will help you understand how to behave with Russian girls in order to make meetings easy and pleasant.
  • How to Fight the Awkwardness When Meeting Girl's Parents
    At some point in your relationship, you are expected to meet the parents of your partner and be introduced to them. Usually, partners decide to meet each other’s parents during their first year together. Meeting her parents is an important challenge. It can be dealt with easily following simple rules provided below.
  • A Complete Guide to Open Relationships: Everything You Need to Know
    A lot of people consider open relationship something inevitably linked with promiscuity and degrading morality. But those who think this way don't seem to have the slightest idea of what is an open relationship.
  • The Complete Guide to Ukrainian Girls
    Ukrainian women are so much desired by men all around the world, yet not everyone dares to approach them. If only western guys knew that there’s nothing to be afraid of, there would be much more happy couples out there. Despite that one can find dozens of articles about how to date a Ukrainian girl, how to find one, or how to treat these Slavic beauties, women from Ukraine still remain a mystery for foreigners. In this article, we’ll try to change that.