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How to Propose to a Girlfriend: Tips and Ideas

It is not always easy to propose, even though you want to get married. This is a kind of moment that significantly changes a relationship. This moment is very significant – it is usually remembered forever, therefore, careful preparation is necessary. When planning a wedding, make sure you want to get married. Are you sure of the reciprocity of feelings, the similarity of ideas about living together? You need to make sure of this so that when it turns out that you have different views on marriage in the future, there is no feeling of wasted time. So, how to make an original proposal to a girl? What points are especially important? And what are the best proposal ideas?

simple proposal ideas

Does It Really Matter How to Propose to a Girl?

Of course, it matters. Only an original and romantic proposal will be remembered by a woman forever. Especially if your meeting isn’t so romantic, and you meet women online. Therefore, a man shouldn’t rush into actions, but it is better to carefully consider all the defining criteria and nuances. You can simply propose beautifully by borrowing an idea from other people or you can take someone else’s idea, but modify it taking into account your financial capabilities, nature, and preferences of the girl.

How to propose to a girl? An important criterion for choosing a scenario and how to make a romantic proposal is the interests and hobbies of the girl. Surely, many girls sooner or later hint to their men how they would like to receive an offer to create a family. Also, where and how to make an offer can be determined taking into account the woman’s hobby. This is the case when over-analyzing your relationships works nicely. You have to remember all the details that make your woman happy. Even if the man takes the concept of the proposal from other sources, it can be adapted directly to his relationship. Be sure to pay attention to the character of the girl to decide whether this will be a public propose.

Engagement and Proposal Mistakes

The proposal is an unforgettable moment for every couple. It is that border, after which (with the agreement of the bride, of course!) the lovers begin a new stage in the relationship. The main task of a man is to make his chosen one feel most desired and answer the cherished "yes." But in the pursuit of romance, some men choose ways that are not very suitable for real-life and allow other annoying mistakes. Consider the most common ones.

Proposing too soon

Yes, yes, of course, your girlfriend is smart, beautiful, purposeful and loves to spend time with you, but still, you have to think a thousand times before taking such important steps. You need to go through the stage of the idealization of a partner, to understand that this is about deep feelings. You have not yet had time to face real problems in your relationship, you have not understood every mood of your sweetheart, you have not received a clear hint that she is ready for marriage. Proposal too soon can scare your girlfriend off and lead to the awkward “I need to think ...”

idea on how to proposeDemanding her answer

The lack of instant agreement doesn’t necessarily mean that the girl doubts her feelings. It may be a surprise for her or she is considering whether your marriage will be successful. In these cases, taking a short pause is perfectly normal. Such a serious step as marriage requires a balanced and informed decision.

Making it too sweet

How not to propose? Roses + chocolates + teddy bear. It seems that her personality is not taken into account. She doesn’t eat chocolate until May, the bear doesn’t fit into her interior, and instead of roses, she would prefer gerberas… Most likely, she will not be happy if you propose this. It is too sweet and banal.

Going beyond your budget

Simple proposal ideas don’t always mean spending a large amount of money on it. When drawing up a plan and scenario, you need to soberly assess your financial capabilities so as not to seem like a greedy or, vice versa, a spender to your chosen one. The main thing for a man is to surprise the girl with an engagement ring and do it at the right time.

Engagement Proposal Ideas: Outdoor Edition

It is no secret that every girl dreams of hearing from her beloved man three cherished words. And for a start, “I love you” should sound and only after some time, you can safely proceed to a new stage – “Will you marry me?” The proposal must be remembered for a lifetime by its unexpectedness, originality, and a mass of positive emotions. But how to do it? Consider these proposal ideas.

1. In a restaurant

This is one of the most common marriage proposal ideas. Romantic music plays, you have a romantic dinner, and then the waiter (with whom you've previously agreed) serves an elegant ring on the tray under the hood for hot dishes. And everything in your hands! If you worry, then you can put an envelope in there with words of love and proposal. But it would be better to give a prepared speech. Remember, almost all girls are very romantic, so tell her about your feelings in the language of love!

2. In a movie theater or drama theater

The performance ends, all the actors go on stage and you, having warned your loved one about the surprise, utter your warm speech from the stage. After that, having received your portion of stormy applause from the audience sitting in the hall, you go down and put on her finger a ring. But so that everything goes as you've planned, discuss your plan with the stuff.

3. In the dolphinarium

Do you need some unusual proposal ideas for her? Well, do it in the dolphinarium. It is necessary to agree on everything with stuff. Invite the girl to swim with dolphins or just look at them. At the moment when she will be standing near the water, a dolphin should swim with a treasured box on its nose. Give her a box – a good minute has come to propose to the girl.

4. While a hiking trip

Offer a girl a hiking trip if you are sure that she likes such entertainment. Overcoming a particularly difficult climb, offer her to take a break. Choose a picturesque place. Say that you want to share her difficulties and joys in the future, so you hope that she will agree to a marriage.

5. While a balloon flight

This way of engagement proposal ideas will be expensive. It’s about flying in a balloon. On the Internet, you will find many services of this kind. Remember: flights take place exclusively in favorable weather conditions when it is sunny and calm. But this is one of the most unforgettable and spectacular ways of declaring love. Make sure that your loved one is not afraid of heights, otherwise, you can ruin everything.

6. Playing quest

Make a list of tasks for your soulmate. These can be either simple questions in the form of a board game or an entire adventure with stops in memorable places for you two. Write at the end of each of the notes why you love her. And the main prize will be a box with a ring and your marriage proposal.

7. At a photoshoot

Invite the girl to a romantic photo studio or a beautifully designed location for a photo shoot. She certainly will not suspect anything! Taking photos, sit down on one knee and give her the ring. And, best of all, all emotions will remain on the photographer’s pictures. Discuss all the nuances with the photographer in advance.

Proposal Ideas at Home

When you have already decided to propose, it is worth preparing for the most important moment – this is the situation and your speech to the girl. For such cases, there are several scenarios that you can follow. Below are proposal ideas at home, so that this action is remembered for a long time.

engagement proposal ideas1. A collage

You can create a collage from your joint photos, print and hang it all over the apartment or in one specific place. You can also make various notes in the photographs and write your proposal in one of them. When the girl will review the photos and read the inscriptions, after reading the last one, come to her and present the ring while repeating your proposal so that she will hear it from you.

2. New Year propose

How to propose marriage at home? When you decorate a Christmas tree, you can hang an engagement ring on it. It is advisable to do this at the very last moment so that the girl doesn’t see it earlier than you need it. At midnight, congratulate your girlfriend and take her to the New Year tree. Say that her gift is already waiting, she has to find it. When the girl finds the ring, propose. You can also hide the ring in a box similar to a Christmas ball.

3. With rose petals

Come home earlier. Scatter the rose petals in the form of a path through the apartment from the front door to the bed. Form a heart out of petals on the bed and put a box with a ring in the center (you can sit in the center of the heart yourself). In the corridor, you can leave a note so that the girl walks along with the petals, and they will take her where necessary. When she enters the bedroom, she will see you and the box. At this point, you can propose.

4. At breakfast

Get up earlier and cook breakfast. Bring a tray with flowers and a ring in bed. Wake her up and make an offer. Also, if you have pets, then they can participate and help you propose in a cuter way. One of these options: in the morning, tie a box with a ring on the collar of a cat (or dog) and send it to the girl. Then you enter the room with a bouquet and that important question. This is a good idea on how to propose.

It is important to propose at the right time. Scandals, claims, resentments – forget about it. If there was a quarrel the day before, wait until things get better. We hope you now understand how beautiful it is to propose to a girl. To avoid commonplace, show imagination. If you can’t come up with something original, ask your friends for help: brainstorming works well.

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