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10 Sure Signs You Are More Than Friends


  1. More Than Just Friends But Not in a Relationship: What's It Like?
  2. Signs She Wants to Be More Than Just Friends
  3. Signs You're More Than Friends
  4. How to start a relationship with your friend

In the life of each guy, there are several girls who communicate well enough with him and share his interests and hobbies. And such friendship can become only stronger over time. They want more than just casual talks, discussion of events and news. And if it is still difficult to say whether this is about love, then it’s surely about sympathy and attraction. At that moment a guy faces a choice that will forever change his life: is it better to try your luck or leave the relationship at an existing level? It’s a serious game, which may have an unexpected result. So, what will you choose: try and risk or leave it as it is?

more than friends

It is already clear to everyone that in case of rejection, you will lose both a beloved one and a true friend. A rare girl will continue to communicate in a friendly way with a man who is not indifferent to her. However, if their feelings are mutual, he will get a girlfriend who will be both a beloved person and a trustworthy friend. It’s a hard choice, but you should be honest with yourself. If you have fallen in love with your lady friend, then you will still take risks. So, it’s better to find out the signs you're more than friends to take the first step.

More Than Just Friends But Not in a Relationship: What's It Like?

They say the secret of an ideal relationship is that partners should be first and foremost best friends. This makes sense since family psychologists have repeatedly confirmed that if partners perceive each other as friends, their relationship continues much longer. Just a friendship between a man and a woman is an extremely rare phenomenon. In most cases, it is possible only if each of them has their own soulmate. There are no single "just friends" of opposite sexes. In 99.9% of cases, at least one person of these “just friends” has a sexual interest in another one, but they are extremely afraid to admit it because there are high chances to lose a person. If two people spend a lot of time together, have common interests, get pleasure from each other’s company, while having no permanent partner, then sooner or later one of them will start asking themselves, “Are we more than friends?”

Almost everyone can remember at least one life example of such "just friends." For example, one couple was “just friends” for a whole year, they met and visited exhibitions, museums, and went to the cinema. “We are just friends,” they said. “Nothing special,” they said. “Our interests match, that's all,” they said. Now they have a child together. And the plot of their romantic relationship was very simple: they went to a party to another city, drank a lot and gave vent to the feelings that each of them experienced.

Signs She Wants to Be More Than Just Friends

Sometimes the strongest relationship grows out of innocent friendship. On the other side, you may be in a friend zone for years, being afraid to tell about your feelings to someone who considers you just a friend. How to find out that you are more than just friends? Here are some sure signs she wants to be more than friends.

1. She touches you more often

When people are not indifferent to each other, they often have an unmanaged, annoying desire to reduce the distance between them. A girl who fights strong feelings will find any reason to touch you. Touches do not always speak of something more than just a friendly relationship, and in some cases, they are common between friends. However, the character and the level of intimacy of these touches will tell a lot about a girl’s secret desires. Stroking a shoulder or a desire to hold hands can be among the signs you are more than friends.

2. She wants to have a moment along with youmore than friends with benefits but not a relationship

One of the most frequent problems that occur when you have a strong sympathy for a friend is the lack of opportunity to spend time alone with them. Friends often spend time in a large company and are visible to the rest. Anyone who perceives you more than a friend will look for any opportunity to stay in private. A girl who ignores your mutual friends and directs all attention to you when you are in a big company clearly wants a closer relationship.

3. She remembers important dates

If you often communicate, and your lady friend knows not only your birthday but also all the other memorable dates, you can be sure that you are more than friends but not in a relationship.

A woman is so obsessed with you that she knows all the days when she can prove to you how much she cares about you. If she attaches special importance to this, it means that she really cares about your life.

4. She tells other people about you

When a person constantly thinks about you, it means that everything reminds them of the object of their love, and they have a desire to tell others about this very amazing person.

You can hear from people around you a phrase like, "We heard a lot about you." Such behavior tells more about affection than friendly communication.

5. She tries to look always good

When girls try to make a good impression, they begin to worry about their appearance and try to primp themselves up before meeting with the object of their sympathy. A girl can try to fix her hair and dress in such a way as to emphasize all the advantages of her body, and, in general, she can begin to carefully watch her appearance. No doubt such a lady friend wants a closer relationship with you.

Signs You're More Than Friends

The line between friendly and romantic relationships can be very blurred at times. It is difficult to say whether there can be something more than friends less than a relationship. You may not understand whether you like each other more than just friends. You cannot understand whether these feelings are temporary or real. And you don't know what their long looks mean. However, if you notice the following signs, then the answer to the question, “Are we more than friends with benefits?” is positive.

1. You feel jealousy

This is the easiest thing to notice. If you are jealous of their partner or the one who is going to date them, and they do the same, then both of you have more than friendly feelings. They might become uncomfortable, or even get angry when you talk about another person. The same can be said about you when they talk about their sympathy for another person.

You are annoyed by the fact that they are hanging out with friends instead of meeting you. And they are, in turn, unhappy that you communicate and dance with other people at a party. Jealousy is one of the manifestations of strong emotional attachment. You are so used to each other that you are afraid of losing what you have. And this, of course, is not about friendship.

2. You communicate every day

In the digital era, this factor may seem insignificant. Of course, we all have friends with whom we sometimes exchange messages. Nonetheless, you probably don’t chat that much with the rest of the people. If you can stay awake half the night, communicating with each other, then this is hardly just a friendship. The dialogue throughout the day means sincere interest.

So, your day does not start without you wishing each other good morning. Their voice is the last thing you hear before bedtime. Even during the day, you communicate at least once. In addition, in the process of such conversations, you find many things in common. The desire to be in touch all the time means that you have moved to a new stage of relationships. This is already a sign that you are more than just casual friends.

3. You share everything with each other

When you talk, you can tell each other everything. This is very good, especially for men, who are usually quite secretive about their emotions. But if a man shares his feelings with a girl without any problems, they are more than friends. They trust each other.

4. You compare each other with current and ex-partners

"Unlike my ex, I can rely on you and completely trust." "It is a pity that my girlfriend does not listen to the bands that we are listening to." If there are such phrases in your dialogue, then you have already begun to consider each other as potential partners. It’s better to clarify the situation as soon as possible.

5. You care about each other's happiness more than about your own

You feel that you are ready to do much to make them happy. And they are also ready to do a lot for you. When you realize that all this is mutual, it is very important not to miss the moment. After all, the love that has grown out of friendship is one of the strongest and most beautiful. If you both know that you do not want to lose each other, even if you talk about it, then your relationship is definitely more than just platonic.

6. You look at each other in a special waysigns you're more than friends

The eyes are the mirror of the soul with the help of which you can show a lot of emotions. Therefore, sometimes it is enough to look into the eyes of a girl to understand her true feelings towards you. If a woman examines you intently and for a long time, or, on the contrary, looks away restlessly when you try to make eye contact, this may indicate that you are more than friends but not dating.

7. You flirt with each other

If a woman is interested in you, she can begin to flirt with you more openly. If she is not very sociable, then she can still try to flirt with you but not too obvious due to fear of being rejected. Flirting is another way to test the waters and see if feelings are mutual. This is one of the most obvious signs you are more than friends with benefits but not a relationship.

8. You try to find out your plans

For example, when a man secretly wants a committed relationship with a "friend," he begins to worry that she may have plans for someone else, and the chance to be together will be lost. Actually, this is one of the signs he wants to be more than friends, which is also true for girls. And for this reason, she may often wonder if you have anyone in mind and if you are going to build relationships with someone else. From the outside, it may seem like a pure interest in your personal life, but someone who is closely following your plans definitely treats you more than a friend.

9. You are interested in the previous relationship

Curiosity about your previous partners may be one of the signs you're more than friends with benefits and that someone is hoping to have a love affair with you. This suggests that the girl begins to imagine what it is like to be your partner. She is trying to get rid of your image as a friend and replace it with the image of a partner. Inquiries about your personal life are a clear indicator of intimate wishes, otherwise, she would not be interested in such things. 

10. You don’t call each other “friends”

Very often, the pure feelings of people are manifested through their words, which they use in conversation with you. If you are not called a friend, it usually indicates that you have the status of a more significant person. A person may just call you by name or, as a last resort, call you the "best friend" but not just a friend. In fact, it is quite easy to understand the feelings of another person, just by watching in what manner the interlocutor responds about you.

How to start a relationship with your friend

Make sure your romantic feelings are not a temporary rush.

Now that you are familiar with the signs you're more than friends, let’s move on. Think about your current state of mind and life, and then ask yourself if your romantic feelings can be caused by such factors. Sometimes, as a result of life's upheavals, people seek support, stability, emotional feelings or comfort from their friends, with whom they really do not want to be in a relationship. Do not try to build relationships with your best friends if you need them only for the purpose of feeling better. For example, a person may seek solace in a relationship with their best friend and try to escape from the death of a loved one.

Do not rush to move to intimacy until you are sure that there is mutual understanding between you.

No need to rush anywhere. Both partners should be convinced of their feelings and not be distracted by other aspects. Romantic affection and sexual intercourse can blur the boundaries of relationships. Let your physical relationships evolve in their own way based on genuine attraction. If you rush into intimacy, the situation can become awkward or increase the intensity of your relationship too quickly.

Be consistent in your romantic episodes to avoid confusion

If you do not rush it, then you will be able to avoid confusing mutable behavior. If you act like a lover on one day and treat the person as a friend on another, then they will begin to doubt your feelings. Act slowly and gradually, so that your actions and your obligations do not become an unbearable burden for you. For example, you don’t need to come to work for a friend with a bouquet of flowers in one day, and after a couple of days introduce yourself to her colleagues as just a “buddy”.

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I think that there’s something uncomfortable in a relationship that starts off from a friendship. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good way to build a strong union, but there’s some sense of discomfort at the beginning, you don’t want to ruin a relationship with your friend and end up spoiling everything, so be very cautious.
04.05.2020 10:34
I don’t know how I feel about this issue, I personally tried to move a friendship to a relationship two times in my life. In both cases, I ended up failing miserably and thus, no relationship sprung out of these attempts, and friendships were destroyed after that. So you have to be very careful with something like that, you have to be very cautious.
04.05.2020 10:35
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