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How to Date a Gemini Woman

How to Seduce a Gemini Woman?

A Gemini woman in love is distinguished by her hot temper and being moody, the latter practically defines the Gemini woman personality, but, at the same time, she is a very attractive, intelligent, and sociable lady. These are the main traits of a Gemini woman. This woman is light and airy, she always has a few secrets up her sleeves. It is pleasant to communicate with a Gemini, they are smart, and they always seek to experience all sorts of new things.

how to seduce a Gemini woman

How to get a Gemini woman to chase you? To conquer such a woman, at first glance, may seem difficult to accomplish, but there is a way to do it, you need to follow the advice of astrologers. To seduce a Gemini woman, first of all, you need to know which man might be of interest to the representatives of this zodiac sign.

To become a man of her dreams, first of all, you need to be not just an intellectual and interesting interlocutor, you need to understand her spiritual qualities and respect her desire for freedom. At the same time, a man who wants to seduce such a lady must constantly surprise his companion, it is important for a Gemini to not only see a lover in her man, but also a friend, a person who will be close in spirit and level of intelligence.

To attract a Gemini woman, one should reach her standard for men. One must not be too hasty in trying to conquer a Gemini woman, a man has to do it slowly and elegantly, surprising her with his sense of humor and wit. Representatives of this zodiac sign are able to assess a man from the very first minute of communication, your appearance and physique are not as important as common interests and a sharp mind.

If a Gemini woman paid attention to you, then the next task would be to keep her. We have already said that these women are windy and inconstant, therefore, having seduced Gemini, you must do everything so that she won’t get bored and lose interest in you as a person.

How to Attract a Gemini Woman?

  • A man needs to be ready for sudden changes in her mood, change of tastes, and sympathies.
  • Try to be aware of her affairs, problems, interests. Gemini will be impressed by a man who tries his best to keep up with the affairs of his wife.
  • Arrange romantic evenings for her, arrange trips to the cinema and theatres, try to find some good exotic places in your city. The woman of this zodiac sign seeks constant development, she wants to change and adapt.
  • Constantly develop, be interesting, if a Gemini woman is bored, she will lose all interest in you. You need to constantly satisfy her spiritual, intellectual, and sexual interests.
  • Gemini woman personalityIf a Gemini woman feels that a reliable and loyal man is next to her, she will fill your life with interesting events, boundless love, and devotion.
  • What about Gemini woman compatibility? Best match for Gemini women is Libra and Aquarius. Signs like Virgo and Pisces should not consider dating a Gemini woman.

Now that we know how to seduce a Gemini woman, let’s find out how to tell if a Gemini woman likes you?

Signs a Gemini Woman Likes You

Gemini girls take the choice of future partners very seriously. Usually, they do not pay attention to the visual presentation of a man at all; the inner world is what’s important to them. Of course, their partner must be neat and well-groomed. But, first of all, Gemini women are all about character traits and personality. Their companion should be the best friend to them, a loyal and faithful partner as well as an insanely passionate lover.

Of course, these women prefer independent and self-sufficient men. They really appreciate these character traits in people, as they possess them as well. Gemini women don’t like people that are dependent on someone else. This is why Gemini women hate gigolos. This is because a Gemini woman wants to see a person who is not afraid to take responsibility for their actions by her side. In addition, these women want their men to be intelligent, think a lot and know how to analyze situations in their lives. He should have diverse interests, and communication with him should be exciting. Since Gemini women hate boredom and dullness, they will never hang out with boring men that can’t entertain them. They need a man who would make their lives bright and exciting.

And, of course, a Gemini woman needs a man who will provide her with personal space. As we have said, freedom for these girls is the most important thing in the world, so they will not tolerate restrictions. You will never be able to just turn a Gemini woman into a housewife. It’s impossible.

How can you know whether or not a Gemini woman likes you? If you are interested in a Gemini woman, then you definitely know about her interest in you. These ladies are very open in this regard, so they never hesitate to express their feelings and be direct about them. Moreover, as soon as a Gemini will realize the love of her partner, a real wild ride will begin. They are generally quite loving and amorous, therefore, a relationship with a Gemini woman is always fun and exciting.

Thus, if you decide to keep your feelings a secret, nothing will come out of it. And if not, if a Gemini woman is interested in you, she will definitely tell you about it, she will be quite emotional and vocal about her feelings. They also love flirting, and they do it very skillfully. In general, if the feelings are strong enough, then a Gemini will do everything for the sake of her beloved man.

How to make a Gemini woman miss you? She has to remember you as an exciting man that brought her lots of positive emotions and fun.

How to Date a Gemini Woman?

Female Gemini are spontaneous

A Gemini woman will enjoy your company, even if you don’t like the restaurant that she likes. A Gemini woman will enjoy making love in new and unexpected places. Gemini loves spontaneity, but they also appreciate the state when relationships are healthy. In this relationship, you will never be bored if your partner is a female Gemini.

Gemini women perceive flirt as an important tool of self-affirmation

A Gemini woman will be your loyal and devoted friend, but, at the same time, she will manage to recklessly flirt with a mass of other men. Flirting gives her attention, care, and respect from other people. Though you should not be afraid of such behavior, she will still prefer to have sex with you, flirt is just her way of self-affirmation, however, this doesn’t mean that you should just ignore blatant signs of infidelity on her part

Gemini women are surprisingly creative by nature

Women born under the sign of Gemini are very creative, they are very energetic. To plan and organize a birthday party, to arrange a friendly party, to decorate the house - she will show her remarkable talents in everything that she does. A Gemini can organize everything in such a way that you will understand that dreams come true when you are in a relationship with a Gemini.

Gemini women are good at analyzing situations

Most of the Gemini women have an analytical mind and are guided not so much by the female as by the male logic. If you are dating a Gemini woman, you should not try to deceive her. It is extremely hard to fool them, and you should not even try. At the same time, Gemini women often feel insecure because they can’t completely determine when it comes to deciding where they should be and what to do at any time in their lives.

Gemini woman compatibilityGemini women have a weird relationship with money

You should know one thing when trying to make acquaintances and build relationships with a woman born under the sign of Gemini. People born under this sign can spend money very quickly. All the money that is within reach will be spent on something. Strangely enough, but Gemini also has the talent to increase and save money. The impulsive nature makes them squander all of the money that they get. Impulse purchases are part of the total spontaneity of the Gemini character.

Gemini women need personal space in a relationship

A Gemini woman may be in the most wonderful relationship with you, responding with love to your love, but she needs to spend some time alone, just alone. She needs and appreciates her own personal space. From time to time, you need to give her that opportunity. You will receive in return a surprise or reward, which is not even suspected.

Relationship with a Gemini woman is like a rollercoaster ride

A Gemini woman in a relationship behaves as if she is going on a roller coaster with her partner, this is yet another manifestation of her unpredictable nature.

The man next to her may feel squeezed out like a lemon, but this means that she feels twice as bad. Do not think that a Gemini woman is trying to drive her man crazy. Simply speaking, her mood is constantly changing and the best that her partner can do is to change his mood along with the mood of his woman or get used to such moodiness.

Gemini women are infinitely curious

A Gemini woman loves to collect information about all sorts of things. She is a true intellectual and is able to keep up a conversation on almost any topic.

During communication, a Gemini woman is able to jump from topic to topic. And in each, she can behave like an expert since her mind can process various ideas, pieces of information, establish unobvious connections, instantly analyze the interlocutor's statements and react to them. Gemini women also have their own opinions on all types of issues. They will surely express their opinions, and they will back them up with some solid arguments. But what about Gemini woman in bed? How do Gemini girls perform when it comes to sex?

Gemini Woman in Bed

Despite the weakness of flirting and coquetry, a Gemini woman is more aroused by the man’s mind than body pleasure. Yeah, sure, she loves sex, but she will never be satisfied with sex alone. But the smarter and more interesting the man is, the more diverse he will be and the more he will seem attractive and seductive to her.

A Gemini girl likes variety in bed, constantly inventing something new. Sometimes, her desire to diversify her sexual life may get quite messy and ridiculous. Thus, she seeks to prove the importance of variety in sexual life to her partner. She is deprived of complexes, does not seek to adhere to strict rules, she is always ready to compromise.

Sometimes, in bed, she can manifest her inherent duality. One day she will be gentle and affectionate, another day she will suddenly act cold and inaccessible. There is no stability in her behavior. It changes, like gusts of wind, and it is a constant trait of her character. Most Gemini women have the moderate sexual temperament, although there are exceptions.

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