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How to Plan a Honeymoon on a Budget: Secrets, Tips, Cheap Locations

Let's be honest: planning a wedding is a hell of work. You will have to pay attention to many different things to make everything perfect. Things become even harder when, after your attempts to meet single women online, you finally find one, and she lives in another part of the country. In this case, you will have to deal with many other problems. For example, you will have problems with logistics. After all, you will have to bring all her and your close relatives and friends to your wedding ceremony. No doubt that after such hard work, the honeymoon will really feel like heaven. But again, only if you manage to plan everything right.

Another important matter to discuss is how to arrange a budget honeymoon. Surely, you should never save money on yourself or your lover. However, this doesn't make this matter easier or that you can't use some tricks and choose inexpensive honeymoon destinations. The root of this problem lies not in your or your partner's greed. Without a single doubt, you both would like to have a perfect honeymoon and go around the globe during it. Unfortunately, planning and arranging a wedding ceremony is very expensive. Thus, you may not have much money for your honeymoon. Don't worry, because you are not the only couple with this problem. Everyone wants to make their weddings perfect, and we very rarely count how much money we spend when we try to impress others.

honeymoon on a budget

Does Honeymoon Mean a Lot to a Couple?

When young couples arrange wedding ceremonies, they share this ceremony with other people too. Therefore, most frequently, people tend to spend a lot of money on their weddings. But what makes honeymoon different? While you arrange your wedding ceremony for other people too, your honeymoon is only yours. You won't need to impress your friends with it. Therefore, you can save money on it without any problems and complications, right? Well, wrong. No, there are many ways how to plan your honeymoon on a budget, and later in this article, we will share some cheap honeymoon ideas with you. But there are other things to consider before deciding to plan a honeymoon under 1000 dollars.

You see, your honeymoon is your first time spend time together in official status. Now, you are an officially married couple, and you make your first steps in this world. In other words, your honeymoon is your first experience together. Surely, you don't want it to turn as disappointed for both of you. There is even a part of a relationship called "The honeymoon phase." During this phase, both partners see each other as flawless beings. It helps them adapt to living together. As you may know, everyone is different. For example, we all have different habits, wishes, desires, and views. During the honeymoon phase, people, while not seeing annoying flaws, begin to gently and slowly adjust to each other.

As you have already guessed, your honeymoon plays a crucial role in your success in this phase of relationships. And it is not about ways to make her miss you in the future. Honeymoon is about your future happiness. According to statistics, couples that didn't have honeymoons or had problematic ones tend to get divorced twice more often. For this very reason, some couples tend to save money on their wedding ceremonies for the sake of having a perfect honeymoon. However, this doesn't mean that couples can be happy after inexpensive honeymoons. After all, you can't buy emotions with money. And positive emotions are crucial for a happy honeymoon.

How to Plan a Perfect Honeymoon

Surely, you both would like to spend your honeymoon on Caribbean’s, Bora Bora or the Maldives. Unfortunately, we are forced to live in the real world. When planning a honeymoon, it is very important to be real and have adequate expectations from it. Consequently, if you want to save money on your honeymoon, you will have to act smart when planning a honeymoon budget. Remember, even a very cheap honeymoon may fill you with positive emotions. The main thing is to do everything right when you plan it. Here, we are going to share with you 3 main tips on how to plan a perfect honeymoon.honeymoon budget

1. Calculate your budget

First things first, before searching for affordable honeymoon ideas, you need to calculate your budget. Find out how much money you can spend on your honeymoon. Thus, you will know which ideas and desires you may try to satisfy. Don't forget to council with your partner too. It is very important to share your opinions.

2. Analyze what you and your partner want and expect

Your second step is to find out what you expect from your honeymoon. Your and your partner's expectations must match. Only in this case, you both will be satisfied with the final results of your planning. If you fail at this step, even the best destinations won't help you fix it. Remember, a honeymoon is for both of you.

3. Choose a perfect destination and program

Your final step is not only to find a nice cheap honeymoon spot that will suit all your needs but also to find the best and the most entertaining route to them. Also, you must search for ways on how to save money on your transfer to a honeymoon destination.

Great Cheap Destinations for a Perfect Honeymoon

Finally, we have come to the most interesting part of this article. Here, we are going to talk about the best honeymoon destinations on a budget. Admittedly, you may not want to go there right now or at least in a month. After all, nowadays, no matter where you live, it is better to postpone huge public events such as weddings. The same goes for traveling. Surely, no one wants to get sick during their honeymoon. However, this whole situation will sort itself out in a couple of months or so. Until then, we don't recommend you travel. But we do recommend you hug your significant other and together browse through our list of cheap destinations for a perfect honeymoon.

1. Baja California, Mexico

Mexico is not a very expensive country, and there are many interesting things to visit during a honeymoon. In Baja California, you will find many relatively cheap resorts, scuba diving, and magnificent seascapes. Also, we can't forget about the best wine and food in Mexico. Generally, this small peninsula represents all the best of Mexico.

2. Cape Town, South Africa

Today the US dollar remains strong, and South African remains relatively cheap. It means that you have many opportunities to enjoy this southernmost point of Africa. Without a doubt, it may be pretty hard to get there, but the journey will pay off, especially if you and your partner are into history and wild nature.

3. Cartagena, Colombia

This brilliant colonial town is probably the most expensive honeymoon destination on this list. After all, many people say that it is the jewel of Colombia's Caribbean coast. There you will find a vibrant atmosphere created by colored buildings and historic cobblestone streets. This city is filled with romance and passion. You may also learn salsa.

4. Austin, Texas

On the contrary, this option is for those who don't want to travel far from the country. If you love music and sweet barbecue, you definitely should visit Austin. Naturally, this city isn't very well known for its romantic atmosphere or passion. But it has many other attractions for two people in love. Consider taking a road trip to save money on your way there.

5. Colorado

Colorado is the best option if you plan your honeymoon for the winter. Without a single doubt, it looks stunning in summer too. It becomes even more romantic under the snow blanket. You won't find yourself short on activities there. However, to get the best from this place, you have to be very active people who are not afraid of physical activity.

Tips and Advice for a Great Cheap Honeymoon

Of course, to plan a perfect and cheap honeymoon, it is not just enough to follow our three steps and find the best spot. Well, it will be enough, but only for experienced people. Thus, we believe that we must share other tips and advice for the best honeymoon on a budget. Naturally, a honeymoon is a very personal thing and what may be great for someone, will be completely useless for you. Consequently, we won't be sharing tips on how to make it more romantic. Here, we want to discuss with you small tips and advice on how you can make your honeymoon cheaper without losing the quality.honeymoon destinations on a budget

1. Start saving money on it just now

Even if you are planning to have it in eight-month or even more, you still need to start saving money on it just right now. Remember, time is your first ally when it comes to planning a budget honeymoon. After all, you not only may find some great propositions but also will be able to save more money on it. For example, you may create an imaginable "Honeymoon fund." Together with your partner, try to contribute to this fund some fixed and adequate amount of money every month. To control your budget and contributions, you may want to download special apps.

2. Avoid traveling in high season

Honeymoons are very closely related to traveling. After all, not every couple wants to stay at home during their honeymoon. As you may know, tourists from all around the world use many interesting tricks to save money on their vacations. One of the best tricks is to avoid raveling during high seasons. During the low season, you will find better deals on accommodation and entertainment. Generally, all prices are going to be lower. Including prices for transfer to your desired destination. But be careful with planning. For example, you won't like to get to tropics during the wet season.

3. Make your honeymoon shorter

When it comes to saving money, there is no better way to do this than to make your honeymoon shorter. If you have to choose between the duration of your honeymoon and its quality, you definitely should choose the last one. Your 7-day trip can be as romantic as a 30-day vacation. Also, you may use the money saved on accommodation to fill all remaining days with various activities. Thus, you will be able to see more for the same money. Or you may visit another destination if you don't like something in your first choice.

4. Rent a room in a hostel

First of all, it is crucial to understand that not all hostels are alike. Some best hostels offer private rooms for couples. In the best hostels, you won't even see the difference between your room in a hostel and some brand-hotel. Unfortunately, most frequently hostels have shared bathroom facilities. However, this won't be a problem if you stay there for one day and fill this day with various entertainment and activities. In hostels, prices are usually way lower than in standard hotels. It means that you will be able to spend your money on other matters.

5. Take a road trip

If for whatever reason, you haven't managed to find a cheap jet transfer to your destination, you may consider taking a road trip. This will also help you make your honeymoon longer. After all, you will have to get to your destination on your own car. Also, multi-stop road trips are very romantic for those who feel fine spending many hours in cars. During your trip, you will be able to visit all the desired attractions, towns, cities, and other interesting places and spots. Plus, you won't have problems finding affordable accommodations if you are planning to visit less popular places.

Planning a budget honeymoon is not going to be easy. You will have to find many compromises and carefully consider all the available options. Remember, you are not planning your honeymoon to impress someone. You do it to spend time with your significant other with pleasure. Thus, make sure that you both can share your desires and expectations concerning your future honeymoon. Only in this case, you will manage to have a great honeymoon. During your life, you will have many problems, but two people in love can deal with everything. Planning a honeymoon for cheap is the first problem that you must solve together. Be careful, tolerant, and attentive to each other, and everything will be just perfect

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