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Ultimate Guide on How to Cancel a Date with a Girl (When You Can't or Just Don't Want to Go)

You might have faced a situation where there is no desire to have a date with a person, even if the date was set in advance, and your partner is ready to organize an unforgettable program for you with a visit to a restaurant, cinema or bowling.

In order not to be considered a rude person that doesn’t care for the feelings of others, a person needs to be denied in a tactful and respectful manner. Of course, to deceive a person who has the warmest feelings for you and, perhaps, has quite serious intentions, is not very nice. But when it comes to your desires and aspirations, then everything else simply does not matter. Therefore, today we will teach you how to cancel a date, and, at the same time, not offend your partner. We will discuss issues like, “Why it's a good idea to cancel a date with a girl?” “Should I cancel a date with a girl?”

want to cancel my date with a girl

Is It Okay to Cancel the Dates?

Consent to attend a date is a promise that must be fulfilled. Of course, each date can be canceled in case of emergency: illness, unforeseen circumstances at work or home, but an invitation for a meeting from another, more interesting person is never a legitimate apology for canceling a previous date. It is okay to cancel dates, and you should not be ashamed of the fact that something that ended up spoiling your plans happened if it was out of your control.

When there is a need to cancel a date, this should be done as quickly as possible. It is extremely disrespectful to cancel a last-minute date and do so even without convincing explanations. A person who has canceled a date is obliged, after explaining and apologizing, to propose a date for another time and day.

However, if you don’t find a person all that interesting, and you don’t care for them – just say it, put it into the right words. Tell them that you’ve had a great time together, but you don’t feel the same for them as they feel for you, or you are too busy to have a relationship right now, something like. In any case, you can always find someone else as there are thousands of great sites to find women online, and you can do it within your home. So if you want to meet single girls online, then don’t waste your time and start a new relationship with a person you like.

Main Excuses to Cancel a Date Without Hurting Her

You are not ready yet to finally part with a person, but another date still needs to be canceled? Sometimes it’s not so easy to say, “Honey, we will not have a date today.” And we begin to come up with all sorts of reasons and explanations. Let’s now list some great excuses to cancel a date.

1. The car broke down

I want to cancel my date with a girl, what should I do? This is a classic excuse. But there is one problem - a person can offer you a cab, and then it is unlikely that you will be able to get out of this situation. So be careful!

2. Stuck in an elevator

How to cancel a date with a girl? A win-win option, but only if the person in love is stuck somewhere, in traffic, for example. As an honest person, they must immediately rush to save you. After all, you are out there, stuck in an elevator. To make the trick work, say that when you were saved from captivity, you lost your wallet or broke your shoe and are now just not able to think about a date.

how to cancel a date with a girl last minute3. Return books to the library

How to cancel a date with a girl through text? Everyone knows that you will have to pay a fee if you don't return books to the library on time. Tell your partner that you remembered about the book that was not delivered on time, and now you are rushing to the library at full speed, and, at the same time, you will take a bunch of other books so as not to go there a second time. You will present yourself as a very intellectual person and cancel a date that you don’t want to have.

4. The problem of an intimate nature

Speak as incomprehensibly as you can. Ah, my head hurts. Ah, my stomach hurts. Ah, I’m not in the mood. Cry if you are a good actress. It is quite likely that a man will not go into details about the nature of your state. Just do not overdo it, otherwise, they may drive over to your place and try to help you. If you are a man, then your list of possibilities here is a lot more limited.

5. Urgent need to see a doctor

This is a version of the previous excuse. Your head hurts. You’ve had rash throughout the body. You have symptoms that are unknown to modern medicine. Just keep in mind, if you decide to take advantage of this excuse, be prepared for the fact that you will really go to the doctor.

6. Witnessing in court

An old bike was stolen from a neighbor long ago? Remember this and tell the person that it all went well, and the captor was found, and you are called the main witness because the neighbor has no one else to help them.

7. Look after your grandmother

Or grandfather. Or a friend’s child. This is really a good reason to refuse to have a date if you don’t want to. Your granny was always very kind to you, and now you need to help her out. And your friend’s son is so hyperactive that he cannot be left alone.

8. Urgent work or business trip

The most valid and common reasons to skip a date. “I have an urgent business trip,” “I have an interview.”

9. You need to help your parents

How to cancel a date with a girl last minute? You should not be enthusiastic about this trip, make it look as if you are doing it out of politeness or necessity, say that you will be extremely bored spending time with your parents, and you would much rather spend this time on a date.

10. Birthday of a relative

Are you interested in good reasons to cancel a date? This is one of them. Pretend to be dumb and say that you completely forgot about the anniversary of your aunt Jessica, and if you do not appear on it, your family will deprive you of inheritance because Jessica is the most respected member of the family. Again, you can invite your partner to join. Say something like “Honey, finally, we have a reason to introduce you to my whole family.”

11. The cat gave birth

How to cancel a date with a girl through text? Offer to cancel the date or relocate it to your place and take part in nursing newborns. 99 out of a hundred will forget that a couple of minutes ago they were looking forward to the joys of a completely different nature.

12. The lights went out

And this ends up being the reason why you are not ready to leave your place, you can’t dry your hair, you can’t charge your phone, etc.

13. Your friend was dumped by their partner

How to cancel a date without being rude? And now you have to deal with them, all in tears and hysteria, and you must stay at home, otherwise, there can be suicide. A person will consider this reason valid without the slightest objection.

14. I do not want to

While you can search for the best way to cancel a date for a long time, you can always just say it directly. It’s best to honestly admit that you don’t want to go on a date. You don’t have to spend an hour of your time trying to come up with a reason not to have a date if you don’t want to. Just try to choose the right words so as not to offend your partner.

Now that we are done with reasons to cancel a date, let’s find out how to cancel a date and be delicate about it.

Main Ways to Cancel a Date Delicately

How to cancel a date with a girl politely? There is nothing wrong with calling in advance and canceling an appointment. This is much better than going to a restaurant with an unpleasant person. Neither you nor your partner will enjoy this communication. You can think of a plausible reason for refusing you were detained at work, a friend asked for help with moving, etc. Or less plausible, for example, say that you are sent on a business trip to another country. If your partner is not stupid, they will understand what you mean.

how to cancel a date with a girl through textBut, of course, it’s better, to tell the truth if there is enough determination. Try to explain to your partner very softly and politely that you don’t want to go on a date, that you are different people, etc. To soften the situation, do not forget to add that they are a good person. Try to give them a plausible compliment, for example, add that they have a great sense of humor.

Most importantly, do not use phrases that will give the person false hints. The words “meet another time” will make them really wait for the next meeting and call you again and again. Also, do not drag out the conversation. It should last exactly as long as necessary to come up with the reason for the cancellation of the meeting.

How to Cancel a Date If the Plans Have Changed?

But what if you can’t have a date with a person, but you are interested in talking with them in the future? It is important to know how to cancel a date in this case. The following tips will help you.

  • Call the person back as early as possible so that they can change their plans.
  • Honestly tell them the reason for the cancelation. Even if you're just tired, say it directly.
  • Be sure to say that you are upset by the cancelation and really look forward to the next meeting.
  • If a person calls back to find out about your well-being, answer their question, thank for the call and for the care.
  • If you cancel the date, then it’s entirely acceptable that you set the date for the next one. In this case, it is not necessary to wait until the person calls first.

Use the tips below above so as not to break the person’s heart because you don’t know how the situation may turn out in the future.

Text Examples of How to Cancel a Date

  • I'm afraid I should cancel the date.
  • I'm afraid I have to postpone our date together.
  • I’m afraid that I’ve got some things that I can’t postpone to another day.
  • I have an appointment at 10, and I'm afraid that it will last for a long time so, unfortunately, it seems like I will be quite busy today.
  • Could we make an appointment for another time?
  • Let's reschedule our meeting for another day.

As you can see, there is nothing wrong with canceling a date as long as it doesn’t happen more than once, and you are direct about your needs and desires. If you don’t want to have a relationship with a person – don’t cancel a date with them by coming up with an excuse, tell them about it.

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