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  • How to Let Go Of an Ex-Girlfriend
    The relationship might be over because one of you has strongly messed up. Therefore, when two people try to stay friends when one partner has cheated on another one, they will not be able to be friends because you cannot treat normally the person who has deceived you. So, maybe it’s high time to find out how to let go of an ex-girlfriend and finally move on.
  • How to Give Constructive Criticism in a Relationship
    Research results prove that, oddly enough, praise does not necessarily lead to positive consequences and criticism to negative ones. Scientists believe that it is not easy for us to take any feedback on our decisions, both positive and negative because it touches on several important moments for us: on the one hand, our desire for self-development, and on the other, the desire to be accepted and respected by others.
  • How to Overcome Insecurities in a Relationship
    Romantic relationships between men and women are hard work. They consist not only of joys and pleasant moments but also of quarrels, problems, and mistakes. Relationships are fine, but sometimes they become the hardest torture. Misunderstanding traumatizes the soul, but happiness heals wounds.
  • How to Make Your Wife Feel Loved
    If the lovers get stuck in the first stage, they fall into the trap of excruciating dependence, losing the meaning of their own life, completely dissolving in another person. At first, it is necessary to blur the boundaries between partners and create a family. However, if partners get married without reaching the level of mature love, the risk of breaking up is very high. Love is about your desire to be together, take care, feel loved and accept a partner with all their drawbacks. When the feelings of the partners are as important as your own.
  • What to Do When You Lose Yourself in a Relationship?
    A perfect match means that you bond together in a great and a beautiful way. We often think of a romantic relationship as a kind of amalgamating into one. This can be possible, but only if both of you are into it. While love is a two-way street, quite often this melting into each other comes one way. It's either one person desperately trying to be their partner's part of life that they cease having their own one or it's the partner who is uncomfortable with their significant other, having their own life, so they start controlling it.
  • Awkward First Date: Top Things to Avoid
    You've probably heard a lot of awkward date stories. We all went through such an unpleasant feeling of awkwardness on the first date. Everything seems to be fine and lovely, except that the atmosphere is a bit tense. How can you change the situation for the better so that everyone feels more comfortable? We are going to tell you how not to be awkward on a first date.
  • How to Date a Korean Girl: Tips and Advice
    Korea is often called the country of the morning freshness, in which people are known for their modesty and diligence. In addition to the mentality and culture, Korea is famous for its women, who have recently become popular among Europeans and Americans. Many tourists come to this country not so much for adventure and travel but for finding a Korean bride.
  • Good Morning Texts for Her: Make Her Day!
    You should make your woman happy by sending a good morning text for her. Here are some of the best good morning messages for her that we know of.
  • What Causes High Sex Drive and How to Manage It
    Let’s get this straight, this is no laughing matter, and one should rather be worried than happy about his or her sudden changes in sexual behavior. Most of the time, the causes for high sex drive in men and women are psychological disorders and various diseases.
  • How to Date a Pisces Woman: Tips & Advice
    Pisces women are charming, fragile and mysterious young ladies who attract men with their vulnerability and defenselessness. Their femininity and weakness are their main trump cards, creating an atmosphere of mystery around them.
  • How Long Does It Take to Get Over Infidelity
    The hardest thing that can happen to a couple is infidelity of one of the partners. After such a betrayal, the person who was cheated on has all rights to feel depressed and puzzled.
  • Sex with Your Ex: To Have or Not to Have?
    You already managed to get her into your bed once. Actually, you did it many times. But those days are gone, and now sex with her will most likely turn into drama for you. Or not? In theory, sex with your ex should be awesome: you know what she likes, and she knows what you like, and you both are aware that the idea of doing it after a breakup is bad, but this only spices things up. Isn't that cool?
  • Stop Over Analyzing Relationships with This Simple Guide
    The habit of over analyzing everything is very harmful, especially when it comes to relationships. You love your partner, but you can’t stop thinking about the outcome of your relationship, whether your partner genuinely loves you, what they feel for you, what other people think, etc. You need to put an end to this habit before it turns your life into a disaster.
  • Dating a Dominant Woman: General Advice
    What is a dominant woman? In the modern concept, a dominant woman is a strong, confident, tenacious woman who isn’t afraid of difficulties and who likes to call the shots both inside and outside the bedroom. A submissive man is an immature and easily influenced man, who doesn’t want to take a stand. Usually, psychologists call such men even infantile.
  • How to Date Someone with Anxiety
    You often can hear stories about how a person harasses someone else with worries and a partner feels that he or she is playing the role of a sedative in a couple. Let’s try to figure out what’s behind all this and also how to date someone with social anxiety!
  • Ghosting in a Relationship and How to Respond to It
    Not so long ago a new word appeared in the vocabulary of an internet user - "ghosting". Ghosting someone is when a guy or a girl suddenly stops calling his or her date, answering messages in social networks, liking and commenting photos of his/her partner.
  • How to Get Over Emotional Cheating: Tips & Advice
    A new person is just a friend to you. You know what the word “friend” means. But it seems to you that if there is no sex, then there is no cheating. How to react to emotional cheating? And how to deal with emotional cheating?
  • 10 Things to Do When a Girl Doesn't Text Back
    Women are used to ignoring men. And if your girl doesn’t text you back, there might be a reason that explains such behavior. A woman does not always seek to engage in a confrontation. If you are the source of her anger, then, instead of quarrels and scandals, you can face ignoring on her part. However, if you are sorting out the reasons when she doesn't text back, and you cannot calm down, there is a guide which can help you in such a situation.
  • How to Ask Her Out on a Second Date
    Second date is very important because it might be your chance to make a stronger bond. However, asking a girl on a second date should be careful seeing as how many second dates simply just don’t happen. A failed first date often makes partners discouraged from seeing each other again. Therefore, it is a fact that the first date directly influences a second date.
  • How Old Is Too Old for Dating?
    Age is not a too significant indicator in a romantic relationship to always take it into account. The fact is that when a person falls in love, he gets an almost inexhaustible source of energy. Surely you saw how already grown-up people, with respectable gray hair on their temples, behave like real children - a feeling of love knows no boundaries like age.
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