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10 Things to Do When a Girl Doesn't Text Back

Many people choose online dating because they are in comfortable conditions, where nobody puts pressure on them. You can be unshaven and in a bad mood while talking with girls. The Internet has many advantages and one of them is that it allows you to communicate with several girls at once. The main drawback is that communication can end at any time. Besides, this can happen both at the initial stage and after a long-term talk. When a girl does not text back, almost every man will ask himself, “Why?”

Women are used to ignoring men. And if your girl doesn’t text you back, there might be a reason that explains such behavior. A woman does not always seek to engage in a confrontation. If you are the source of her anger, then, instead of quarrels and scandals, you can face ignoring on her part. You might have experienced this situation more than once, and it is good if you are a self-confident person who is sure that the girl is just busy. However, if you are sorting out the reasons when she doesn't text back, and you cannot calm down, there is a guide which can help you in such a situation.

she didn't text back

What are the main reasons for her silence?

Communicating with the girl, you do not want to suddenly lose contact with her. The more interesting the lady is, the stronger desire to continue the communication you have. However, if you are too clingy, you can scare her and push away. Why does she keep silent if she is still interested in you?

The text of your previous message seemed offensive to the girl. Remember that the female is very sensitive and can take offense for many reasons. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully reflect on the messages and re-read them, if necessary, before sending.

You’ve sent her too many messages. When a girl exchanges messages with a guy, usually, she writes 1-2 messages at a time. If a guy starts sending too many messages, it can raise suspicion and doubts. The desire to stop communication can increase when the guy begins to write several messages in a row after the absence of a response to his message.

You ask stupid questions. She didn't text back because she didn’t have time to read your message. When she gets the questions like, "Why do you not answer?", "Why don’t you text me back?", "Have you already forgotten me?" and etc., the situation will seem absurd to any girl. It’s not surprising if she has ceased texting you back after such messages.

She’s just tired of communicating. Before she stopped communicating with you, she had just shown good breeding. Then she just got bored. What are the reasons? She was not initially interested in communicating with you very much. She’s tired. Your communication would remain at the level of correspondence even if you offered to meet.

Your last message does not encourage communication. For example, you monosyllabically responded to a girl's question without asking another question. You might have finished a topic without offering another one. You might not have agreed on some point. In all these cases, the girl might want to text you back, but she does not know what exactly.

She has a difficult stage in her life. If a woman is going through a difficult time in her life, she can close up and start ignoring. If she finds it difficult to deal with her mother, she was fired, or, for example, she faced a tragedy with a close friend, her ability to communicate with the rest of the world can be drastically reduced. If she believes that she shouldn’t share her problems with you, she can try to deal with everything herself without your participation. Try not to take such an attitude of the girl personally.

She feels stressed. When people experience stress, they cannot immediately cope with the situation. To overcome the crisis, they have to focus on the problem and block all distractions, including all the people. If you notice that she ceased to be online, and she didn’t read your messages, then most likely, her behavior has nothing to do with you. Over time, the girl will stop ignoring you and let you into her life again.

she didn t text back how long should i waitWhat can you do if she doesn't text back for days?

Most men are of two kinds. The first type is worrying while waiting for a delayed answer and is reflecting too much on everything, “Why won't she text me back? What should I write to her if she doesn’t text me back? Does she ignore me?!” The second type of guys acts differently in such a situation. Although they can also worry like the first type, they start ignoring in return, thinking that such behavior makes the girl text them back faster. You can complain about the girl’s behavior as much as you want. However, if it is still important for you the girl to text back, then you should not take offense, but think about the things to do. You can renew communication if you do everything right.

1. Give her time to answer before you send another message. First of all, you should make sure that the girl has got your message. Hope your phone can provide you with information about whether she has received it and whether she has already seen it as well. Sometimes, applications don’t inform about new messages until you open them. Besides, if you know that the girl is going through a hard time in her life, don’t stir the pot with the demand to pay attention to you. If your communication isn’t a top priority at the moment, she can take a break to text you back. So, it doesn’t matter why she keeps silent, give her at least several days before you make an appearance once again. Don’t look desperate for her response. Try to focus on some other things, which happen offline.

2. If she doesn't text back, should I text again? Don’t get all worked up about it. What to do if she doesn't text back? The best thing you can do is not to kick your drama addiction. Behave yourself as if you are a self-confident and very busy man. Of course, you want to send her at least one more message, and if she does not read it or does not text you back, send her another 25 for good measure. You want to reassure yourself and hope that the situation will change dramatically. Don’t think that the girl ignores you for sure, keep calm.

3. Don’t beg or insult her. Such behavior will kill even the last hope that the girl will ever text you back. Some young ladies generally add to the blacklist the guys who are begging or resenting them. The girl does not owe you anything. If you want to talk to her, and you want to make her text you back, then think of something more interesting, so she will have a desire to answer you. Besides, any kind of insult is another reason to blacklist you without talking. It looks especially awful if the girl didn’t see your first message.

4. Don’t wait too long to send another message to her. Once again, it’s not the reason to distance yourself and start ignoring. This is not the way out, especially if it is the first time when she takes a long time to text back. Yes, you shouldn’t look desperate, but, on the other hand, you shouldn’t look indifferent. If you ask yourself, “She didn’t text back how long should I wait?” Strive to the middle ground. If she still didn’t send her response, and she didn’t read the message, wait for one or two days and just ask her whether everything is okay with her or she might need your help.

5. Don’t ask her if she received your last message. Don’t give her the third degree if you are not in the committed relationship. Besides, such behavior rarely works. It might seem to you that you ask in a sarcastic manner about the absence of her reply, but you still behave quite aggressively and look angry. This can push her away forever because nobody wants to continue communication with a stranger who allows himself to behave like a strict dad. She is an independent woman who doesn’t want to find herself under the control of a jealous man. If you behave like a petty tyrant at this stage of the relationship, then how will you behave in the future if you are in the committed relationship?

6. Ask her a question on some abstract topics. How to get a girl to text you back when she is ignoring you? If a curious incident has happened between you, and none of you decides to send the first message after it, then you should behave cleverer. You need to pretend that nothing has happened, as if the communication has been continuing since the moment before the incident. You can pretend that you don’t notice the absence of her reply. if she doesn't text back for daysBy the way, it can spur the girl who has intentionally and proudly stopped communication with you. You can write something like, "I left the city for a while. All the time I thought how soon I would be able to write to you. How have you been doing all this time?" If the girl is proud, you should pretend that you do not notice it. Moreover, you should communicate with the girl as if nothing terrible has happened. This is the only way out.

7. If she doesn't text back is she not interested? Each guy should remember that he should hold the girl’s interest from the very beginning of communication and shouldn’t leave anything to chance. You either do something, which attracts the girl’s attention and makes her be interested in you, or you hope that the girl will do everything herself and communication will not stop. In the first case, you have an interesting communication and develop the skills, which will help you in future with the girl. In the second case, you take the position of a loser, who should be lucky not to stop communicating.

8. Don’t ask her out very soon. If the girl is not ready to go on a date with you, or she isn’t excited enough to agree, she can keep silent for some period of time or forever, depending on the situation. So, if your previous message, which is still unanswered, was about the future meeting in person, don’t hurry up to send another text with the same content. If your communication hasn’t become more intimate yet, you should do your best to move to the next level before asking her out. The girl should be excited about the future date to agree. So, if she doesn’t text your first message back, your second one will be sent into the void. A playful message will change the situation and make her feel more comfortable about your meeting.

9. Create a positive atmosphere and then try again. You cannot be 100% sure why the girl doesn’t text you back. However, if the root cause is connected with the previous item, you can still change the situation. You should get to know each other better to go further in your communication. You should create a positive mood and make her feel that your date will be the best date she has ever been on.

10. If this is a way to break up with you, then you need to accept it. Just in case, you can try to write something informal to her in a week. However, do not write a bitter message, accusing her of being a horrible person, etc. You will be especially ashamed if it turns out that there was a logical explanation for the silence. She will definitely not want to maintain a relationship after such awful messages and will just add you to the blacklist.

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