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How to Date a Korean Girl: Tips and Advice

Korea is often called the country of the morning freshness, in which people are known for their modesty and diligence. In addition to the mentality and culture, Korea is famous for its women, who have recently become popular among Europeans and Americans. Many tourists come to this country not so much for adventure and travel but for finding a Korean bride. But since the Koreans are very modest, it will not be easy to meet a girl here. Therefore, foreign men have to invent another plan for dating Korean women. So, how, when and where to meet a girl from Korea?

how to date a Korean woman

Korean Dating Culture

If in Europe and America, many people meet their first love in school, then in Korea, this is more difficult because people have different Korean dating etiquette: classes take all the time, and after them, there are additional classes, sports and so on. And, although some hyperactive adolescents manage to fall in love, the huge burden simply leaves no time for relationships. Everything changes when they enter university. It is no longer necessary to study so hard, that is why so many Korean students simply live happily. Moreover, most of them, after graduation, have to work for many years from morning until late evening. During this period of life, young Koreans start romantic relationships.

The first date is an important stage in the development of relationships. Here it serves so that both partners can communicate, get to know each other better and understand whether a relationship may continue or not. Sometimes it ends with sex, and after that, people basically don’t owe each other anything. In Korea, the first date is already the beginning of a relationship, and after it ends, a boy and a girl “officially” become a couple. Usually, dates are held in cafes. On the first date, a Korean girl comes with close friends. After a while, a couple can finally go on dates without friends. They can already hold each other hands. Public manifestations of feelings such as kisses, hugs, and other expressions of passion are inappropriate in society.

Here is another interesting trend: Korean girls and guys in love dress the same way. This phenomenon is called Couple Look, and it is also becoming popular not only in other Asian countries but also in Europe and America.

By the way, lovers celebrate every 100th day since the moment they've started dating. On this day, they give presents to each other. Young Koreans that are brought up on romantic TV shows perceive relationships in a special way: girls expect from guys, not postcards-sweets-bouquets but designer purses, shoes, clothes, cosmetics or jewelry.

Also, a guy can have any relationship with the opposite sex before marriage, but a girl should remain chaste. However, many young people ruin this tradition nowadays.

What to Expect When Dating a Korean Girl?

dating Korean girlsSo, what is it to be in a relationship with a Korean girl, what to expect and beware of?

1. Learn the Korean language. First, dating Korean women, the most important thing is the Korean language. It is necessary to learn the language or, at least, be interested in it. Moreover, if a girl sees your desire to learn the language and culture of her homeland, it will be easier for you to establish a connection, and maybe even find common interests. In addition, in the era of the Internet and social networks, it has become very convenient to stay in touch with your loved one.

2. Be online. By the way, it is worth noting that Korean girls are extremely scrupulous about messages, and literally a minute delay can cost a scandal or at least a disgruntled face for the rest of the evening.

3. Give surprises. Of course, like all the girls in the world, Korean women love gifts. Although it is worth remembering that not all Koreans love big celebrations or ceremonies in the style of the proposal but the usual small surprises, whether flowers, ice cream, or stuffed toys, will be appreciated. If you want to date Korean girls, you don’t need to be bulked up or look like a brutal man. You just need to be attentive and caring. In turn, a Korean woman will do everything to please her guy. And when your relationship becomes more intimate, it will be allowed to touch and kiss. But you shouldn't be in a hurry because you can easily scare a girl away or create an unattractive image of a heartthrob.

4. Be a gentleman. It is also very common when everyone pays for themselves after dinner because Korean women believe that they can pay for themselves. However, dating a Korean girl, you shouldn’t rely entirely on this principle. And if you ask a girl to go out or just eat together, it will be nice to pay for her. She will be surprised.

5. Show your relationship. The next nuance that can confuse is the desire of Koreans to show their boyfriends to everyone as well as show what a wonderful relationship they have. For example, her Facebook account will be filled with photos of a guy, with his gifts, his car and so on. Those who like to show their relationships for everyone may not find anything unusual in it, but sometimes a relationship should keep some moment of privacy.

How to Date a Korean Girl?

Follow these simple rules.

1. Try to understand a girl, her country and culture. Korean women, however, like all people, and they are proud of their country, their culture, and traditions. Show your interest in all this. A girl will be pleased. You can start small, for example, with traditional cuisine. Thus, you can briefly plunge into the world of Koreans.

2. Look stylish. Girls like handsome, well-groomed and well-smelling men. Pay more attention to your appearance, as Korean women are especially fixated on this. These girls are creepy women of fashion, so try to match them.

3. Try to interest a Korean girl. How to date a Korean woman? These women are very curious, so think of how to interest them. Tell about yourself only the facts that are interesting to listen to (it would be better if you pre-select those topics you can talk about). But don’t talk too much.

4. Be patient. Korean girls are quite jealous, and they have a lot of competition. There are a lot of beautiful girls, and it is quite difficult for men to not pay attention to them. Therefore, you will have to accept jealousy.

5. Understand their behavior. Any Korean woman dreams of fabulous love and drama as in the best romantic films. Sometimes it comes to the fact that they come up with love stories where you have to play the role of a prince who saves a poor girl from the cruel world. Such girls often live in a made-up world, but your task is to bring her back to reality and show that everything is much better in her life. This is how to date a Korean girl.

Korean Dating: Age Difference

While in the West, it is an uncomfortable topic of conversation, which is best avoided at the first meetings, in Korea, everything is the opposite. The phrase “age is just a number” can be true anywhere except Korea. It is important here. The age of people must be known in order to determine their position on the social scale. The Korean age calculation system differs from the chronological system, adopted in many other countries of the world. According to the Korean system, people are one year older than using the generally accepted system. You may be 28-years-old if you live in America, Italy or Ukraine, but as soon as you arrive in this country, your age becomes 29 or 30.

How can this happen? Koreans calculate their age by a special scheme, not by the actual day of birthday. Many Koreans follow the lunar calendar, which changes the birthday of people every year. In this country, you add one year to your age. The period you spend in the womb is considered the first year of your existence (and it doesn't matter that you were there only nine months). That is why your age is always one year longer if you are in Korea. But what can be said about the age difference if we are talking about a man and a woman who want to start a relationship? Let’s talk more about that.

  • dating a Korean girlThe difference in 1-2 years is almost the same as that of peers, although there are more romance and passion in marriage.
  • The difference of 3 years can bring a lot of emotions to lovers – both joyful and non-negative. Scandals take place in the case of the stubbornness of both partners.
  • Dating Korean girls, the difference in 5 years is quite successful, especially at a young age because girls are ahead of men by an average of 5 years in development. So, time equals them.
  • The difference of 7–8 years is the most ideal: a man is superior to a woman in everything, and it is the time when that reliable male shoulder “appears.”
  • The difference of 10 years is the very border because there is already another generation with its preferences in all directions.

Of course, there are exceptions to everything because love itself is sometimes contradictory. So, don’t care about all the laws of life and nature. The law of kinship of souls works out when a man of the older generation has a young soul and a girl has more wisdom than her peers.

Best Korean Dating Sites

Where to find a Korean girl? The first and most obvious option is in Korea. But if you aren't going to travel here in the near future or don’t have the opportunity, you can choose easier options. For example, Korean dating sites.

1. Korean Cupid. This Korean dating site has tremendous success. Here you can get acquainted only with Korean women. This is a site created for a serious relationship. To register on it, you have to go through a serious check of the moderators. Recently it has become paid, but this confirms once again that everything is serious on it. Here Korean girls are looking not for just boyfriends, but guys who can become their husbands in the future.

2. Asian Dating. This is also a very popular Korean dating site for foreigners with a big number of participants. According to published data, the platform is visited daily by 3 million users, and at least 300.000 people are always online, so it is not difficult to find a Korean girl here.

3. UB Love. The community has more than a million people around the world, half of whom are women from Korea. After registration (by the way, it is free!), a user will be able to search through profiles. Accounts are of two types: paid and free. For beginners, it is better to test a free account with a basic set of functions, and only after a positive impression, you can raise the status.

4. OkCupid Korea. It is one of the most popular online dating sites that can replace any Korean dating app. Here you can view user profiles from all over the country for free without registration. But after registering, you will get access to communication with people not only in Korea but also in other countries of the world. If you want to meet, find your love, make new acquaintances, friends, and a loved one, then this dating site is waiting for you!

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