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How to Ask Her Out on a Second Date

Second date is very important because it might be your chance to make a stronger bond. However, asking a girl on a second date should be careful seeing as how many second dates simply just don’t happen. A failed first date often makes partners discouraged from seeing each other again. Therefore, it is a fact that the first date directly influences a second date. If your first date went well you should ask a woman out on a second date. Read the following guide to know precisely how to ask for a second date.

second date ideas

How to Get a Second Date

Getting a second date depends on one single thing – successful first date. Though there are many other reasons of second importance, successful first date strongly influences your second date. If anything, you might not even be considered for a second date without making a good impression in your first date. Therefore, you need to make conclusion and analyze your first date to define whether it was successful or not.

How Did It End?

Remember how your first date with a girl ended. Think about little details, possible arrangements, and subtle implications. You need to come up with a conclusion, simply, was it a happy end or not a happy end. That’s as simple as that. However, often partners keep each other unaware of their further intentions and only express willingness to possibly stay in touch. It is rarely that partners clearly and precisely express their dissatisfaction and refusal to meet again right away. Many people won’t do that in order to inflict less harm and not to offend anybody.

The Overall Impression

Try to think about your first date in general. What was good, what was bad, what bothered you, what made you and her feel glad, etc. Come up with a number of memories to think about them. Remember little details. The quality of your first date is very important for your second date.

Stay in Touch

In the digital era we now live in, it is important to stay connected virtually. You should use messengers and texting applications to arrange your second date, share your experiences, expectations, and, simply, to remind about yourself. Today people pay a lot of attention to social media presence and prefer to stay connected via internet 24/7. Due to that you should also exchange messages or, even better, call each other in between the dates. That’s just how it is done.

Do It Right Away

One of the absolutely best second date tips is to plan in advance and end your first date with a proposal to meet again. This is a classic move. At the end of the date or in the middle, you should just express your desire to meet again. In case of a positive reaction, arrange time and date. However, sometimes you might find yourself caught in the moment so much that you’re unable to think of anything else, least planning what’s going to be next. Therefore, don’t force it but, rather, do it slightly and in subtle way.

second date adviceHave a Plan

Among other good second date ideas is to have a certain plan. It might pay off if you organize your second date rather than do it spontaneously. Pick a nice place, choose an activity, buy some tickets or do anything else but have something certain to offer to your girl. That way your plan will be supported because it will show your willingness to spend a great time. It is better to say “let’s go to see a movie” than just “let’s meet” because using the latter might leave you with the answer “what for?” And it definitely sounds awkward to just say “to spend time together.” Therefore, it definitely pays off to have a plan.

3 Days Rule

What time between first and second date is the right time? When to ask for a second date? In case you haven’t done it right away during your first date, you should do it 2-3 days afterwards. There’s a so-called “3 days rule” to which many partners find useful to adhere to. That way partners do not seem desperate to meet each other in order to sustain a cool appearance. It is more of a formal rule and it is definitely to be broken in certain circumstances. Still, it is important for you to know that. Moreover, your call or message 2-3 days after will only have a stronger effect.

Stay Confident

You should definitely be confident when you ask a girl on a date. Whether you do it virtually or in real life, you should express confidence, enthusiasm, and optimism. Aim for success and keep away your doubts. Be straightforward but also gentle in your approach. Let your second date be organized naturally because good time you spent together on a first date automatically implies that.

Say You Need a Company

You may tell your girl that you’re in need of company and that you’d enjoy spending time with her. You might offer her tickets to a concert or to the theater. That will also introduce you as the man with a plan.

Compliment Her

Before, during or after you ask a girl on a second date, you need to make a compliment. Say that you had a fabulous time, compliment her dress, notice that she looks good, smells good, that she’s smart, funny, etc.

Second Date Rules


Patience is a virtue. A second date is just your second time together. Thus, you may not have a chance to move forward and become really close with your girl. But don’t lose your temper and stay cool, calm, and organized. Be patient and everything will come your way. To have patience might be the best second date advice you can get.

Refer to Your First Date

Much of that you two will be talking about will concern your first date. You will definitely refer to the pieces of information you got from each other last time. Do it explicitly because that way you’re going to show a woman you’ve been attentive in your first date. Moreover, it will express your desire to know more which will motivate a girl to tell you more. In truth, your second date might be viewed as a continuation of your first date because many subjects will be the same.

Kiss or Not Kiss?

Depending on circumstances you might kiss for the first time on you second date. Chances to do it are better on a second date. Moreover, many women expect a kiss on a second date. Therefore, you should attempt to do it but only if the moment is right.

Expect More

One of the best ways to get more from a second date is to expect more. Choose for yourself whether you really want a woman you’re meeting with. Do everything to look stunning, be a gentleman, and have a positive approach to everything. Show some class and style. Keep it in your mind to stay confident. Have enthusiasm and passion to attract a woman and show her she made the right choice.

Fun Second Date Ideas

Boat Ride

How often do you sail in a boat? You can have an awesome romantic getaway by renting a boat to enjoy local lakes or rivers. Take something to eat with yourself, some beverages, and a blanket. Prepare to have a good time relaxing and enjoying water all around you.

A Picnic

What to do on a second date? You can do pretty much anything. What to do is totally up to you. Consider having a picnic. Go to your local park or a recreational zone closer to nature. Take some food, a deck of cards, a book, beverages, and have a good time. Take photos and walk in the woods. Surely that will make an exciting and romantic second date.

An Event

Visiting an event can actually be a good idea. It can be a concert, a performance or a play. Buy tickets beforehand and offer them as a present for you two to enjoy. You can come to a gallery or a museum. There’s plenty to see if you look on the internet. Big cities have all kinds of interesting things happening every day. Browse Google to find something that suits your taste. It is easier to meet second date expectations when you do something original and exciting.

when to ask for a second date Second Date Conversation: Tips and Advice

Personal Things

Your conversation should be deep and meaningful. There are many things to talk about on a second date. Ask about your girl’s family, background, job, hobbies, interests, etc. Tell about yourself as well. Don’t stick to basic small-talk themes like weather, recent news, and other superficial stuff. Instead, try to really get to know each other.


All women like compliments. Therefore, you should keep a woman aware of how awesome she looks today. Otherwise, you might be seen as absent. Most women consider themselves beautiful and nobody in their clear mind will ever expect to be treated as ugly. We all need others to remind us about our beautiful sides and great things that make us who we are. Be attentive to the moves, gestures, and parts of the appearance of a woman you’re dating. It will definitely pay off to compliment clothes, hair, eyes, a watch or a necklace.

Talk About Life

Personal talks are often about everything and nothing at all. At least, those including people who are not yet close. But to become close you need to feel each other. Grasp each other’s life position, attitude, and approach. When you listen to a woman think about what you really like about her. Feel her life experiences and be compassionate. Often people can get really open and even become emotional. Therefore, be careful, attentive, and understanding. Keep in mind that one reason why people form close personal relationships is to share their life experiences. The atmosphere should be open and friendly, intimate-like because it makes it easier for people to open up.


There are many different questions to ask on a second date. But whatever you ask you need to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. Sometimes asking too personal questions might not be appropriate. Or asking too many questions may come as odd. Therefore, types of questions and their number depends on situation, on your mood, and your girl’s mood. Some good second date questions include “what is your passion in life?”, “do you have a dream?”, “what do you like to do most?”, etc. Questions like this help to really get a feeling of the person you’re dating.

Listen and Tell

Another great tip is to keep a delicate balance between talking and listening. Don’t interrupt and don’t demand all attention. Tell about yourself and let a girl tell about herself as well. Don’t be silent as well. Ask questions, be passionate in showing your sincere enthusiasm to fuel the conversation. Conversation is the foundation of all relationships. You won’t get far without solid, deep, and meaningful communication with your dating partner.

Other Details

You should have a neutral tone of voice. Don’t mumble and don’t shout. Don’t make sudden moves and make sure that you make a good appearance. You need to relax and enjoy the process. Value every minute that you spend with your dating partner. Don’t rush and don’t get too slow.

Well, now you know what it takes to ask a girl out on a second date. First of all, it takes courage and confidence. You should also be patient and enthusiastic. Be original in your planning and make not just an ordinary date but a memorable one. Be flexible but also maintain some kind of leadership. Don’t get nervous and never panic. Good luck!

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