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How to Make Your Wife Feel Loved

To tell the truth, you need to grow up to true love, go through a period of love with a complete collapse of internal borders, realize your vulnerability, go through a sobering crisis, then to regain your identity within the couple. It turns out that love itself is only a stage on the path to BIG love, the task of which is to help the two of you go beyond your own egoism, focus on a partner and learn to love.

If the lovers get stuck in the first stage, they fall into the trap of excruciating dependence, losing the meaning of their own life, completely dissolving in another person. At first, it is necessary to blur the boundaries between partners and create a family. However, if partners get married without reaching the level of mature love, the risk of breaking up is very high. Love is about your desire to be together, take care, feel loved and accept a partner with all their drawbacks. When the feelings of the partners are as important as your own.

how to make someone feel loved

Why Is It Important to Feel Loved in a Relationship?

If a man likes his emotional state next to a woman, then a woman likes, above all, to feel that she is the one and only in a man's life. A woman wants to feel that she is like air for you or like water in the desert. It is important for her to feel your love.

If a woman is offended at you, evil, then her negative vibrations will create YOUR reality. Sometimes men are surprised why everything is not so good as several months ago. However, when their women don't feel loved, they start doubting everything around them, and this negativity makes their men make mistakes and fail.

A successful man is, first of all, a man who understands how his success depends on his wife, the woman who is next to him. Your woman is like a deposit account, the more you give her, the more you will get in the future. If you ignore her needing to feel loved, you are unlikely to be happy in the relationship and be successful at work.

Sometimes a man sincerely does not understand what a woman lacks since she has a house, money and an opportunity to go on vacation, she is dissatisfied with everything and talks about wanting to feel loved. It’s a big deal.

A man can love a woman, but it is more important to make her feel it. When you don t feel loved in a relationship, you can start looking for it somewhere else. As a rule, women talk about their wishes and things that can help them feel loved openly, and the only thing men should do is to listen to them carefully. In happy families, the spouses are interested in everything about each other, a woman wonders how he is doing, and a man wonders how she feels.

A woman who constantly lives in a deficit of your love is an unhappy woman, and it means she will send the same vibrations into space. A woman has a much stronger effect on space and family life in general. Sometimes a man considers his only duty to make money without considering that a woman still needs his attention, tenderness, care, time. Be generous in everything! Both of you need to feel loved in a relationship, otherwise, what such a relationship is for?

Why Women Often Don't Feel Loved in a Relationship

what does it feel like to be lovedA woman cannot completely trust a partner if there is a fear to open her heart and show dark sides. Many people break up precisely because they are ashamed of themselves, they are afraid of losing attractiveness in the eyes of a partner. What makes you feel loved? Love implies maximum nakedness when you can ask for care and tenderness, not being afraid to run into aggression, when you can open all the cards, counting on complete confidentiality and understanding. So that there are no masks and inconsistencies, and a woman can say, “Stay with me, I feel bad without you!” and the partner understands, accepts and supports. However, modern women often face the opposite situation.

A woman wants a man to take the lead in the family and become her support. She wants to be a small girl next to a strong leader who can protect her from worries. If this does not happen, she has to take control over family herself, and this kills her femininity. She can be a breadwinner and a strong independent lady, but this makes her unhappy and turns into a tyrant. No wonder the basis of women's management style is not logic, but a feeling that is not always controllable.

The tragedy of a modern woman is precise that a man refuses power, he does not want to defend her, cherish her and show any signs of attention and love. Over time, the lady can get hysterical, rebel and run into a scandal to provoke a partner to show emotions. She can tease, humiliate and say nasty things just to check her beloved one for strength: will he be able to stop her and change the situation?

However, a woman wants to feel her love is mutual. She wants that the partner would not just take her care for granted, but he could express himself sensually, he would devote her time, share her dreams and plans, give gifts and pay compliments. When a man distance himself from his partner, devotes all his time to work, hobbies, spiritual quest or hanging outs with friends, a woman does not feel loved, she becomes irritated and suffers from such indifference on the part of her man. Relationships can be maintained only if both partners are open to each other at the deepest level possible, and they don’t ask themselves, “What does it feel like to be loved?” because they know this for sure, and there are acceptance and support between them.

How to Make a Woman Feel Loved

There is no more attractive woman than one who feels loved, whose eyes are shining with happiness and warmth. Next to such a woman, it is difficult to remain indifferent since she changes your inner state and brings a holiday to your world just only with her presence. However, not all men know how to make a woman feel loved, and this illiteracy only worsens the situation. If you don’t want to wait for distress signals, then learn the following hints and start applying them as soon as possible.

1. Be interested in her inner state

A woman is your investment, so the more you invest in her, the more benefits you will get in the future. Money, flowers, and trips to the sea are great options, but most of all she needs love and spiritual care. So, do not forget to be interested in her mood and feelings, hug her more often, have time for a cup of coffee and a chat and protect her from bad thoughts. She shouldn’t have a single reason to doubt your attitude toward her.

2. Speak the language of her body

How well do you know your beloved woman? Do not be lazy to learn her habits since each person has their own language of love. Someone feels loved when they have physical contact through sex, massage, and hugs. Another one perceives love audially through praise and verbal expression of feelings. And there are women who do not imagine happy family life without small surprises in the form of chocolates or an unplanned trip to the park. So, do you know how to make a girl feel loved? What does bring pleasure to her?

3. Never compare

Remember that people around you are not completely frank, and they also play roles, trying to seem better. Instagram stories are only part of the truth, no one will show their tears, resentment or real life. Beautiful lips, a perfect body without any drawbacks, a delicious dinner is just a picture that says nothing about real personality. Do not compare your partner with other girls! People usually don’t show the other side of the coin. Stay realistic and less trust the pictures on social networks.

4. Show generosity

Mean men don’t know how to make someone feel loved because they live in their own reality and expect to receive more than they give. Be generous, do not skimp on emotions for your partner, give her time and make gifts. Remember, what vibrations you radiate, the same attitude you will get in return.

5. Treat your fears with respect

All of us are afraid of something, so try not to manipulate it and be careful about it. The greatest fear of many women is to be left alone and be cheated by a loved one. Therefore, she is so demanding and tries to control you. She is afraid of losing you. Instead of annoyance, try to understand her and devote her your attention.

how to make your girlfriend feel loved6. Help her control emotions

A woman is very sensitive and emotional by nature, and therefore, she can easily lose control over herself, having done something inappropriate or having said too much. Do not be afraid of her tantrums, this is just a matter of time. So, keep calm and try to comfort her ocean of strong emotions, providing a sense of security. How to make her feel loved? Show that she can count on you and calm her down with your composure and confidence.

7. Adhere to the same principles

There is nothing worse than a man who is easily offended and changes his principles twice a day. A man should be a support, an island of stability and constancy, and not a stalk, which freely wavers in the wind. Try to stay true to yourself despite quarrels and mess, do not cease to take care of your partner and show your love. Don’t move away or distance yourself at the first opportunity as well as seek comfort in the arms of another woman. If you want to find out how to make your wife feel loved, just make her feel that you want to be with her and that you can be trusted.

8. Do not try to humiliate her personality

Insults, unreasonable criticism of her appearance and abilities, as well as blows to her self-esteem, negatively affect her attitude towards you. Do not make your soulmate feel unneeded, unattractive or rejected, otherwise, it will just boomerang back onto you at the most inopportune moment. Does she worry about something? Give her the chance to talk it through, then kiss her or gently interrupt without mockery and jokes. Do not ignore her feelings, a woman should feel that you are on her side.

9. Do not limit her freedom

A woman is not a bird in a cage that should keep you entertained until dawn and fulfill your desires. She is the same person as you, who has the right to develop their interests and self-actualize professionally. Do not limit her freedom of choice, do not prohibit to communicate with others, do not make her stay home all the time and take care of your mutual children. Help her look for herself, develop her skills, broaden her horizons.

10. Stay grateful

You don’t know how to make your girlfriend feel loved? Do not cease to appreciate all that she does for you, including emotional support, household care and just a feeling of comfort at home. The work of a woman is largely imperceptible, but we assure you, you will surely notice its absence. Therefore, do not forget to thank her for all the little things she does every day.

Do not be lazy to be an example in a relationship. You are the leader that’s why your way of life and style of thinking should serve as a model for the rest! Do not be indifferent, take the initiative more often, develop spiritually and make independent decisions. Good relationships are built together.

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