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What Causes High Sex Drive and How to Manage It


  1. What's a high sex drive?
  2. Why is my sex drive so high?
  3. How to turn a woman on?
  4. What causes high sex drive?
  5. High sex drive in women
  6. High sex drive in men

Let’s get this straight, this is no laughing matter, and one should rather be worried than happy about his or her sudden changes in sexual behavior. Most of the time, the causes for high sex drive in men and women are psychological disorders and various diseases.

what is a high sex drive

What's a high sex drive?

What is a high sex drive? High sex drive is associated with an accelerated rate of recovery of hormones in the body. This means that after the end of sexual intercourse, after a short time, there is a repeated need for sexual satisfaction. While there are lots of ways of perceiving it and people are not always honest about their sex lives, which is absolutely fine and reasonable, but sudden changes in sexual attitude and the level of sex drive may be a bad sign. High sex drive creates a large number of inconveniences in life, but it is rather a symptom than a disease. It is also called hypersexuality – and it’s something that must be treated without delay, no matter if you are man or a woman.

Why is my sex drive so high?

Each of us is given a certain sexual temperament by nature: someone is satisfied with having sex twice a month, and the other person needs to have sex 3 times a day. We are constantly comparing ourselves with others - this also applies to sexual life. So, what qualifies as a high sex drive is subjective, as everyone is different. However, how can we qualify “the normal” sex drive? As in all questions of the norm, here we stand in the duality of the ways of assessment: there is a statistical norm ("I want sex about as often as most people of my gender and age group want it") and functional ("I want sex often enough so that it will be an important part of my life, but it won’t distract me from achieving my goals and living a normal life").

The statistical norm is simpler and clearer, but the functional one reflects the most important thing – that it all depends on your self-satisfaction.

Nobody undertakes to determine the universal norm of the need for sex – no such rule can be made up, because we are all different in it. What is considered a high sex drive for a woman won’t apply to many other women. It all comes down to a subjective assessment of the quality of life. Which is partly related to how much your sexual temperament coincides with the temperament of your partner (s) - sometimes it happens that your hormone levels are very similar and are ideally suited for each other, and this is a great thing, because people often complain about their partner not being able to satisfy their sexual needs.

Yet, for whatever reason, people lie a lot about sex - to friends, partners and even scientists during public opinion polls. For example, the columnist of The New York Times, economist Seth Stevens-Davidowitz, got out of his way and compared the data of a major American study of the General Social Survey about the frequency of sex and the use of condoms. According to the survey, it turned out that heterosexual American men over the age of 18 used about 1.6 billion condoms per year. Heterosexual women of the same age group used 1.1 billion condoms over the same period. While some small statistical error may always affect the result of any poll, the difference in the results is significant.

signs of high sex drive in femalesSo, as you can see, while there are lots of ways of enjoying yourself, and all of them are acceptable, as long as your partner is ready to satisfy your needs without harming his or her sexual desires, people often lie about their sexual experiences. They do so, mostly, to be treated normally by the society, even when it comes to a social survey.

Yet here lies the problem: while most of us are fine, some people have serious problems with their levels of sex drive. And, as we’ve said above, this is a bad symptom. And while you may be happy at first and not notice the change, “oh yeah, I started enjoying sex and I want it a lot more than before”, but the sudden change in your own attitude should make you worried. So, if you thought to yourself recently that “my sex drive is too high”, you should visit a doctor to prevent further complications.

How to turn a woman on?

Start with a gentle touch

What causes high sex drive in females? Well, let’s start off slow and gentle. As soon as she feels comfortable in your apartment, you can start with gentle touches to let her know that you want her. If you are already sitting next to each other, you can just move forward and let your feet touch. You can even put a hand on her knee or hug her if you are brave enough. Here are other ways to start arousing her: If you have already hugged her, you can start playing with her hair. If she has a hanging necklace or earrings, you can play with it and say that you really like her jewelry to become even closer to her. You can even give her a short and erotic massage. Stroke her shoulders, lower back, and legs. Just start with a gentle touch of your fingers and move forward if she seems to enjoy it.

More touching

Now that you are already kissing (and you should be kissing at this point), you can be more persistent in touching. Move your hands up and down her body to gently touch her waist, shoulders and move to the inside of her hips and chest. Just make sure that your new touches do not bother her. All the girls are different. When you get used to your girlfriend, you will feel more confident in the ways in which you can arouse her. It can be a kiss on the neck, a gentle touch on the wrist or something else.

If you are going to have sex, make it known

You may want to immediately jump into the bed as soon as you see her in her underwear, but you must be absolutely sure hat she is ready to go that far. Directly ask her: “Do you want to have sex?” or “Are you ready for this?” Ask this in a non-aggressive tone, look her in they eyes and slowing down so that she realizes that you are waiting for her answer.

What causes high sex drive?

High sex drive in men is called satyriasis, and it can be caused by a number of things, which include: mental disorders in men, for example, Don Juanism syndrome, as well as psychological trauma associated with unsuccessful sexual experiences in the past, childhood traumas and molestations, etc. Often satyriasis develops as a compensation for an inferiority complex; head injuries; vascular pathologies of the brain; dysfunction of the hypothalamus (may occur due to infectious diseases, meningitis, encephalitis and etc.); hormonal disorders. These were the causes of high sex drive in men, but what about women?

High sex drive in women is called nymphomania, which is very difficult to satisfy due to the rapid recovery of hormone levels after sexual intercourse. But what causes high sex drive in females?

The main reasons for nymphomania in women are usually attributed, above all, to hormonal disruptions, including those caused by natural physiological processes. So, quite often this phenomenon occurs among teenage girls or pregnant women. Some chronic diseases, mental disorders and certain medications can all be provoking factors of it. In some cases, bouts of nymphomania may be caused by wearing clothes that are too tight — corsets, tight jeans, etc. Female hypersexuality may occur after severe injuries, difficult childbirth, abortion and during menopause.

Often, nymphomania is caused by the early start of sexual activity in life. In adulthood, the desire to have sex as much as possible is often associated with internal self-doubt, which decreases as a result of the appearance of a sense of self-worth and demand, even as a sexual object. The cause of hypersexuality during menopause is hormones, but in this case, it passes on its own in 1-2 years.

Nymphomania in the classical sense of the term is mainly found among women, who in their youth rarely experienced an orgasm, or for one reason or another were forced to refrain from sexual contact for a long time. Girls with manifested hyperexuality, on the contrary, tend to experience several bright orgasms in a row, and in some cases, after just a slight contact with erogenous zones. Sometimes women with high sex drive experience orgasm in completely non-standard situations, for example, when a vagina is exposed to a jet of water or to the feeling of vibration of a running car engine.

High sex drive in women

Types of nymphomania:

  1. Congenital. Disorder of sexuality occurs in the early stages of puberty and is practically uncontrollable.
  2. Acquired. An increase in sex drive occurs as a result of a disease that a woman has acquired.
  3. Climacteric. This type manifests itself in adulthood and is caused by menopause.

Signs of high sex drive in females:

For the harmonious existence and fulfillment of all inherent functions, a person needs to satisfy his or her sexual needs. When a woman has nymphomania, one of the main signs of a high sex drive is her constant sexual dissatisfaction. In this regard, she has obsessive ideas on the fulfillment of these sexual needs, fantasies and desires. That is why women that suffer from nymphomania often have more than one sexual partner, often several at the same time, without losing the chance of always finding a new object of passion.

Should you treat it?

A natural increase in sexual desire can be observed during puberty, due to the climacteric phase of a woman, during pregnancy (especially in the second trimester) and 3-5 days before menstruation. This increased libido gradually decreases and returns to normal. But if this does not happen, then you should pay attention to the pathology of sexual functions.

There are various ways in which women with high sex drive can get it back to normal: folk remedies, medical or even surgical interventions.

signs of a high sex driveFirst, you need to change your day:

  • you can increase the amount of work you do, sign up to a fitness center - the more energy will be released during physical work, the less sexual desire the woman will have by the end of the day;
  • you need to expand your interests by doing something creative, painting, singing and such;
  • revise the diet around limiting the consumption of cheese products, chocolate, seafood and walnuts - it is proved that they increase the desire for sex.

If the development of nymphomania is associated with any disease, then you must first eliminate the root cause of it, which often requires special medications (including hormonal) or even surgical intervention.

Whatever the cause of nymphomania in a woman is, only a sex therapist can confirm the diagnosis and prescribe proper treatment. Before visiting the doctor, it is desirable to reduce the amount of mental stress that affects you and increase physical exercise.

High sex drive in men

Satyriasis is a pathologically increased sexual desire in men, which, in essence, is the male form of nymphomania. This condition in psychiatry is regarded as a disease that requires appropriate treatment. The name of the disease came from the name of the ancient god Satire, who, according to legends, was distinguished by his hypersexuality. Satyriasis is characterized not only by a constant feeling of dissatisfaction of a man’s extremely high sex drive, forcing a man to look for new sexual partners, but also by changes in sexual behavior. Men that suffer from this disorder feel like satisfaction of their sexual needs becomes their main goal in life, which often leads to adverse effects.

Signs of satyriasis:

Satyriasis’s symptoms are quite obvious, among which are frequent changes of sexual partners, the absence of long-term relationships, the inability to gain sexual satisfaction even after several sexual acts in a row. Of course, a man with hypersexuality is not able to find happiness in adult life, since no woman can fully satisfy his needs. If the disease manifests itself during a relationship, in most cases it leads to divorce, although in reality a constantly changing man simply requires competent treatment. So, if you are a man, and you ask yourself “why is my sex drive so high lately”, it is unlikely to be a good sign of things, visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Like many other mental disorders, satyriasis can occur in an acute and chronic form. In the active phase of the disease, a man may experience quite serious mental disorders, including hallucinations. If a man isn’t able to satisfy his sexual desires, he becomes irritable, aggressive, and in a fit of acute rage it is even possible for him to come to violence. Thus, satyriasis can be considered as a rather dangerous disease, and those who are suffering from it should be treated immediately.

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I find female libido to be very unpredictable, and the biological differences between men and women don’t make it easier for me to understand the nature of it. God, it is hard now, but it was so much harder back in the day, the first few relationships, one week is filled with passion and lust, the next week... quite the opposite, as if she never wanted me at all.
04.05.2020 10:16
I’ve never had any major issues with my sex drive, I am lucky in this regard, but so many friends of mine have had problems and face them every day… it is quite sad. They end up having problems in their personal lives, so many factors influence female libido and its quite challenging to find out what stands in its way, so girls pay more attention to your mental health.
04.05.2020 10:19
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