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How to Turn a Russian Girl On: 10 Proven Tips

A man cannot always easily turn a Russian girl on. Sometimes, this is completely impossible. Unlike a man, a woman is a more sophisticated mechanism and requires a special approach and some kind of a "key" which can start this mechanism with half-turn. Many men dream of giving their girls great pleasure, but not all of them succeed.

Sexual life plays a huge role in the relationship between a man and a woman, but many girls remain dissatisfied.

Men forget that in order to have great sex with hot Russian girls, they should add closeness and tenderness to their intimate relationships. The more patience and skill they experience, the more pleasure they will get in the end. The following tips, if properly used, will help any man turn a Russian woman on. If you are a man and you want to become an incredible lover, remember that first of all you should learn to pick up a unique key to each girl, because every girl is a special one.


1. Watch your appearance first

First of all, pay attention to yourself. If you want to turn a girl on, you need to look handsome and attractive. Carefully maintain personal hygiene, choose your outfit, use a deodorant and a good perfume.

Girls always pay their attention to your outfit and the smell of your perfume, so your first task is to attract her with your appearance. Wonderful smell of the body in combination with a good male perfume is a perfect aphrodisiac for a woman. If you smell like sweat and feet, you will hardly get a second chance and get one of the Russian girls in bed.

2. Create an appropriate atmosphere

Don’t forget about an appropriate atmosphere. Every girl needs a while to set the mood and relax enough in order to show all her skill and free her sexual desires up.  You can turn on some lounge music, light the big candles, prepare a couple of glasses of wine and some light fruits (grapes, mangoes, passion fruit, etc.), and calm down in order not to be in a hurry. The atmosphere has a great influence on the girl’s excitement. She must relax, feel safe and comfortable.

3. Text her

Women are ruled by different emotions and these emotions manage their lives.  Create her emotional lift. Send her a message or leave a voicemail (tell her to listen to it in the earphones in advance) that can stir up a lot of emotions in anticipation. Tell her how excited you are about today’s evening, dropping a slight hint and teasing her a little bit. Give her something to think about. Text something like: “You are so beautiful! I can’t wait to see you again. I’ve prepared something special for today’s evening…” She will surely come up with the end of this sentence and be very excited for all the day long. Sexy Russian girls have a vivid imagination.

4. Give complimentsMAN-SEDUCING-WOMAN

Everyone knows that women love with their ears. So, play along with them. Don’t speak loudly, sharply and surely don’t joke much. To excite the girl, say gentle words in a soft voice whispering sweet nothings into her ear. It will add additional weight to your words and influence her in the most incredible way. And if you are already with one of the Russian women in bed, continue to talk in a whisper with her reminding how beautiful and sexy she is. Don’t flatter her, tell the truth – it’s quite easy to do that with such a beauty.

5. Don’t lie or flatter her

This is not the time and not the place to tell her some awkward fairy tales if you really want to have sex with a Russian girl. Any woman will immediately spot a lie, her mood will be ruined and your hope to have sex will have no chance, so don’t lie and don’t flatter her for the same reason. You should speak sincerely.

6. Touch her gently

Gentle touch can turn a girl on even faster than men think. When a girl is excited, even a little, she turns into one erogenous zone, but such parts of the body as the neck, fingertips, chest, abdomen are the most excitable. All the touches don’t have to be direct, especially at the beginning – they should seem to be unexpected and occasional. You should just find some excuses to touch her. And when everything goes to the final goal and you have all the chances to see one of the Russian girls in sex, you can give her a massage. The girl will be quickly excited by your affection and touch. Don’t hurry up, do everything slowly and gently and her body will respond.

7. Talk to her

You can talk about your day but don’t tell her much about yourself, how hard it was at work, what you ate for breakfast, etc., make the girl talk about herself, about her interests and desires.  Show that you are not indifferent to her interests, work, other matters. It is a well-known fact that it is easier to turn a woman on with some intimate topics. So, discuss everything you want, making it a little more intimate.

Talking on intimate topics will liberate both of you, creating a romantic atmosphere. It is a good chance to share your frank sexual desires, which will turn your partner on even more.

8. Kiss her lips

When you kiss your beloved one, you don’t need to do that with too much enthusiasm and pressure. Try to read her body language right and understand what she likes more. To turn a girl on, try sometimes to make a small pause, change passionate kisses with gentle, light touches. Remember that nothing excites the girl more than a long and delicious kiss. Use lips more than a tongue.


This can give you an undeniable advantage, as many girls complain about their ex-boyfriends’ kisses were too obsessive and assertive.

9. Kiss her neck and ears

One of the most erogenous zones of the female body is the neck and on the second place are the ears. So, try to kiss the earlobes sucking them gently, touch the skin behind the ear, and don’t forget to whisper something pleasant to your lover. The girl will surely evaluate all your efforts because women are melting not only from the physical tenderness but also from the verbal one and affection to boot. Such a kiss will not leave any girl indifferent and can quickly excite a girl.

10. Use your tongue in the right place

If you want to have a great sex with a Russian woman, learn to use your tongue in the right place. Like men, all women like oral sex but not so many men want to do that. It’s one of the best ways to make a woman melt if you are really good at this.

Don’t do that fast and assertively, it’s a very gentle place which requires very gentle touches of your tongue. Don’t pay so much attention to the clit but don’t ignore it at all, remember that it is a nerve cluster, so be careful. Use your fingers, licking her there. If you do everything right, you will see that the stereotype of the Russian women being the best at sex is true.

You should feel your partner, understand what she wants at the moment, whether she likes the relationship or not. And then your sex life will give pleasure to you
and your beloved one.

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