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10 Ways to Attract a Russian Woman

Russian women are mysterious and charming. Men from all around the world are keen on those ladies. Let’s imagine you met a nice Russian girl. We bet you have ever been interested in how to make her notice and then outline you from the crowd of her male friends. Today, we wish to present the top 10 tricks that will help you to conquer a Russians lady’s heart. Let’s discover them right now with the dating experts from Vava Russian Brides!


1. Make the first step

In the contemporary society, this may sound odd. But Russians still appreciate kind of obsolete values, when a man must be decisive and initiative. A Russian girl will barely express her feelings in a direct way. She rather prefers dropping hints and flirting subtly. Your job is to promote the things and let her know you like her.

2. Prove you are a real man

Russian ladies are typically feminine so they look for a man who would combine so-called “manly” qualities. What are those? Bravery, kindness, strength, fidelity, and intelligence. To be honest, these traits are basics everybody searches in his or her prospective partner. Any good girl deserves a good guy.

3. Demonstrate fine manners

Dating etiquette isn’t dead. Although we face the tendency to make gender roles equal, ladies are still in need of chivalry. Prove you are a gentleman. Hold doors for a girl, accompany her home etc. She must recognize you as a friendly, polite, and lighthearted guy.

4. Keep the mystery

Yes, women like security and stability. However, they might get bored in a company of a too predictable guy. Use your wits to keep her anticipated. To a certain degree, romance implies secrecy. So don’t reveal your affection at once – keep her puzzled for a while. Win her step by step.

5. Ban the routine

Russian ladies have always fascinated men and foreigners in particular. Many of them receive a plenty of romantic offers every day. This requires you to get better than the rest of guys calling her. Be creative – suggest unusual date ideas, make surprises, give her small pleasant gifts with no reason etc. Take her on adventures!

6. Don’t be assertive

Being initiative doesn’t mean being pushy. Any romance should develop gradually. Before getting involved in a serious relationship, partners should get closer mentally. Don’t be too fast by asking a Russian girl out right after you met her. Let her learn more about who you are.

7. Pay her compliments

The famous proverb says: “A woman falls in love with her ears”. Well, this is true. Never hesitate to express your mind to a Russian lady: show her you notice all the new earrings or dresses, tell her how beautiful, or smart, or funny she is. Even though she is aware of her merits, she needs to hear sweet things from you.

8. Use your sense of humour

Laugh is one of the most powerful tools to affect people, it known. Girls like humorous guys. Don’t feel tense; just crack jokes that match the situation. Even if you say something hilarious, she will probably like it. Of course, your gags shouldn’t be creepy and rude.

9. Take an interest in her

Nothing awakens a girl’s enthusiasm like feeling wanted. Not physically, you know, but emotionally. Talk to your Russian friend more – ask about the events in her life and her tastes, give your opinions and advice. Get interested in her culture as well. It will put you way closer to each other and make her think of you as a reliable mate.

10. Give her a hand

Even in our modern world, women still face some routine problems and need the men’s help. No matter how minor her issue is, your duty is to assist your lady. For her, this may also get romantic – like meeting a hero who will save her from this wild world.

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