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Hot to Find a Russian Woman for Marriage

In the modern world, we often hear that polygamy is an inborn instinct of men. Tabloids propagate the ideas of open relationships, multiple affairs, and equal gender rights, and humanity warmly embraces it. Yet most people look for the serious connection. Millions of men sooner or later come to a conclusion that they are done with random romances and need to settle down. And this is where all troubles begin. Even though we struggle to find a like-minded soulmate, we often barely imagine what exactly we want. Marriage isn’t a trivia, so you just can’t choose a lifetime partner because she is smoky hot at the first stages of dating.

One more interesting aspect of contemporary relationships is the desire to marry a woman from a different culture. For Western gentlemen, Slavic ladies (most likely Russian and Ukrainian) are the obvious choice. What is so special about them? Maybe, it’s because they are less exotic than Asians yet much more fascinating than American or Western European women. Anyway, the growing proportion of westerners comes to various online dating services to find Russian brides. Taking this into a view, we decided to study the phenomenon of Russian women more scrupulously.


Entering the Russian world

The cultural or mentality gap (call it what you want) between Russia and the Western world has always been a subject for lively discussions. A rare man from the USA has never heard those weird stereotypes about Russians addicted to vodka, bears, and balalaikas. Indeed, some stereotypes are based on real facts while some are nothing but pure fantasies. Let’s now focus on Russian girls who are definitely not the easiest group of women to charm. What are the distinctive features of a Russian lady`s character after all?

First, they are family-oriented. In some way, the Russian society appreciates traditional patriarchal values – like a man should feed his dear people, while a woman should dedicate herself to housekeeping and children. Nowadays, those patterns are modified of course. Contemporary Russian wives are willing to be independent and try something apart from marriage and kids. On the other hand, their life goal remains the same – to share a life with a committed husband and raise good sons and daughters. Second, they usually combine many different traits, like being straightforward and romantic, lighthearted and faithful, adventurous and thoughtful at the same time. This means Russian ladies have many expectations for their prospective husbands.

Rules and pitfalls of online dating

Where actually should you search for Russian girls to marry? If there are no candidates nearby, the Internet is at your service. Surely, you are aware of numerous dating sites and how to use those technically. Just note: if you go online with the serious intent, pick up a reliable service to avoid possible scams. As for choosing a lady to communicate with, try pay less attention to her photo (especially if she uses too many touch-ups). Yes, appearance means a lot, but it tells you almost nothing about a woman`s personality. We would even recommend you chat with more than one girl for the beginning. Unfair? Probably not: you merely have to get insights.

And what about the communication itself? First of all, it should be honest. It’s very seductive to present yourself as a “better” guy than you are. Only remember that your view of a cool dude may differ from a girl`s expectations. On the contrary, your real merits have much more power. Then, keep in mind Russian women strongly appreciate self-confident and active men. Even if you are a shy person, prove yourself as a strong partner. You see, Russians grow up in a society where a man is responsible for taking first steps to conquer a woman’s heart.

Compatibility test

This is the very basic thing if you decided to marry a Russian woman. Well, it’s impossible to know if you date the right woman via the Internet, but there are still some ways to promote your communication. Generally, women fall for men who are capable of paying attention and investing their time in a partner. What you must do is to constantly talk and listen to each other. In fact, people often suffer from being unable to pick an “interesting” topic. If this is your case, don’t worry. Any woman drops some hints in her speech, even in written. Thus, you should become a careful reader and track things she is willing to discuss. Starting from random funny details, you will get closer and more personal after a while. You need to know her story and vise verse: compare your areas of interest, life goals, preferences, and plans for the future. Once you do it, this is time to decide whether you wanna take this adventure to the next level or not. If the answer is yes, your next task is to take more radical steps like meeting each other offline.

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