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10 Signs that a Shy Girl Likes You at Work

In the furious rhythm of modern times, people spend most of their time at work, so it's not surprising that the percentage of "office romances” is increasing rapidly. People spend a lot of time together within the office: they communicate, share impressions about the latest movies, read books, go to lunch and sometimes even take one route home. But how can you understand that a shy girl with amazing little dimples really likes you and feels sincere sympathy? Is her attitude to you only friendly?

Working etiquette does not imply a rapid and public manifestation of emotions but, nevertheless, the ladies indicate their interests more clearly, although it looks subtly and delicately from the outside. The following 10 signs a girl likes you can help you clarify the situation and make the first step yourself.


She tries to be attractive for you

A shy girl will begin to choose some other clothes or change her outfit totally in order to impress you and in hopes that it will draw your attention and make her more attractive to you. Don’t miss a chance to pay compliments when you begin to notice the small changes.

This applies to women of all ages. If a girl sees a man whom she is interested in, she tries to do her best to make herself pretty, changing her hair style and dress. All this is to the one with whom she falls in love.

She cannot help looking at you a lot

If you catch her looking at you all the time and if she starts blushing making eye contact with you, it’s one of the signs a girl likes you at work. If a woman likes somebody, she cannot help looking at her target a lot. In this way, she tries to memorize your features in great detail in order to be able to recall them in her mind later and fantasize about you in her dreams. If a girl likes you, she keeps sneaking a peek at you. Even if you are not looking at her, even if you are too busy to notice that.

Since eye contact is an indispensable part of human communication, a shy girl will use it as a basis for communication with a guy she likes. Do not lose sight of her behavior and try to notice if she maintains eye contact with you longer or stares at you more often.

Women have very good peripheral vision. If a woman is interested in a man, she will try to collect more information about him. She will watch from afar, looking with her side vision. Even if a girl does not look fixedly and directly at you, as often as you do, a girl watches you, you are in her field of vision.

She tries to change her pose to more attractive one in your presence

If a man enters suddenly, that very man, a girl immediately tries to show herself in the most favorable light. She tries to highlight her beauty by demonstrating that part of the body which she finds most attractive. In order to do this, she can step forth with her outstanding part of the body or shake her gorgeous hair, or open her big beautiful eyes even more. And all that sort of thing.

Pay attention to her facial expressions and gestures, her body will say much more than words. If the toe caps of her shoes or knees are aimed at your direction, this indicates her affection to you. If a lady touches her earring or hair, she certainly aspires to draw your attention.

girlfacts2She appears in your field of vision very often

You bump into her almost everywhere at work. First, it might seem to be an accident but in reality, it is not if you come across her everywhere. When a shy girl likes you at work, but she feels too nervous to come and talk to you herself, she wants unconsciously to give you as many chances as possible to take the initiative. She will try to do her best to appear in all the places where you come in the hope that you’ll notice her and start talking about a repeated “chance meeting”. Therefore, your colleague definitely likes you if she often appears in your sight. It will be especially noticeable if you work in the neighboring departments or even on different floors. Noticing these slight and almost invisible signs a girl likes you, make up your mind and move forward.

She touches you and comes closer from time to time

If a girl is shy, she cannot come to you very close and just take your hand. Nevertheless, she can run into you “accidentally” in order to get an opportunity to touch you. It is very important for a woman to have a tactile contact with a person she likes. Even if it happens “accidentally” and very rare, it is just some kind of internal need.

She feels nervous in your presence

A girl is worried and due to that she behaves a little inadequately. This is often noticeable to others and therefore it makes her nervous even more and her behavior becomes even more unusual and not calm. For example, she can overturn something, drop it, or just start gesticulating violently.

If a shy girl usually gets nervous and begins to flush in your presence, she likes you certainly or you have some common dirty little secret.

She repeats your movements unconsciously

One of the true signs a shy girl likes you is at the core of her behavior and movements as well. If you notice that a girl is mirroring your movements in some way, repeating some of your actions and gestures, she tries to win you over. She does this as if she agrees with you in all the questions, it all happens not specifically but by itself. Pay attention to the tone of her voice. When a girl talks to a man she is interested in, the tone of her voice is usually somehow different from that she uses talking with other people.

She laughs at all your jokes

If she is laughing at your even most stupid jokes, it is one of the most obvious signs a shy girl likes you. If you are sitting in a big company and you are telling some “funny” stories and the only one person who is laughing is she, be sure she has some feelings for you. When a woman likes a man, she finds him smarter, funnier, and more handsome than he actually is. If you have quite a light vein of humor, you still have chances to win a girl’s heart but not to make successful comedy career.

She follows all your social media updates

If you are still not sure if a girl likes you, pay attention to your own social media updates. Is she interested in them? Does she try not to miss some news from you and tick the “like”? If you think that it does not mean anything serious, you are wrong. She is shy and it is quite difficult to express her emotions in real life, so she does it online by ticking her “like” under your pictures or new posts. She tries to draw your attention and show you that she is interested in your life and in you.

She can talk with you for hours

Have you already noticed that she never starts talking to you but if your conversation begins, she can talk with you for hours? It is because, first, she is shy, second, she really likes you. She does not have enough courage to flirt with you or just speak first, it is hard to start but easy to continue. When you talk with a person you like, it is hard to stop this train of thought and everything you want is not to interrupt this wonderful moment. She wants to get to know more about you in order to complete your image in her dreams where you are happy together.

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Oh, shy girls, who knows what they have on their mind, who knows what they are thinking and plan on doing. Well, I personally have quite a few issues with such women, as, I personally, not that good with sensing the presence of mutual affection or lack thereof. And thus, they don’t talk about their feelings, and you don’t know about them, no forward progression. I love my women straightforward.
04.05.2020 10:37
It’s hard from time to time, it’s complicated to figure out what a shy woman thinks, she may be just like this at all times, or she may be flirting with you. She may be quite interested in a relationship with you, listening to every word you say, but, in reality, everything can be quite different. Not a fan of such women, people should be more honest about their feelings.
04.05.2020 10:37
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