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7 Sure Signs that a Ukrainian Girl Likes You

Women are very mysterious and incomprehensible creatures, so it's not always easy to understand whether these are the signs a girl likes you or not. A woman’s behavior is often difficult to recognize and interpret in the right way. The point is that women often think that they give the right signs. And it’s up to you to face the challenge.

If you are not able to decipher these signs in any way but, nevertheless, you think about dating Ukrainian girls, here are some useful tips.

girl in love

1. Her eyes shine bright with sympathy

How to know if a Ukrainian girl likes you? Talk to her first and if the girl talks to you willingly, and there is a clear interest in her tone, you have a chance. When talking, pay attention to whether the girl is shy or confident – this will help you choose the right tactics of behavior towards her.

Note that the more the girl likes you, the more vividly her emotions will be shown when talking with you. If she laughs cheerfully in response to your jokes, and her eyes, directed towards you, radiate sympathy, you can bravely start courting this girl – most likely she will not push you away.

2. She flirts with you

One of the biggest signs a Ukrainian girl likes you is that she tries to flirt with you and impress you.

 Learn to distinguish a friendly attitude from a flirting one. If the girl treats you well but perceives you only just as a friend, she can smile at you and gladly talk with you but she will hardly flirt. If the girl flirts, making eyes at you – this is a clear sign that she likes you not only as a friend but also as a handsome man.

If she somehow distinguishes you, for example, she talks to you more willingly and warmly, you can be sure that she likes you more than others.

3. She tries to touch you

 If you think about dating Ukrainian women and want to be sure of the right signs of their positive attitude towards you, note whether they want to touch you or not.

If the girl comes very close to you during your conversations invading your privacy and often touches you casually with her hand – this clearly indicates that the girl likes you and that she doesn’t object to the prospect of dating you.flirt

4. Her pupils are dilated

You can almost always read right through a girl – all her feelings and emotions are shown there. If her eyes are calm and cold, it means that you can hardly hope for something you are dreaming about. So, how to tell if a girl likes you? If a girl really likes you, then you can see such feelings as tenderness, admiration, adoration, and passion in her eyes. Pay attention to the pupils of the girl: if you cause her excitement, her pupils will be slightly dilated.

If the girl is self-confident and used to take initiative in a relationship, then you can see a frank call in her eyes. Such come-hither look is very intimate and full of passion. And how to tell if a shy girl likes you? She will sneak a look at you, being unable to stop doing that. You should take the lead.

5. She asks you to help her

How to tell if a Ukrainian girl likes you? If a girl really likes you, she will try to use your help. The lady in need is one of the oldest (and most effective) known tricks. If she complains that she is cold, she might hint that she needs your jacket.

Of course, if you offer and she refuses, she is probably really cold but she doesn’t need you and your chivalry. If a girl likes you, she will take it in order to feel your warmth. If she worries about her broken curtain rail/ bike/ switch, she will ask you to help her repair them. Maybe she doesn’t really need your help. She may just want your attention.

6. She teases you

In your childhood, most likely, you teased girls to whom you were not indifferent. Although this cannot be called the best way to increase self-confidence, the situation remains the same in adulthood. How to know that a girl likes you?

A woman who makes fun of your music taste, your shoes, or terrible love for cheap TV-shows may well be trying to get you involved in a small spirited discussion. It can be some kind of a slight foreplay.

7. She tries to help you

If you’re thinking about Ukrainian girls dating, look at one more sign that a Ukrainian girl likes you.

She will try to do her best to help you even with the easiest task, like bringing you a glass of water or doing something else with a big pleasure.

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