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What Ukrainian Women Like in Men More than Anything Else

Why women are immediately attracted to some men and do not pay attention to other? It is natural for women to pick strong guys so that they can take care of the family. However, with the development of our society, a few more merits were added to the list. We will go through 20 most popular merits, Ukrainian women voted for. So, let’s consider what Ukrainian women value most in men.

Ukrainian Women Like in Men


  • Fidelity (84%)

Fidelity is what Ukrainian women find really sexy about men. The tendency of women to devotion is pretty natural. That is why it is significant for you to learn to commit yourself to your choice. Thus, your Ukrainian woman will see a real man in you. If you want to date a Ukrainian girl, prove your fidelity with actions but do not forget about words, as well. Say you beloved girl that you won’t let her go anywhere, ever.

  • Reliability (75%)

Ukrainian ladies tend to look for a reliable man, who will fulfill his promises and is able to accomplish his plans. Being liable, even if it means just to keep in mind small things, - is a good sign, telling about you ability to do big things.

  • Kindness (67%)

While young Ukrainian girls may fall for bad guys, mature Ukrainian women are fond of kind men. The kindness is what makes them feel sure about their choice. In other words, if you are fine with giving a hand to a stranger, or just someone except your lady, this is really telling. Your Ukrainian woman will 100% note that you are warm-hearted in any circumstances.

  • Honesty (66%)

If you are courageous enough to be honest with your woman, it tells that you are also able to be a good, caring partner in decent relationships. Avoid lying to Ukrainian women for marriage. A small lie may result in a huge distrust. It will be really difficult to win her trust after you lied once. Just think, why you need to lie in the first place?

  • Sense of humor (77%)

Ukrainian women believe that the ability to laugh at sorrows is a must-have merit for men. Consider it as a great advantage if you can make you Ukrainian girl smile. Women tend to believe that those who are able to laugh at life sorrows are going through stuff easier. If a man knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere, the Ukrainian girl will feel safe and comfortable for marriage with the one.

  • The ability to listen (53%)

It is significant to support your Ukrainian woman. She won’t feel safe and comfortable unless you put your work aside and listen to her. Hearing her out may not only serve you as a great advantage but also help to build strong and happy relationships with a beautiful Ukrainian lady.

  • Neatness VS Muscles (13%)

The hint is to pay more attention to your reflection in the mirror in the bathroom than in a gym. Ukrainian brides online will appreciate your smooth and shaved face much more than your perfect body and the size of your muscles.


It is important to feel the happy medium here if you want to date a Ukrainian woman. A Ukrainian woman won’t take you seriously unless you are honest and sincere with her. That is why there is no sense to show off and try really hard to may her pay attention to your merits. The thing is – she will note all you good and bad sides in a natural way for her. You may not see it but she is likely to estimate you all the time.

Besides, Ukrainian women have a developed sixth sense, so don’t think that all the good things you do are useless, because she can’t see it. Not even close! I bet, she will feel all the changes and will appreciate the gesture. Be honest with yourself in the first place.

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