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Dating a Russian Girl: Rules & Tips

Acquaintance with a girl determines the whole further tone of communication and, in general, the possibility of developing romantic relationships. Many guys don’t know how to get acquainted with Russian girls in such a way that the conversation grows to further meetings and dates. They just stop making even the slightest attempt to make acquaintances after several unsuccessful trials. This article will help you understand how to behave with Russian girls in order to make meetings easy and pleasant.

Dating in Russia: basics that you need to know Foreign men were always interested in the question of how to get acquainted with Russian girls so that they immediately like them. How do Russian men manage to get these beautiful girls? What are their secrets?

dating a Russian girl

Russian dating rules look like this:

1. Men look after themselves

First of all, you should understand that when you meet a girl, a certain picture appears in her head, the idea of you as a man. Therefore, if you want to find Russian for dating, it is worthwhile to think about your appearance and how you talk.

2. Men flirt from the first seconds

Thus, you show your intentions and your character in general. You should follow this rule even in online Russian dating.

3. Men approach girls solely for the sake of talking

It will instantly increase your chances. Speak with her confidently and whenever possible at ease as if you are communicating with your good friend or even a close friend. Try not to worry and not to think about something that may happen between you and this girl, like you don’t look for Russian women for dating, just for spending time fun.

4. Men introduce themselves

Try to ask more questions than to talk about yourself. Find out what she does, what she likes or, conversely, what she doesn’t like. Pay attention to her outfit, accessories, etc. Do compliments, but don’t praise her too much. It may make a false impression. If she asks you questions, try to answer truthfully. Try to keep the conversation with your chosen one interesting.

5. Men keep eye contact

But don’t stare at a girl and always smile during a conversation. She may think that you are crazy.

6. Men pay attention to the signals that girls give them

If a girl starts to smile and keeps or reduces the distance between you, lightly touch her arm or shoulder.

This is how Russian dating traditions look like. If you do everything right and want to continue to communicate with a girl, you can ask a phone number or ask her for a date.

Russian girls datingWhy do Russian girls refuse to get acquainted? Not many of the guys can boast that they managed to get acquainted with a Russian girl on the street. Shy men are embarrassed or afraid to even come close to the subjects of their desires. Meanwhile, girls are increasingly disappointed in guys and just don’t want to get acquainted. As a rule, girls refuse to meet for several reasons:

  • They are married or have boyfriends. Even if a young lady doesn’t have a ring on her ring finger, she may have a boyfriend or even a husband. It is better not to impose if she says that she is not alone, especially if she waits for her second half.
  • They just don’t like you. Yes, it may happen. Not all girls love with their ears. If a guy is dressed bad and smells bad, it is unlikely that a girl will want to talk with him. Some Russian ladies tend to overstate the requirements for men — if you don’t have a Mercedes or you don’t wear a coat from Cavalli, a girl will not appreciate even your sincere smile.
  • Men chose the wrong manner of communication. A woman may don’t like the manner of communicating with her. Stupid phrases rather make her go away from you but certainly not to get acquainted. Ladies, who are experienced in communicating with a strong gender, don’t like questions like "How to get to the library?" Hearing such phrases, many of the girls will not even look at your direction or will just answer "I don’t know" and will pass you by.

In such cases, either a long experience or small tips on how to get acquainted and how to find Russian girls for dating will help. We will talk about below.

Dating a Russian girl: how not to screw it up

Look at Russian dating traditions in order not to fail:

Let a girl feel her peculiarity

She is so good that you are unable to resist not to get acquainted. So, dating a Russian girl, begin with such words: "I don’t know why but I become breathless. Usually, it doesn’t happen to me. I don’t get acquainted like that but you are an exception." The main thing is that you should be a bit confused as well as sincere. Show that you didn’t have that acquaintance in plans, but couldn’t resist seeing her. You succumbed to some unknown force that had carried you away. Even if this looks strange and stupid, you don’t care. The main thing is not to miss the opportunity to get to know her.

Be yourself

If you are a shy guy, show yourself as a shy person. If you are an extrovert who loves to talk, don’t hide this trait. The essence of this advice is to show a girl your true nature. Show that you don’t complex because of this or that character trait, but you feel quite comfortable. In other words, you respect and love yourself. If you hate yourself, then, automatically, you will feel a feeling of hatred towards others, consciously or unconsciously. If a girl doesn’t like such a type of guy, then you shouldn’t focus on the relationship with her. It is better to look for another variant in order to avoid disappointment afterward. Stop being afraid of faults or mistakes while dating a Russian woman.

Think about girl’s feelings

Dating a Russian girl, help a lady feel comfortable. For example, you can say a sincere compliment that a certain style of clothes or a new haircut especially suits her. But don’t overdo with compliments because it may look like flattery. Girls know well that there is no sincerity of feelings in such words. So there is no trust. This also concerns online dating. If you look for Russian girls online, you also should write sincere words and compliments.

online Russian datingOffer your help

Women like it when a man can offer his help. For example, give her your phone if she asks for it or help her buy some kind of equipment, etc. Such an acquaintance tells a girl that a guy is ready for self-sacrifice for her own good. Who of the ladies will not like such a kind of attention when her interests are placed above the man’s own benefit?

Get sex out of your head

This is one of the most important Russian dating rules. There is nothing worse for Russian girls than men’s eyes, behavior, and hints that show only one desire — sex. Stop thinking only about sex and it may be easier for you to concentrate on the conversation and your thoughts. This will help show your sincere interest in communication or relationships. Remember, girls like it when they know that you listen to their speech attentively. So, show that you care about her opinion and are pleasant to talk with her.

Look closely before you get acquainted with the girls

Find a minute to analyze a girl for details. For example: look at the people who surround her, how she behaves with them. The girl's body language, clothes, appearance can tell a lot more than you think. This will help you outline an approximate plan for future behavior.

Act more decisively

Acquaintance with girls is like jumps into very cold water for the first time. If you think too much about the temperature of the water, you may never decide to jump into the water. But, as soon as you dip the water, it will no longer seem cold. The essence of this example is that you shouldn’t be too shy to get acquainted. The more you delay acquaintance, the more likely it is that it may not happen. Try to be more confident. Avoid thinking about the possible refusal of a girl in order to act more confidently and resolutely. Stop thinking about something that can never happen. Remember one female feature — Russian women are able to feel your insecurity and even your fear.

Use jokes

Laughter relieves stress. Laughter causes the release of endorphins — chemicals that contribute to a general sense of well-being. Therefore, take the opportunity to joke so that your communication arouses a sense of well-being. At the same time, avoid being a jester with stupid and shameless jokes. Believe me, normal girls hate this and quickly stop dating. Think whether it for fun to deal with the jester?

Remember about eye contact

Look into the girl's eyes when you talk to her. Thus, you show your interest in communicating with her, as well as your genuine interest.

Forget about alcohol

Believe me, the probability of your success will be significantly reduced if you come to a girl with the smell of alcohol. Alcohol will not help get acquainted with a girl for a serious relationship. Alcohol, perhaps, will give the illusion of emancipation or even courage, but it will definitely push a woman away from you.

What to say to a Russian girl?

When fear is defeated and you dare to approach a particular girl, most importantly, choose the right words to attract her attention. It is important not to use time-honored words and phrases, it is better to think up something new and original.

For a beginner, who is embarrassed to approach a girl, it will be better to start a conversation with a compliment, for example: “Girl! It was you who participated in the contest "Miss Russia". I think you won the first place” Such a compliment will please any girl and increase your chances so that she will want to continue communication.

woman-flirting The most unbeatable option at the first meeting is to make a girl laugh. For example: "Girl, you can you believe that my navigator showed me a way to you?” or "Girl, I forgot what your name is? Don’t you remind me?"

You can come up with other variants using your imagination and your wit. But you can apply ready-made constructions popular among men:

  • "Dear girl! Don’t you have a lifeline? I'm just drowning in your eyes. "
  • "This is my first time in this city. Don’t you tell me where you live? "
  • "You are so beautiful that I just can’t pass by and keep silent."
  • "Don’t you remember me? I used to live near you."
  • "Girl, I can’t find my phone! Could you call me? "
  • Come to a girl and say: "Exactly! I recognized you. You are the most beautiful girl in this city! "

Sum up

It is important to remember that it is not enough to know how to get to know a girl. Be sure to practice, approach a woman you like, be persistent and don’t be afraid of failure. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in acquaintance. The second meeting depends on you. If you understand that a particular girl is really interesting to you, then you can ask a girl to exchange phones for the second meeting. If a girl is not interesting to you as a person, then say goodbye to her politely and thank her for the time she spent on you.

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