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How to Tell If She Is the One

Women. You cannot live without them, but you cannot live with them either. We rarely think deeply about life and the nature of our feelings in our daily lives and routine, but it is unavoidable in the context of choosing a life partner. Think about it, you are in deep trouble. How is it possible that we cannot live with and without them at the same time?! Fortunately, there is a way out, you can find your soulmate and live a long and happy life with her. The main trick in understanding life is the understanding of who exactly is by your side, whether it is just another woman or “the one.” Is she the keeper of your personal happiness or just yet another woman in your life?!

There are no comrades when it comes to taste and color, each man has his own preferences and desires in choosing women. In this article, you will find several basic signs that you have found the one. Be careful. Let’s first figure out the ways to tell she is the one.

ways to tell she is the one

How to Know If She Is the One

You can consider me an old-fashioned or a terribly conservative person, but I believe that every man should have only one woman in his life to which he will be engaged. It is debatable whether I am right or not, but, I believe, this approach allows me to define the main things a woman should possess to become the one. Here are some tips to make it easier for you to understand that the woman who you are dating right now is the only woman.

1. You trust each other

How to tell if she is the one? The issue of trust is fundamental in every way. It is very important to realize that between two lovers there is a fragile, but indestructible concept such as “trust.” Especially between two people who are so close and admire each other.

When one person loses another's confidence, then a feeling of pain cannot be avoided. The more one lover trusts another, the more they care for their partner, the more painful and worse their pain will be after an eventual breakup or a betrayal. Such pain leaves scars in the soul that cannot be cured by anything. They hurt forever. If you have found a woman whom you can trust unconditionally, moreover, a woman who, in your opinion, can never betray you, then you have found the one. If you don’t trust your woman, then you should reconsider whether or not you want to continue such a relationship, maybe you should find some women on women dating sites. Fortunately enough, it is quite easy to find single women online nowadays.

signs she is the one2. Her presence in your life is your strength and inspiration, not negative influence and frustration

This is something that I did not understand earlier that came over the years and took a lot of time and energy to realize. Honestly, this came to me recently. When you are in love, it is very difficult for you to understand how your chosen one really affects your life. Love blinds, it makes it impossible to think rationally, it is almost impossible to see the negative influence of your partner on your life.

There are probably people in your life who always support you, constructively criticize your actions and help you perceive life and learn from your mistakes. If your woman negatively affects your life, then it's time to break off this relationship. It will bring you only pain and frustration. Thus, if you want to figure out whether she is the one or not, then you need to figure out whether her presence makes you stronger.

3. She makes you better

How do you know if she is the one? Imagine that you were lucky to live up to 80, that is exactly 29.000 days. I mean, exactly 29.000 days you need to wake up every morning and look for the strength to live and do good deeds. It is very difficult to find a person who will motivate you every day, in general, it is very difficult to find the right path of motivation, specifically for yourself.

But your soulmate should motivate you daily. Find such a woman, and you can feel the difference between the realization of your dreams and constant failures. The ideal woman will inspire you to find yourself in this life and make your life better. And she will do it in both active and passive ways. The main gift of a beloved woman for a man is that she is the reason for him to become better.

4. Sex with her is very... very good

This is already a certain level of chemistry, which, in my opinion, is impossible to create by itself. I really never understood those couples who abstain from intimacy before engagement. If sex is as bad as a moral concept, then why should they do it after the wedding? And if making love with your soulmate does not bring you joy, what if you are not compatible in bed? What then? Some people claim that they are not particularly worried about sex, supposedly it does not play a huge role for them. But this is a very unhealthy opinion, as we, humans, need physical manifestations of love to make us feel happy and complete.

5. You have common goals

What does she want to do in life? What are her goals in life? Her dreams, desires? Her needs? It is very difficult to imagine you having a bad time with each other, but it may turn out that your views on life are fundamentally incompatible. It is unbearable to live with a person when your paths in life are parallel to each other from the very beginning. When she is the one – you will feel like you have common goals and desires in life.

Main Signs She Is the One

Here are the main signs she is the one, the woman that will make your life complete. And while the reality is very unpredictable and doesn’t always apply to our logic, but the following signs will give you an idea of what to look out for in a woman.

You always improve for her

How to know if she is the one? Her love makes you want to become better, her love makes you feel more self-confident, and it, thus, makes you more successful in life. If it wasn’t there before, now you feel like you are capable of doing everything in this life, you are finally able to achieve the goals that you dreamed of for all this time.

She is your best friend

How can you tell she is the one? Friendship is the core of each and every relationship, and if you don’t really trust your partner, you can’t just have fun by their side – this is not a relationship that has any meaningful future. Friendship is a difficult thing to define, but, in general, a friend is a person that will always have your back no matter what, it is a person that will always be there to help you out with a piece of advice or with anything else that they are capable of.

how to know if she is the oneYou feel good with her

Your life with her is much better than life without her. The woman you should ally yourself with should bring something good into your life, and not just take everything from it. But again, it’s hard to see the difference when you are in love, but you need to learn. When you fall in love, it is hard to realize whether or not you need that woman, but perhaps, in fact, you would be better off without her. Take a deep breath, stop and think whether your life is better and worse with your partner by your side?!

Together you feel safe

How to tell she is the one? While you can be friends, have a great time together, have plenty of sex, and be motivated to improve every day, you may not feel safe for one reason or another, maybe your partner is just a very unpredictable person, maybe you cannot really rely on them when you need their help. All of these things matter, and it is important to feel safe by your partner’s side.

What Can Cause Trouble?

But are there any things that can cause trouble in the process of finding the one? Whether she is already by your side and you just want to make it clearer for yourself, or you are not even dating someone right now, remember the potential danger of the following things. Here are the things you should be wary of if she is the one.


Rushing a relationship forward can really make it hard for a woman to make up her mind, it can make it hard for her to think over her feelings. Also, rushing a relationship forward may scare away a girl hard, and you won’t leave a positive impression on her with your desire to control her only after a few weeks or months of dating.

Social pressure

Think over whether or not your friends will have any negative impact on your feelings. Maybe her parents won’t support your relationship, maybe they will even try to ruin it in the first place. You have to talk about it, you have to discuss all the potentially problematic people to figure out whether or not you should tell them about your relationship at all.

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