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What Should I Do If All the Girls Are Rejecting Me?

It is not so easy to interest a girl, especially in our time when women have become self-sufficient individuals who don’t need men. But still, some guys can get any girl and don’t understand what needs to be done to attract the attention of a beauty. “What is the problem? Why do girls reject me?” – They ask themselves and find no answer. And everything is very simple, you just need to change something in yourself and know the little secrets that will allow you to be popular among women.

how to handle rejection from a girl

You’re Getting Rejected by a Girl, But It’s Not Your Fault

Before talking about the qualities of a man and how to get a girl, you need to determine the objective reasons why girls refuse to get acquainted. In other words, even if you are really handsome, a girl will still reject you because the reason is in the following.

She is already in a happy relationship

It may be almost impossible to conquer such a girl even if you visit single women sites and think that women there don’t have men. Maybe they do it just out of the fun. A woman’s feelings for some man will be a very serious problem for you. It all depends on the nature of the relationship. If a guy treats her badly, then you have every chance to change the situation in your favor. But if she is deeply in love, then even friendly, non-binding communication will not work here.

You’re totally not her type

Why do I keep getting rejected? Maybe she just doesn’t like you. If you are small, have blond hair, and green eyes while she likes tall men with brown hair and blue eyes, then most likely, she will say that you can’t be together. You can be a great and interesting man, but it’s not always enough. But anyway, you have to understand that the reason is not in you. Don’t get too upset about it. All of us really have different tastes and preferences. So, it is necessary to be yourself, and you will find a good girl sometime later.

She’s just broken up with someone

She has recently broken up with a guy, and this was given hard. After a long time of lack of freedom, she will want to live alone at least for some time. Yes, is not so simple to forget the old relationship. All of us experience emotions, and some individuals also hope to regain what they've lost. Likely, there is still some love for her ex-partner, especially if the breakup occurred on his initiative, and she felt deep emotions for him.

You remind her of some painful experience

There is experience behind her, and, alas, negative. Whether it was a cheating guy or a dumb guy in her past, he disappointed her or, even worse, broke her heart, but the feelings still remained for that ex-lucky guy. At the same time, not all girls will openly tell you about the past negative experience. But remember that a deceived girl, one way or another, will subconsciously wait for a dirty trick from a new guy, so don’t be offended by her mistrust.

Why Are You Getting Rejected by a Girl?

All people are different, each of us has own ideas about a suitable partner and an ideal relationship. You know that a woman is ready to build a relationship, but you have a question, "Why doesn’t she want a relationship with me because I do everything for this?" Alas, the reason may be in you.

getting rejected by a girlYou are very clingy

One girl got acquainted with a guy. They chatted on social networks for several weeks. It was very sweet, romantic, and there was an interest in each other. After they exchanged phone numbers, something terrible happened. The guy began to call very often, check the girl and imagined that they have already had a relationship. But one day everything ended. She stopped that communication. Now he says, "Girls always reject me," and he doesn’t understand why. Constant messages and calls – this is not what you need to do when you want to interest a girl. It is important to pay enough attention but not to be clingy.

Your approaches are very banal

One woman will like when a man comes up, put his hand on her shoulder and say, “Hi, baby,” the other will consider it inappropriate, and even if you are nice to her, she will reject you. So, to find the right approach, especially if you want to date women online, realistically evaluate them: their social status, education, etc. Things that are good with one don’t work with another.

You are too shy

The problem is that you are rejected by every girl because you are too shy. And such guys don’t have the so-called high self-esteem. They can’t do anything. They prefer to stand aside rather than occupy a central place. Shy guys have soft hearts and succumb in any issue to avoid conflict. Even if someone insults them, they will pretend as if they don’t hear it, although, in fact, they are exploding from the anger inside. Although they tell everyone that a fight can’t solve anything, in reality, such guys are just weaklings. Alas, shy men are not capable of conquering women.

You are too nice

Such a guy gets rejected too. Why? A too nice guy is too polite and considerate. He will not persistently ring the doorbell if a girl doesn’t open it; he will leave and wait for the next opportunity. The bad guy, on the contrary, will do his best to get her. Nice guys don’t know how to make decisions on their own and have the habit of shifting responsibility to someone else. Bad guys are firm in their decisions. They never hide behind someone else’s back. On a subconscious level, girls look for a defender in a man. Good guys have a problem with this, which can’t be said about their opposites.

You are a negative person

Getting rejected by a woman, change your behavior. A negative man can’t perceive a woman’s emotions and feelings. He can’t rejoice, laugh, and worry with a woman. And this means that he is not able to share life with her, give her love, joy, and warmth. As a rule, such a man is very detached. His emotional connections with others are broken. Such a man often lacks a sense of humor. A rare woman can tolerate such a trait of a masculine character because this deprives her of all the colors of life.

You look unattractive

Male appearance is crucial for women. They are turning their attention to this, so a man with an unkempt look can’t count on popularity among women. Dirt under nails, greasy hair, an unpleasant smell from the mouth and soiled shoes are a sure way to the loneliness of a man. Yes, you shouldn’t have an excellent appearance in everything, but well-groomed men attract women much more.

How to Handle Rejection from a Girl?

Guys who constantly get acquainted with girls and regularly go on dates face rejections. It is impossible to be attractive to all the girls. There will always be those who try to reject and sometimes even humiliate. In a love relationship, we want everything to be like in a fairy tale: you approach a beauty, offer to get acquainted, and she agrees. However, in life, everything is much sadder and more complicated. Girls often reject, and it can break a guy's heart, especially if he is not self-confident and has low self-esteem. So, how to deal with rejection from a girl?

Be patient

It’s hard to wait especially when the prospects are not clear. Getting rejected by a girl, let the situation develop gradually, don’t go ahead. If a woman says that she is not ready for a serious and permanent relationship, offer her a meeting for a pleasant pastime. Let her think that she doesn’t owe you anything. You just want to get to know her better. Be unobtrusive and wait for a response. Over time, your meetings will become permanent or completely cease. In any case, this is a chance to get to know each other better before trying to build a serious relationship.

Think positively

It is not so easy when you are rejected, but you can tell yourself that this is probably for the best. Fate leads us to where we will feel better. The universe will always help you find your happiness, so that positive thinking can save you. You can even skip all the other steps if you learn to look at everything with irony and wisdom. When parents or friends tell you that this person is not worth you, then it is so. You can be upset and even need help in some situations, but you shouldn’t let your life go downhill due to failures and constantly think, “Why this girl rejected me.” Continue your search for love. Never give up. Don’t get depressed if you are rejected.

Take it easy

You have already experienced a lot. It seems that everything is behind. But here the production of stress hormones reaches a peak, the body spends serotonin at a frantic speed, and your brain stops its synthesis so as not to drain you to death. You’ve become irritable, now almost anything can get you crazy. Awareness of the reasons why you are angry will make you more rational. Direct your anger at something that infuriated you in your situation. But just don’t become a prisoner of your anger. Let off emotions and calm down – beat off the punching bag or do something else.

girls always reject meDon’t make significant decisions

Focus on the positive side of failure. If you face the truth, it can’t be said that there is no silver lining. Take rejection as an opportunity for something good that you couldn’t imagine. During a period of depression, important decisions that can radically change lives (moving to another city, changing jobs, etc.) can’t be made. An unstable emotional state will not allow a sober assessment of the consequences of such a decision. To restore “sobriety of the mind” and get out of depression, it is better to let small joys into your life. Such seemingly useless actions help cope with various kinds of depression.

Forget about revenge

Revenge is a cold dish. Now imagine what will happen you when you are obsessed with the idea of harming your opponent for long days and nights? You simply kill your mental health and gain a lot of problems. And these are not jokes at all, but facts proved by science. But how to deal with rejection from a crush? Just put up with the thought that your relationship is over. Nothing lasts forever. You just need to forgive and let go of this person to be able to move on. Don’t turn into a neurotic. Don’t pursue a person. In this way, you will look bad and once again confirm and demonstrate that you are vulnerable to the slightest failure.

Spend time alone

How to handle rejection from a girl? In such a stressful situation, psychologists recommend taking care of your balance. You need to come to your senses. So, first of all, don’t visit noisy parties. This is not the best idea in this case. Learn to have fun just like that, without other people. Go to the park, go to the supermarket, go shopping, go to the water park or the zoo. This will help you get a little distracted from your usual surroundings (after all, some people may remind you of what happened) and relieve stress.

Understand what bothers you

So, some time has passed, but you are still depressed? Then it’s time to sort out your thoughts and feelings. All this time, you tried not to think about what happened. You are simply afraid to admit something to yourself. You need to relax and instead of driving away thoughts about what's happened, on the contrary, reproduce everything to the smallest detail. Your goal is to understand the source of your anxieties and feelings. Are you get angry with yourself and feel remorse for what has happened? In any case, no matter how difficult it may be, try to find the answer. This is your main path to healing.

You Become Stronger with Rejections

Ability to overcome circumstances testifies to courage, discipline, and strength. The greatest people have suffered defeats thousands of times in their lives. They asked the right questions and were persisted, while weak people complained about their fate and told themselves how unhappy they were.

Love yourself. Think of yourself. Talk to yourself as if you were talking to the best friend who has the same problems and obstacles in their way. Put your hand on your heart and admit to yourself: yes, it’s not easy for me now. Remember that we all have flaws and make mistakes. It is just a part of a human being. And even if you are rejected by a girl, remember that obstacles help us grow and become stronger.

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