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Younger Women Dating: Tips for Older Men

Let’s imagine what a relationship with your peer may look like? She is already an adult woman, most often, self-sufficient. She has had ups and downs in her personal life, therefore, it is not worth talking about the naivety that is inherent in an 18-year-old girl. She thinks with her head, not with her heart. She doesn’t trust you 100% and doesn’t plunge headlong into relationships. When young women seeking men who are older, people don’t understand what an older men younger women relationship may look like. Most likely, this is a beautiful student who goes to the clubs on weekends. Or in her free time, she is engaged in dancing or other interesting hobbies. He, as a rule, is a homebody. Or the man works a lot so that he doesn’t even have time to go to the bar with friends. So, what can unite such different people?

older man younger woman relationship

What Kinds of Older Men Do Younger Women Like?

There are various situations in life where it is not clear why girls choose these or those guys. It seems that outwardly unattractive man can’t deserve love, or a young man with a low intellect can’t interest a girl, but life shows the opposite and, as a result, men rack their brains in trying to understand what kind of men young girls like. So, read out dating tips and become a man of all the girls’ dreams.


They like well-read men who are familiar with both classical and modern literature. We advise you to self-develop and purchase several books. They will expand your horizons. And then, if a good young woman meets along the way, she will not care what appearance the chosen one has, but she will be interested in his rich inner world. Dating an older man, a girl proudly shows such an intelligent person to relatives and friends. She feels interesting with him because there is something to talk about. So, try to be a diverse personality, it is now relevant.


If you are wondering what type of men young women like, then, first of all, they are attracted to self-sufficient persons who have their own opinions on each question. Why are women looking for older men? It is because they like those gentlemen who don’t adapt to public opinion, choose their path everywhere and always. Strong and confident men choose life partners to their liking, while weak men adjust for those who have already chosen them. Girls appreciate self-confident men who have a strong character. And they are responsible for all their words and deeds. A determined and confident man can conquer any female heart.

older men dating younger womenResponsible

The beautiful half of humanity, most often, pays attention to caring, responsible, initiative guys who are ready to patronize a girl. Proactive and decisive, he takes full responsibility, makes all the choices and leads relationships. This is the person next to whom the girl is comfortable. Dating older men, women know that they can solve all the problems. Such a man controls the chosen one, and she is not embarrassed by the fact that she needs to ask permission for almost everything.


Women seeking older men want them to be healthy. This criterion is laid down on an instinctive level. Only with a healthy man, a woman will give the same healthy offspring. Therefore, she will appreciate a man by his appearance, condition of the skin, hair, nails, teeth, psycho-emotional background, etc. Also, many women prefer guys who play sports. The desire to win and keep fit is the main reason why girls choose these men. So, a big beer belly, sagging arm muscles, weak legs are not good. Love your body and take care of your health and appearance.

Fit and handsome

Yes, girls love with their eyes. As was noted previously, they like athletic guys. The torso and strong arms are the sexiest parts of the male body. At a subconscious level, a girl forms an image of a strong man, and this image is very attractive. Moreover, sports secretes the right hormone testosterone and makes you more courageous, both physically and psychologically. Girls don’t like men who look worse than them.

Financially reliable

Answering the question about what kind of guys girls love, we can safely say – financially secured. It is wealth and a good financial position that attract many women. With such a man, it’s not scary to go hand in hand and build a family. He is a leader in life. He always takes care of all family cares and never draws his beloved into his problems. Unfortunately, there are very few such men who have learned to earn big money on their own.

Difficulties of Dating Younger Women

You like a lot of young women, almost all of them are beautiful, cute and charming. Girls throughout history have chosen older partners as they were wiser, they knew how to please a lady, took care of them and understood female psychology. But who to choose from surrounding girlfriends, based only on age? And what difficulties can men have in an older man younger woman relationship?

Your younger competitors

If a mature man wants to have a relationship with a young girl, then after starting dating her, he should know that he will face many difficulties, such as, for example, competition from her peers and others. Around the young girl, young guys will constantly spin. They certainly understand them better. Moreover, the girl herself can’t limit herself in communicating with other guys. You can never be 100% sure that your girlfriend will not change her mind and will not decide to start a relationship with any other guy or simply not regret that she is involved in a relationship with you.

Her demands

The dream of many young girls is to receive a million dollars from fate and achieve a carefree life. Women are tired of working. Most of them simply don’t know how to manage the money so that it is enough for a month for all the necessary needs. Young girls understand that they can find their princes who will enrich their life with material wealth. If you are not rich, then your chances of keeping a young girl for a long time are small. As soon as she finds out that you don’t want to fulfill her demands, she will immediately break up with you.

Her inexperience

The idea of younger women dating older men can be very interesting. This applies to both intimate and everyday lives. The young woman is interested in her hobbies, spending time at night clubs, and it is unlikely that she wants to go to work or do something really useful. Also, unlike an adult mature woman, she has little experience in sex and can sometimes seem inept. However, some men believe that this may even be a plus.

women looking for older menDifferent needs

In an older guy younger woman couple, a man is often serious. The man knows what he wants from life, and clearly painted his plans for the future. The woman, perhaps, has not yet decided. And then the couple may face different views and goals. In other words, the man can already be ready for a family and clearly understands this. And the woman still wants to enjoy freedom. The education of different generations always has its characteristics. This can affect the relationships of partners who have grown at different times. Don’t rely on reciprocity and understanding in outlooks on life.

Things to Avoid in Older Guy Younger Woman Relationship

We have advice for those who decide to build a happy personal life with a young girl: what should you avoid dating younger women?

Teaching her how to live

If a girl is 13-15 years younger than a man, then their views on life can be very different. Older men dating younger women want to relate to them from a height of their age and teach them something because they are wiser. It’s good, but you have to teach and instruct her gently and unobtrusively. Don’t be her daddy who always limits, edifies, and criticizes her. No one will like it. Continue to be a man who needs a woman. Just relax. Educating and teaching is parental care.

Jealousy to her friends

In older men younger women relationships, jealousy is a common thing. Your woman is young and beautiful, but you must be wise and experienced. Jealous is about those who are weak. Jealous is about those who don’t know how to keep a girl. You are a mature man, so you already have experience in how to make a girl love only you. Don’t be afraid to lose relationships with her. Don’t be jealous of a girl for something that doesn’t exist. Communicate with her and develop relationships.

Controlling her

You can talk about mutual trust as much as you like but the desire to find out where she was, who she met, what the unknown number in her phone was, could be beyond your strength. Whatever you do, know that she will be next to you as long as she wants – you can’t keep a woman against her will, and do you need a partner who will look for a way to escape from your life?

Mature men often visit younger woman older man dating sites and choose young girls as partners to solve some of their problems: eliminate the lack of sex, have an obedient wife, recall the youth, etc. You will be able to solve your problem but, at the same time, you will encounter other difficulties. You have to understand that a young girl is naive, emotional, and impulsive. And this means that any little thing can offend her and displease you.

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