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10 Tips on How to Get a Girl Out of Your League

Dear men, if you want to succeed, then you have to understand a simple thing - everything has its price. If you want to get something valuable, then you should offer something valuable in return. Therefore, there are no inaccessible women in the world but different levels of access. In fact, when beholding inaccessible girls, guys are afraid that they cannot afford such a girl. The goal has a way too high price. If you start dating a girl out of your league, that's what awaits you: paying bills in expensive cafes, choosing a higher class hotel, expensive activities, expensive living space, paying her tanning beds, manicures, spas, fitness rooms and so on. This is the value of women. Her appearance means a lot to her, so she definitely spends much money on clothes, cosmetics, creams, manicures, jewelry.

how to date a girl out of your league

But we are where we are, no one likes ugly women. You intuitively feel all these upcoming expenses and you are simply afraid not being up to this. She has beauty, sexy underwear, and what about you? What will she get in return? Can she brag about you in front of her friends? Would her ex-boyfriend be jealous? So, here you shouldn’t deceive yourself but remain sober when evaluating your capabilities.

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It happened historically that it is you who are the stronger sex, you are the pioneers, the leading, the courageous, the directing, the giving, therefore the initiative in relationships should come from you. Forget all that nonsense about the emancipation and equality of the sexes they write so much about on the forums - the woman was, remains and will be the wingman, in spite of any regalia and achievements, only because the Lord created us this way. And if you want to be successful and a real man, all that is required of you is to make your woman happy.

Although the magic spell that would make someone fall in love with you hasn’t been invented yet, there are some things you can do to tip the scales in your direction. If you feel that you are falling in love with a woman out of your league, read our tips and instructions.

She is out of your league - what does it mean

The "out of your league" part can relate to absolutely different things. It simply means that at first glance you are no match for each other. Obviously, you are very different people, both externally and internally. This applies to the interests and to the circle of communication, social status, habits, hobbies, as well as such things as mentality and family traditions. For example, if you are a nerd and a girl is a party regular, then she is clearly out of your league. Besides, if a girl’s from high society, and you are an ordinary guy, then it will be very difficult to get her. If your professions are very different (for example, you are a doctor and a girl is a fashion model), then building a relationship will also be difficult. Anyway, there is no need to despair, because everything is possible for a person who wants something and strives for it very much.

To get a girl out of your league is much harder than the one that suits you in all respects and will love you for who you are. But achieving every high goal is a painstaking operation. But first, let's take a closer look at what a girl out of your league actually means. In fact, every man should be able to evaluate himself soberly when meeting a girl, but still, there are some guys who do not fully understand what means dating a girl out of your league. So, here are some out of your league girl’s signs.

she's out of your league1. Independence is her trait

For the realization of her goals, the man is not much needed, she can achieve everything herself. The focus of her attention is fully on her own career or business, or appearance, and a man for her is only a way to satisfy the physiological needs. But if you met such a young lady at the stage of her life when she decided to start a family, and earn more than she does, then perhaps you will form a harmonious union. In any case, it is obvious that such a woman has very high standards, she knows her value and will not waste her time on the first comer.

2. The “out of league” women are usually successful and hence rich

A successful woman as a beacon exudes confidence, both in her own forces and in other people. Her confidence indicator is not words or affirmations, but calmness and confidence in a gaze. There are people who are looking for happiness, blessings, material evidence that they can afford something. And there are others who feel this wealth inside themselves. And every day they think about how they can give happiness to others, share what they have and know. These people usually have a lot of mates, but very few friends. They do not trust the words but look at the deeds, so this girl will obviously be hard to win.

3. If a girl is out of your league, you are most likely like chalk and cheese

Your interests, topics for conversation, hobbies, social circle are completely different. Probably, you belong to different sectors of society. Your life rhythms are different and you definitely spend your free time in different ways. Therefore, if you are going to win such a girl, be ready to change your lifestyle and get used to the entertainment that she loves, even if you don’t like it yourself. These girls are also used to large companies, so you will have to meet with her friends and be approved by them.

4. If the matter is not social status but the difference of character and lifestyle, then you need to understand that people can have opposite values

We must either be ready to accept them or try to change the ones of another person. In any case, despite the fact that opposites attract, you will not be able to live long and happily being completely different people. This doesn’t mean that such a relationship cannot exist or is doomed, but you will have to go through some difficulties. But if a girl is really worth pursuing her, then be patient and get ready to change your habits.

5. Different mentality or religion can also become a stumbling block in a relationship

If a girl’s of a different nationality and the choice of a life partner matters to her family, then this is perhaps the most difficult to stand sign among others. Traditions, customs, faith, and family values are not easy to change or go against. Because of this, many couples in which partners belong to different nationalities, struggle to build harmonious relations with relatives who may be against such a union. Therefore, you choose whether it’s worth dating a girl out of your league or not.

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How to attract a girl out of your league

Even if she’s out of your league, she’s exactly the same woman as everyone else, just doesn't like you yet. Don’t worry, it's fixable. As we said above, in order to please a virtually unreachable girl, you need to become such a man who will entice her. From our point of view, it’s foolish to completely change yourself when getting a girl out of your league, because you can remain yourself and have dozens and hundreds of other girls. But if you decided that it’s really needed, then you shall figure out how to get a girl that’s out of your league.

It may take a long time to get an inaccessible girl. Often guys don’t get attention in the process of their changes, so they find another woman who likes them as they are. In any case, both the first and second result is worth to begin to change, and now we will talk about how to get a girl to date you, even the one who is very hard to persuade.

1. So if you decide to conquer an inaccessible girl, you will have to change yourself

And not in the way to fit her fantasy about the perfect guy which is often unreal and delusional, but in general. That is, you need to become a more interesting man most girls would like, and her in particular. Ideally, you become interesting as a person, adjusted for her personal fantasies. For example, if a girl is a notorious rocker, and you are a nerd, you can become an interesting man if you add something rockerish to your appearance, but this change should look natural in her eyes. Although, doing this is not obligatory. It is enough just to become an interesting man, then the girl herself can adjust to you to a certain extent if you do everything right. No one can guarantee that this will help you build a strong relationship with her since people of different worldviews don’t get along together easily, but at least you’ll be experienced in how to get a girl out of your league.

2. Remember that attractive women often lack respect

It seems that being a beautiful woman in the modern world is like winning the lottery, but often such women are not taken seriously. Guys are so used to seeing beauties on billboards and covers of glossy magazines that when they see one in real life, they often don’t bother to find out how smart, witty or kind she is; in fact, most men openly stare, release vulgar remarks, or even get handsy. Therefore, attractive women are often suspicious of any man. You should be interested in this woman as a person (her hopes, dreams, fears, ambitions, weirdness, favorite things, etc.) If all this stuff not interesting to you, then you are passionate about her for the wrong reasons.

how to get a girl to date you3. Take care of yourself

No self-respecting and self-sufficient woman wants to be with someone who can not meet their needs on their own; first of all, she will not replace you a mother, and secondly, she will not see any signs that you will ever be able to meet her needs. Clean up after yourself, be in shape, wash your things, cut off your toenails, learn how to cook one or two dishes. Although it sounds very prosaic, such simple things can simply MAGICALLY affect your relationship.

4. Do not be afraid to approach an attractive woman in public

Beautiful women are liked by many bothersome boyfriends and it usually scares the good guys off. Have the courage to approach her and maybe you will become a breath of fresh air to her. But there are a few things that should not be forgotten:

Do not approach a woman who clearly doesn’t want someone to approach her. You shouldn’t try to get acquainted with a woman in a bar or club. It’s hard to get those women with the help of fast cars, cheap haircuts, and old-fashioned rhymes; they usually don’t let their guard down and don’t want to be disturbed. Give yourself all the possible social benefits.

No need to try too hard. It spoils the impression the most. Experience shows that if you are disappointed, you are probably trying too hard; if she is disappointed, you are definitely trying too hard. Do not exclude friends from the number of possible romantic sympathies.

5. How to talk to a girl out of your league?

Turn your chatter into a real conversation. A conversation becomes the basis of human knowledge, because it holds attention, can make you laugh and spark interest. Only through a conversation, you can go to the next level (for example, ask for a phone number, invite to date, etc.), and every next good conversation will cause new dates. Somehow you have a chain of dates which means that you are dating. There are moments that should be avoided in conversation. For example, do not dwell on the serious topics of war, politics, religion, abortion, etc. Besides, don’t make too many compliments as you’ll look desperate and needy.

How to date a girl out of your league

It is not as difficult to win a girlfriend as to build a strong relationship and not part with her soon. It is clear that each girl loves romance, care, and attention, but the out-of-your-league girl is used to these things even more. Therefore, never stop after you started dating a girl you really wanted to get. Your relationship can grow into something serious only if your dates fit her desires. The main thing to remember is that girls hate lies, lazy men and those who lie on the couch for days. Be prepared for thinking about ideas for dates and gifts, choosing restaurants and memorizing important dates, such as the day you met, your first kiss or a joint trip somewhere, the name of her dog or best friend and other little things that mean a lot to girls. Try to find out about her favorite flowers and perfumes as soon as possible, so as not to give unnecessary gifts. And also remember the following:

1. Women are very controversial

On the one hand, they want tenderness, understanding, and romance, on the other hand, they dream of a strong man with sternly compressed lips and steel jaws. What they call romance and tenderness really means that they expect attentiveness from you. Not just attention but considerateness. This means remembering which flowers they like, which sort of tea or coffee they prefer, that they adore black chocolate with ginger, and what you were discussing the day before is extremely important. They do not need to cope with whether they were frozen during a walk in the park in winter. Better breathe on their palms, pull the big gloves on their hands and bring them to the coffee shop to warm up with tea.

2. Never talk about other women

Remember: never, not a word, not a sound about past relationships. God forbid to tell about where you were on vacation, how she lost weight and that she could not stand jazz. Girls don’t want to know anything about your ex, this does not concern them! It should be clear that the past is the past, you are grateful to the former woman for being in a new relationship today. If it happens that you have children from past relationships, of course, they will automatically attract conversations into your new life with the mention of a former woman. You may have a hard time between two fires, but you will win in the eyes of both women if you keep a balance and don’t discuss any of them in the presence of the other.

how to date a girl out of your league3. Treat a woman as you would like to be treated

Be polite, attentive and sincere. It sounds just like the rules of common sense, and, in fact, it is, but many people forget about it. So behaving with someone as an equal is a reliable strategy for creating a connection; at worst, it may turn out that she loves flattering, but so you just save yourself from all this trouble with her. Do not lie. If you need to lie to get something, it is not yours and it has never been yours. Women value honesty above all else. Remember that every deception will have to be remembered so that it will not surface over time. But don’t confuse honesty with tactlessness; don’t be rude.

4. Realize that the more attractive a girl is, the more different personalities cling to her

Most women hate men who try to show themselves as they think women want them to be - especially when they think that women are easily fooled. On the other hand, a sincere suitor always intrigues what is good for you! This is a great way to start a relationship, that's how beauty and the beast can be together. If you don’t have innate confidence and ease, at least have the courage to be yourself; somewhat nervous, but the distinctive male is more interesting than the boastful, but empty peacock.

5. Take responsibility

It's difficult. And you can ask about her part of the responsibility. That's right, both are responsible for the relationship. But the woman in the couple is the keeper, and the initiator is you and only you. What does this mean in practice? Perhaps now you will hear that most men don’t like to hear: taking responsibility means making your beloved an honest woman. Always keep calm. Girls never date those who’re constantly fussing and complaining because of nonsense. Find positive aspects of everything and do not let anyone humiliate you! And never behave like a moron with ANY of her friends.

A woman always chooses the one she is comfortable with and no matter how different you are. Behave like a real man, show that you are ready to do a lot for her, and your relationship will be strong and long. Don’t focus on your differences, pay attention to the things that unite you. You can always change something in yourself for the sake of a loved one, all you need is a true desire. Everyone has a chance to be happy. Don’t miss it because of uncertainty, doubts, and indecision.

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