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The Most Popular Ukrainian Wedding Traditions

If your intentions about a Ukrainian bride you met online are really serious, the spring is the best season to get married in Ukraine. This is the time, when everything is in blossom, including the feelings. Modern European and American traditions have become really popular recently in Ukraine. However, more and more couples decide to follow their native Ukrainian traditions. Ukrainian national clothes, an embroidered towel for ceremonies, match-makers – all these things are filled with the deep sense for reach Ukrainian.

Ukrainian Wedding Traditions


A few centuries ago elders were functioning as match-makers. The groom used to pick several respectable men so that the father of the bride let his daughter marry the guy.

Nowadays, elders are functioning as best men during the ceremony. If you want to marry a Ukrainian girl, you should be aware of the fact that, elders often become children’s godfathers afterward. They are the ones who hold the icons during the church wedding. By the way, they also bring the icons to the just-married couple new house.


The blessing from the parents takes place on the church wedding day. According to Ukrainian wedding traditions, the couple is standing on a ceremonial towel, while elders are holding the icons. Everything happens at home. The parent of the bride should bless the couple, wishing them a long, happy, wealthy and healthy life together. The parents are holding the ceremonial bread as a symbol of mutual and strong love of the spouses.

Dressing up

Another important stage of the wedding is when the bride is being dressed up. Bride’s girlfriends are there for here from the very morning. According to the tradition, they put special flowers into her hair, which symbolize kindness, pureness, and destiny. Then they put a wreath on her head. A traditional Ukrainian wedding dress looks more like beautiful national clothes. Just imagine how beautiful the brides from Ukraine in those flowers and clothes are.

The ceremony

Unlike American tradition where the father takes the bride to her future husband, in Ukrainian wedding the couple should go to the church on their own, holding hands together. According to the Ukrainian wedding traditions, the song “The one who sings is praying twice” sounds during the process. However, this song is not so popular anymore.

The church wedding

This is an important part if you want to marry a Ukrainian woman. It does not actually matter if she is religious or not. The church wedding is more about tradition than the religion. Before entering the church the couple should admit they are going into the marriage willingly to the priest. After that, the priest is blessing the wedding rings to put them on the fingers of each spouse.

Ukrainian women for marriage are just great and if you decided that you want to marry the one, you should also be aware of the four steps of the church wedding and they symbolize.

  • Tying hands (a symbol of the one whole)
  • The goblet (a symbol of the life after the marriage, being equal for each spouse)
  • The candles (a symbol of light)
  • Coronation (a symbol of marriage before God)

Despite all the creepy traditions, that is sometimes difficult for a foreigner to understand, traditional Ukrainian wedding is lots of fun. You will never see so much tasty Ukrainian meals and beverages again. The wedding is all about eating, having fun and receiving gifts and sweet words. The wedding ceremony in the church may seem long and exhausting for you but it’s nothing, comparing to the wedding itself. It takes from three days to a week to celebrate the big day with all the possible friends and relatives. I believe, it requires some preparation for both guests and the happy couple.

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