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The Complete Guide to Ukrainian Girls

Ukrainian women are so much desired by men all around the world, yet not everyone dares to approach them. If only western guys knew that there’s nothing to be afraid of, there would be much more happy couples out there. Despite that one can find dozens of articles about how to date a Ukrainian girl, how to find one, or how to treat these Slavic beauties, women from Ukraine still remain a mystery for foreigners. In this article, we’ll try to change that.

Before we start discussing single Ukrainian girls and their peculiarities, let’s start with some general information. It should be mentioned that Ukrainian culture has nothing to do with European and American ones. On the other hand, it’s Slavic ladies’ unique traits and personalities that make them so popular. But at the same time, dating them requires at least basic knowledge of Ukrainian cultural aspects. Below is the list of facts about Ukrainian women, dating them, and what’s it like to start a family with one of them.

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The mystery of a Ukrainian lady

Each country adds something unique to people living in them due to their culture, history, geography, and so on. Our point is that women in every country have their own peculiarities that help them stand out among each other. So what’s so peculiar about Ukrainian ladies that keeps drawing men’s attention to them? What are those qualities that make western women jealous? What’s behind the mystery of these beauties?

It’s all about the combination of love to everyone, pure intentions and the desire to help those who need it, modesty, sincerity, unpretentiousness, and willingness to sacrifice their well-being for the sake of others. Ukrainian women possess all of them at the same time, in contrast to their Western counterparts. Ladies from the US or Europe are more emancipated than Slavic ones. They believe that there’s nothing wrong with staying single, as they are used to their independence and always have to prove that they are capable of managing their lives on their own to men. No wonder why guys in the West are already sick of it; they seek traditional family values like pure love, mutual support, and caring. But all they get are constant struggles and quarrels; they are tired of women getting on their nerves. Who doesn’t want to have some peace and quiet after coming home from work?

beautiful ukrainian girlsFor Ukrainian girls, dating and relationships mean that they should respect their loved ones and be ready to compromise if needed. That’s why most ladies from Ukraine make great wives and mothers. They know how to be sensitive and give all the love they can to their husbands. But they won’t start relationships unless they’re completely sure of them. And the main thing about Ukrainian girls is that they are not crybabies. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to tell why they are mad at you or predict their wishes and desires, but it’s just one more reason to date a Ukrainian woman.

How a modern Ukrainian family looks like

The concept of family in Ukraine is not that different from the one in Europe of the US. Today, an average Ukrainian family consists mostly of three-four people: parents and one or two children. The distribution of family responsibilities is pretty fair, and every member gets a share of duties. Despite that Ukrainian ladies are OK with men being in charge, the decisions are usually made by both wife and husband. And a man is, of course, a breadwinner. Spouses’ parents and grandparents also play a significant role in Ukrainian families.

When raising their kids, Ukrainian parents always focus on such attributes as respect towards family, national consciousness and traditions, as well as a sense of patriotism. Also, Ukrainian families cherish and try to preserve lineage memory. Throughout centuries, it has been a tradition for each family to know and remember it’s genealogy at least up to the fifth generation, though it’s not so common for modern Ukrainians to know so much about their ancestors. Here’s how your family may look like if you marry a Ukrainian girl.

As for the role of a Ukrainian woman in a family, she can easily abandon her career and ambitions and choose taking care of her husband instead. Some Western men see such Slavic peculiarity as simple laziness. This assumption is completely wrong, as women from Ukraine know what hard work means. They are just more focused on such matters, as raising kids and keeping their house clean and cozy while the husband is at work, providing for his family. That’s why, when choosing a life partner, Ukrainian girls prefer men who achieved certain success in life. A Slavic wife often shows interest in her husband’s work or business, but she’s smart enough to keep the distance, not to ask the wrong questions, and keep the unnecessary details to herself when chatting with her friends.

What makes Ukrainian ladies so special?

The first thing that makes so many guys wish to find a Ukrainian girl is these women’s sexuality. We’re not talking about some physical attractiveness now. Their sexuality comes not from slim bodies and cute faces but from their mind. These ladies know exactly when to shut up and listen to a man, and when doing so, they try not to miss a single detail.

And, of course, the main reason why hot Ukrainian brides are so popular among foreigners is that they are incredibly beautiful. When coming to Ukraine, a lot of westerners simply get stunned by all those model-looking ladies on streets. You’ll never see so many cute girls in one country. No wonder why Ukrainian women often called the most beautiful. Most ladies from Ukraine consider looking after themselves a priority. Leaving the house without makeup and a fleshy outfit is nonsense for them. Not every girl can walk on high hills every day and stay in good spirits, smiling to strangers at the same time. Ukrainian ladies never miss the chance to show off their beauty, so that a potential partner understand what he may get from the first sight.

Most of the women in Ukraine are University graduates, so obtaining a higher education, or even two is a common thing among Ukrainian ladies. Having a pretty girlfriend is nice, but what about a well-educated, gentle, and smart one? Such partner can make you proud of yourself, boosting your self-confidence.

How to attract a Ukrainian girl

how to attract ukrainian girlAnd now let’s get to practical tips on how to turn hot Ukrainian girls’ attention to you. Finding a girlfriend from another country and culture and starting relationships with her may be a bit tricky. If you have already failed at dating someone before, you should probably learn a couple of main tips that are important to follow when finding a Ukrainian girl for dating.

Look respectable

The first thing you need to remember to conquer a Ukrainian beauty is that she won’t even look at you if you don’t look good enough for her. She probably spends a lot of time trying to look attractive, so she expects you to look great too. Look at yourself in the mirror; usually, people notice when there’s something wrong with their appearance. Guys who look weird also have little chances of finding a girlfriend, so don’t pick an outfit that makes you stand out among other men.

Keep smiling

Ukrainians are cheerful, so when you meet a Ukrainian girl, it’s important that you looked like a positive guy and smiled at her. This way you show that you’re happy and would like to give a bit of this happiness to her.

A special phrase

The best way to make a lady turn her attention to you is to come up with an original phrase just to start a conversation, eventually asking her out. You special phrase increases the chances that the girl will agree to spend an evening with you because Ukrainian girls are curious and they probably don’t get such original invitations often.

Be yourself

When chatting with a woman from Ukraine, don’t try to seem a man you’re not. It’s not the best way to start relationships. It’s OK if you’re not as awesome as she may expect, we all have flaws.

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