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10 Most Distinguishing Cultural Features of Ukrainian Women

Hundreds of thousands of Western men come to online dating sites with the purpose to meet hot Ukrainian brides. But do they actually know how to conquer the hearts of these ladies? This is the biggest peculiarity of international dating: you should understand where your lover comes from. That’s why I want to give you an insight into Ukrainian history and culture in the current article. Read and take your love life to a new level!


How femininity and women are perceived in Ukraine

Prior to getting to the international dating scene, I recommend you learning the core Ukrainian culture facts. This will give you the ability to get to know local females smoothly. In Eastern Slavic community, a woman has always played an important role; there were (and are) many notable figures of local art, politics, science etc.

The role of Ukrainian women in their native culture is different from what westerners normally think. They are not ordinary housewives with minor hobbies and views. Well, in Russian society, a woman is supposed to play rather a secondary role – but Ukrainian women’s rights were always broader. Today, they gain more and more freedom and are able to build successful careers and take up things they really like.

What makes a woman a real Ukrainian?

She loves her motherland. Well, nationality is not an ethnic characteristic – this is the matter of self-identification. I do not mean a true Ukrainian woman wears Ukrainian traditional clothing every single day and only cooks “borsch” with “varenyky” for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, this lady should know Ukrainian culture and traditions and, of course, respect them. A real female Ukrainian is fond of her native country, proud of her nation’s accomplishments, and is willing to help her society to prosper.

She treats a man as a head of a family. Ukrainian culture is centred on eternal values. Historically, men were supposed to play leaderships so this tendency is preserved in modern Ukraine. Local women have nothing against it – in their view, a man should be the main supporter of his family so he needs his wife’s admiration. Yet it doesn’t mean that a typical Ukrainian girl is ready to take the backseat in a relationship. One of the most popular expressions used by these people is “a man is a head but a woman is a neck”. So there is always a strong woman standing behind a strong man.

She knows how to set a budget. The current economic situation in Ukraine is volatile which means most people have to adjust their financial abilities to the circumstances. Despite there is an opinion that Ukrainian girls are gold diggers obsessed with luxury, a wife from this land knows how to economise and how to get more for less money.

She is great at housekeeping. This is what Ukrainian girls learn since their early years. Surely, this is not the reason why men from all over the globe search for Ukrainian brides – a romantic relationship in a contemporary sense involves two like-minded people who support and worship each other. But yes, your place will never be out of order if you marry a Ukrainian woman.

She is feminine but also able to act decisively. In contrast to Western European and U.S. ladies, female Ukrainians are considered to be way less emancipated. In their home country, girls are perceived as bearers of traditional values: they should be keepers of family hearths and aren’t supposed to run the world. However, the Ukrainian female nature is as passionate and independent just as the male one. Quite often, a woman here has to be in charge of everything that takes place in her family life.

Peculiar cultural features of Ukrainian women

An overwhelming sense of a family. This is probably the basic reason why many foreigners prefer dating Ukrainian women. In the West, ladies are highly concentrated on their professional lives and personal interests so they do not hurry up to get married and give birth to children. Some men are scared of this perspective as they think women become too authoritarian and hard-working to leave a place for romance, care, and tenderness in their souls. For Ukrainian women, the main life goal is to build a healthy family so they never put their career ambitions over love and commitment.

Readiness to sacrifice. This item is related to the above one. In the name of true feelings, Ukrainian women can sometimes give up their comfort and interests. Note that I don’t say their priorities are undetermined, no. I’m primarily talking about some routine matters because Ukrainian ladies normally have solid goals and plan their biggest steps well ahead. Such a woman will do anything to make her beloved man happy yet will expect the same attitude in return.

Modest reaction to compliments. Many westerners face this problem (let’s call it so here) while dating Ukrainian girls. In this culture, people do not really like to praise their own achievements or personal qualities. You probably know that Ukrainian ladies are considered being one the most beautiful on the planet. But the way they respond to nice compliments seems odd to foreigners: these women start denying their own gorgeousness, intelligence, and other merits.

Willingness to be courted by men. Ukrainian dating culture is all about the traditional division of gender roles. Local ladies usually do not approach men first nor express their feelings in a straightforward manner. They are convinced a real woman should only drop hints of liking while a real man is about to take the initiative in wooing.

The desire to live in harmony.  Whatever happens in a Ukrainian girl’s life, she cares about her emotional state and acts relying on her intuition. It is certainly impossible to force her to do something she doesn’t want to. This woman seeks harmony in everything: her relationships with men, her deeds, and her feelings about different situations. For example, if she doesn’t feel the connection between you two, do not hope to seduce her with money or foreign citizenship of she isn’t ready to move from her country and leave her dearest people behind.

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