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How to Seduce a Leo Woman: Important Rules and Tips

Leo is the fifth sign, the element of which is fire, and the Sun is its planet. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac are the brightest people, with ambitions, pride and often self-esteem bordering on the pathological state.

Leo strives for power, recognition, wealth and luxury more often than other signs. At the same time, despite the love for everything beautiful, expensive and luxurious, the main thing in the life of Leo will always be an incredible passion for leadership and vanity. The weak side of strong and powerful Leos is flattery, before which they almost never can resist. Leos are passionate and generous people who live to the fullest, in a big way, thereby emphasizing their status and special position. They seldom fuss and serve others, preferring indulgence to accepting honors.

Leo woman traits

Because of this excessive power, Leos often allow superfluous people to come into their circle, accepting complaisance for fidelity, and confusing uncomplaining consent with love and sympathy. For Leo, it is vital to be a leader, master of the situation, and therefore they are so organic in leadership positions and so unhappy if they turn out to be socially unsuccessful. Leos live for praise, encouragement and infinite emphasis on their excellence.

Leos are incredible hedonists, while their love of luxury is an implicit confirmation of their material and social status. A brand power and a sense of possession of all the best are very important to them. Leos are big egoists, and even in love they value a partner through the prism of their love for themselves - for some of them, unconcerned worship is the main thing in relationships, while for others it is important to choose the object of universal admiration in order to once again emphasize their own exclusivity.

Egoism and the desire for recognition and glory are the driving force of the Leos. It is ambition and social approval that pushes them to development, and the main criterion is the fear of not justifying trust. Being one of the most energetic and charismatic characters, Leo has an original creative beginning and needs to satisfy their ambitions. If in work or love they do not get the desired impact, they lose interest in the endeavor. In addition, Leos are so fond of being in the spotlight that subconsciously avoid companies where they fail to shine and be "life of the party." More than anything in the world, Leos love when they are approached for advice - to be an expert in any matter is their favorite occupation.

All written above relate to Leo woman traits. So think twice whether you have enough courage to build relationships with these ladies!

How to Attract a Leo Woman

Magnificent and graceful, refined and slightly arrogant - a Leo woman is attractive for her inaccessibility. So how to seduce a Leo woman? She knows what causes admiration of others and is not afraid of someone else's attention. Paradoxically, for all its external coldness and arrogant detachment, such a representative of the beautiful half of humanity is endowed with sincere and open nature. When a Leo woman ignores you, it doesn’t mean she is cruel or selfish. She is friendly and hospitable, which, incidentally, is often abused by some unprincipled friends and acquaintances. If you are one of them, remember, when you hurt a Leo woman, you make yourself a bitter and principled enemy.

Even in the most difficult circumstances of life, she tries not to lose heart and not to give up, facing difficulties. A woman born under the sign of Leo often has a very hard time in her life - fate will constantly check her character, but she will still move towards the goal.

She attracts surrounding people by her strong-willed character. Around her in general reigns an aura of calmness and comfort, which attracts to her weak men. If you want to learn how to seduce a Leo woman, learn how to be strong and self-sufficient first. She can be considered self-sufficient because in most cases she never stops her sight on weak people, trying to choose for herself an exceptionally worthy person. However, if the Leo woman truly falls in love, she, regardless of the opinions of others, will choose a simple and open-minded guy, and reject unworthy, weak male creature. Or even eat him just for fun.

Leo woman compatibilityA man who thinks about how to seduce a Leo woman needs to be prepared for the fact that in the presence of the Leo, the most uninhibited representatives of the strong half of humanity are usually shy, - she behaves so kingly. That's why next to her there can only be a real king. If you cannot match, it's better to retreat before it's too late.

Leo woman is able to trample and humiliate anyone who dares to manipulate her. Even the most expensive gifts will not guarantee that this lady will prefer you. She makes her choice for a long time, so you need to stock up with patience, perseverance, and money. Moreover, the competition is huge. Lionesses are bright female representatives and are always surrounded by a lot of admirers. To begin with, it's nice that she singles you out from the crowd at all.

When you plan to take the Lioness as a wife, you need to be aware of the seriousness of the consequences. Being married to the queen is a matter of responsibility. Active and energetic Lioness is not able to stay at home and bring up children. She will devote a lot of time to a career, social activities. She may simply not have enough time for children. But if she becomes a mother, then she is the best mother in the world.

Anyone who wants to win the Lioness and take her as his wife must understand that she will not be tamed and controlled. If you agree to all these sacrifices for the sake of your queen, prepare to love her with all your heart, be faithful, admire and indulge her whims.

What a Leo Woman Wants in a Man

For the Leo woman in love, the social status and financial status of her chosen one does not seriously matter. She, of course, takes into account the material well-being of a potential groom, but almost never makes it a priority for herself. A more important role in the question of how to win a Leo woman belongs to the inner qualities of a man. Given that the strong-willed and even domineering nature of the Lioness is able to suppress less determined males, these women tend to choose a man to match themselves.

Her ideal choice is a calm, sensible and friendly person who will not let her break him. It is important that he can easily neutralize all the attacks of his chosen one with personal charm and a sense of humor. She sincerely loves that person who knows his worth and behaves himself worthy, even if he is not in public. The determining factor that could contribute to the creation of a relationship with a Lioness is the ability to listen (and, unfortunately, not every man can do it) and support his companion in every possible way.

For a Leo woman personality, it is vitally important to build relations with a man who would infinitely admire her, deify her beauty and fully support her deeds. She would never tolerate beside her a petty, inclined person, capable of getting annoyed over trifles. A miser man also cannot create a relationship with her because this woman has got used to spending a lot on herself. However, despite her propensity for spending money, Leo woman knows how to earn money (in the world history there are many female names belonging to this zodiac sign who managed to build a dizzying career).

Do Leo Women Cheat

A Leo woman falls in love instantly, expresses her feelings openly, and she is always ready to conquer the object of her passion, to fight for him. The Leo woman tries to play a leading role in relationships but does everything to make her loved one feel happy. Her love is ardent and faithful, and she expects devotion in return. She begins to argue when she sees that the object of her love becomes too independent. Leo woman compatibility strongly depends on your personal traits.

Having discovered unfaithfulness, she will not tolerate an insult, but will abruptly stop the relationship. But if the Leo woman forgives, she does it once and for all and does not remember it anymore. Having stopped loving, she leaves and never comes back. If you break up with her, she will be seriously upset, because, among other things, her pride suffers too.

People of this sign are too proud to cheat on their partner. It means to admit her mistake in choosing a better half! Leo is capable of deception only in very serious conflicts and a difficult situation in the relationship. Fidelity and self-respect for a Leo woman are almost the same things. Although she rarely can refrain from flirting. This zodiac sign can be pushed to cheating due to a deep disappointment in her better half. She will not hide her new relationship, but she will tell about what happened immediately. Straightforwardness and hate for lies - it’s all about Leo woman.

Best Love Match for Leo Women

So how to tell if a Leo woman likes you? Just check if your signs match!

Leo-woman + Aries-man

In this vivid union, there is everything with abundance - love, and passion, and emotions, and ambitions. In addition to common attitudes and aspirations, the stability of these relationships is secured by sexual compatibility: the passion between the energetic Aries and the Lioness is able to grow over time, making them truly cherish each other.

Leo-woman + Taurus-man

This union is often self-sufficient because in many ways an energetic Leo woman and stubborn Taurus are similar. Maybe outwardly it is not too noticeable (after all, to achieve their goals, they choose different ways), but most importantly, they want the same thing from the life: wealth and prosperity.

dating a Leo womanLeo-woman + Cancer-man

In this complex alliance, cautious Cancer, as a rule, is guaranteed a whirlpool of impressions. On the one hand, he is very flattered by the bright Lioness, he can admire her aesthetic taste and even change his home way of life for her, appearing from time to time at social gatherings. However, the immoderate expenditure of the Lioness is frightening for Cancer: he sees how his capitals melt, and this is often the cause of their conflicts and parting.

Leo-woman + Leo-man

A bright union of two noble Lions can be described as "love-friendship", "love-cooperation", but this does not mean that it will not be enough love itself.

Leo-woman + Virgo-man

This is a very strange relationship, but in life, they are not so rare. The energetic Lioness loves to be in the center of attention, and the industrious Virgo does not tolerate idle pastimes and even empty words. They are like two different poles of a magnet, which are nevertheless attracted to each other.

Leo-woman + Libra-man

This union can be long-term, but it is usually not too strong. In a family life, Lioness usually puts too much pressure on Libra, reproaching him for everything - from a disorder in the apartment to a lack of money and insufficient success in business.

Leo-woman + Scorpio-man

This union of two passionate, independent natures often turns out to be really bright. However, it is better for love than for family life: both Scorpio and Lioness are used to being leaders in everything and are not used to giving in.

Leo Woman in Bed

In love, the Leo woman is a predator. She can be affectionate and playful, gentle and insatiable. The Leo woman will start a love game with you that will completely drive you crazy and make you be the happiest man on Earth. But do not lose your vigilance. This euphoric story will end without explanation, if by any chance, even if by negligence, you touch the vanity of Leo. The wounded self-esteem is something that Leo never forgives. She can pretend that she forgot her resentment, she may even stay with you, but you will forget about the passion that only the Leo can give to you once and for all.

Take the initiative in sex - Leos love it. However, never do something that she certainly does not like. This will spoil everything. Dating a Leo woman, remember that she must be number 1 in everything - even in bed!

Famous Leo Women

  • Charisma Carpenter (July 23, 1970)
  • Jennifer Lopez (July 24, 1969)
  • Rose Byrne (July 24, 1979)
  • Anna Packwin (July 24, 1982)
  • Taylor Momsen (July 26, 1993)
  • Sandra Bullock (July 26, 1964)
  • Kate Beckinsale (July 26, 1973)
  • Hilary Swank (July 30, 1974)
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Leo women are passionate, they are something else. You can’t really create a serious and long-lasting relationship with a Leo woman if you are a weak man that can’t handle himself, they need a strong man that will be able to keep up with their will and power. But, if you are a serious man that is self-confident, a Leo woman will be a great addition to your life.
04.05.2020 10:38
Leo women are great, I personally have dated two Leo girls, but what I didn’t like about relationships with them is their selfless passion for career development, for their desire to focus on their careers and forget about relationships. It seems like a running theme for them, I always wanted to work on relationships, they ended up forgetting about them, and ended up facing issues and misunderstandings.
04.05.2020 10:39
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