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What Are Russian Women Like?

You can easily find many people around the world who are still wondering what Russian brides are like on the other side of the amazing pictures on the dating sites. Some people think that they know everything about these beautiful Russian girls because one of their acquaintances or friends had the relationship with one of these girls or had just a talk at the café.

When the others, having lived in Russia several years, claim that they don’t have the right answer to the question because a huge part of their image of these girls was incorrect and another part cannot be unambiguous. So, how can you understand that mysterious Russian soul? What should you know before you take a position on the matter without studying all the available information?

Russian brides

How Westerners see Russian women vs. what they really are like

A big part of people doesn't want to think outside the box and stop treating other nations as their good friends in the most unpleasant sense as if they know all the “dirty secrets.” People get used to different clichés that are perceived as the truth even if they look ridiculous and really awkward. It is very convenient to believe in the prepared statements and make no efforts to understand the issue and to find out whether this is truth or just another lie. Westerns can hardly single out the truthful moments from the sea of rumors that sometimes seem to be just someone’s bad joke without a punch line. So, how do Westerns see beautiful Russian women?

All the girls dream about moving away

Western people consider Russia to be a gloomy and poor country where residents have no hobbies, no aims and just drink heavily in the evenings. However, if you face the truth, you will see that Russian people drink no more than many other nations and sometimes even less, especially if talking about women. When you talk about moving away, you forget the very important fact. The girls leave not only the country but also familiar surroundings, friends and most importantly, their families. Is it not the big price for a leap into the unknown?

Most of the girls are searching for a chance to improve themselves and to find another possibility to become happy. Many girls have already succeeded to find their happiness without moving even to another city within Russia while others are still in the search for the better life. The idea is to get the inner pleasure of being loved and love in return with all the passion and tenderness.

marry a Russian woman Most of the women have very poor taste

If you ask Westerns to close their eyes and describe the image of an ordinary Russian girl, they will tell you about a very beautiful but tasteless dressed girl who wears stripper's heels and makes smoky-eyes on any occasion. It is necessary to come to Russia to change the mind and to see the actual situation with your own eyes. Nowadays, Russian girls choose elegant and feminine outfits, wearing small heels and making just invisible makeup just to emphasize their natural beauty.

Girls are looking only for money

As if you can find a fortune-hunter only in Russia and all other nations are indifferent to money. In fact, you can meet such a person everywhere you go, even among your close friends and acquaintances because greed is a feature of a person but not a nation. Speaking about Russian girls, a big part of them is very tolerant with respect to the financial situation and bank account.

These girls are beautiful but not smart

When you meet a Russian girl personally, you understand how far this statement is from reality. Every second girl has not only high education but also completed classes in different spheres of their interest. They try to devote much time to their self-improvement both as a person and a specialist. Russian girls know how to be self-motivated and achieve their goals.

Russian women's approach to dating and relationships

If you think about Russian women dating, take note that it is considered the most romantic period of the relationship when the first feelings are emerging, both partners want to seem better and the girls expect to be conquered with good manners and romantic deeds. Dating Russian girls, you are expected to become a magician who creates an atmosphere of the best romantic films and books. This is a kind of indispensable condition for winning girls’ hearts.

A man is always a leader

In Russian girls dating you will hardly face a stand-off for the equality of the sexes because everything is quite clear there. Everybody gets used to the one possible option of the relationship where a man is a leader and a woman is his muse and support. Women expect that a man will take initiatives on his own and they just can add something if necessary. If a man wants to date a Russian girl, he should call and send a message first in order to ask a girl on a date. Man is always expected to behave like a gentleman in manners, language, and actions.

A man is a charming and chivalrous knight

As it has already been mentioned, Russian girls are very romantic and they dream of a chivalrous knight who will save them from daily routine with its challenges and will treat them like a princess, pampering them with romantic deeds. If you are going to date a Russian woman, you should know that she will expect special treatment at least at the beginning of the romantic relationship. If you want to demonstrate your special attitude and good manners, don’t forget to open a door in front of your girl and to help take her outwear off. A good man shows himself in his actions when he doesn’t allow a girl to carry heavy things and doesn’t offer to share the bill. If a man asks a woman on a date, he pays the common bill, it’s just a custom. If two people share the bill, they are not together in any sense.

Russian brides A man brings flowers

It is one of the pleasant traditions that is maintained by almost all people. Russian girls like to get flowers even without important occasion, it is a sign that a man wants to cheer the girl up. If you want to surprise a girl, you can send a bouquet and a card with a delivery service. Don’t forget to take only an odd number of flowers since an even number is used for funerals. Don’t be shy to ask a girl about her favorite flowers and color in advance to avoid misunderstanding in the future.

Some women like yellow flowers when others think that a bunch of yellow flowers is a sign of a breakup. If you don’t know what to choose, take red or pink roses, they are suitable almost on all the occasions. In spring, it is possible to present tulips. The main thing is that all the flowers must be fresh because some women believe that freshness of the bouquet reflects the depth of the men’s feelings.

A man should wait for a girl if she is late

It can seem strange but when you are involved in dating Russian women, don't be surprised that your girl can be late for at least 10 minutes. It’s quite a usual thing and is a kind of unwritten rules. The most common reason for being late is choosing the outfit, making perfect makeup or a traffic jam. When you see your beautiful date, you will forgive her this 15-minutes delay.

A man should be respectful

You will not find the list with the required themes for the conversation with a Russian girl on a date. Both of you should decide on which topics you will build your conversation and what side of the story you will choose. However, be prepared to listen to the stories about your woman’s family and try to memorize some moments, maybe this information will be useful in the future. Don’t even try to joke about that topic because Russian women treat family very seriously. Tell her about your family and some funny moments from your childhood, fill your date with warmth.

A man should not insist on having sex

If both of you hope for the serious relationship then sex will not be the best idea at the first stages. If you want to have sex, you should use all the possible ways of providing proof of your serious intentions. Russian girls don’t look for a one-night stand. They want to find their one and only and to get to know their partners closer. This old-fashioned approach to the relationship makes Russian women so desirable among Western men.

Russian women's approach to family and marriage.

How many wise people have you met in your life? Wisdom is not about knowledge but about life experience, historical background that is saved and transmitted from generation to generation of Russian women. There is a statement that a Russian woman can stop a galloping horse, but, nevertheless, if you marry a Russian woman, she will give the leadership in the relationship to you. Female wisdom is manifested in various fields of life being, staying the reliable support for their men and being a constant inspiration to keep moving.

Russian women want to get married

On the contrary to other nations, Russian girls want to get married and have a family. They believe that creating their own family is the most important and wonderful thing in the life. They attempt to combine a successful job with not less successful personal stuff. Everything outside the family can take only a second place. When you marry a Russian woman, you will see that she does her best to keep the fire of passion even after marriage. Marriage is not a final goal and ground to look ordinary for the husband.

Russian women don’t make unpleasant surprises

If you think about Russian women for marriage, you should know that the family for this girl is a talk and agreement of two people in every issue. A big part of Russian women will never take a vital decision alone without discussing it with their spouses. There will not be any mysteries behind your back because they always make efforts to find compromises. Russian women understand the point of the healthy relationships and value it.

A Russian woman will become your steadfast partner

If you decide to get married with a Russian girl, you will get not only a passionate lover but also a loyal friend. A Russian girl tries always to support her spouse whatever happened and never gives up. Your wife will be ready to follow you round the world and become your soulmate and partner in crime so to say.

So, if you still think about marrying a Russian woman, start looking for her right now without delay!

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