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Quick Guide to the First Date with a Russian Woman

First dates were never an easy thing. In particular, first dates with women coming from foreign cultures. Russian women are now becoming the most preferred marriage materials for westerners. However, many guys are uncertain about how to comprehend the mysterious Russian soul. In this article, we’re gonna provide you with valuable tips on how to run an amazing first date with your potential Russian girlfriend.

First Date with a Russian Woman

1. Prepare a plan

The main secret of dealing with Russian women is that you should actually combine two abilities: to surprise your lady and to think the things over. The main goal of any first date is to give partners the basic impression about one another. So better if it takes place in a relaxing air. Take her preferences into an account and chose the venue that would be maximally casual.

2. Arrive 20 minutes in advance

One of the most important dating rules in Russia tells us a man should always arrive first. For women, it’s totally acceptable to be 5-30 minutes late (an amazing range of time indeed). Russian girls don’t allow themselves to look worse than they are able to. That’s why your date will likely spend 2-3 hours at the mirror trying to pick the best outfit, to wear a stunning makeup, and do her hair in the most overwhelming way.

3. Bring something for her

The tradition of giving gifts is highly supported in Russia. Here, visitors are supposed to bring something for their hosts who, in their turn, do everything to keep their guests happy. As for dating, girls usually expect their partners to treat them with nice little things from time to time. Of course, we suggest you know what to bring in advance as your very first present should be meaningful.

4. Behave like a gentleman

In the Western world, there is a tendency towards emancipation. Local women get overly independent with time and some of them don’t appreciate chivalry anymore. On the other hand, Russian ladies remain extremely feminine. In their view, every man should master the art of being a lady’s man. So watch your manners out! Court your woman, be helpful and know how to promote a conversation. Remember you should be nice not only with her but with everyone around.

5. Stay away from drinking

In contrast to popular stereotypes, Russians aren’t such hard drinkers. Especially young people of both sexes. Russian girls are definitely into the healthy lifestyle so they don’t appreciate vodka-loving guys. Since we believe you don’t belong to that category, we advise you let your date know this. There’s nothing wrong about choosing non-alcoholic beverages for the first in-person meeting. As an alternative, take 1-2 glasses of dry wine.

6. Pick up the tab

While in the case with U.S. and Western European ladies it’s uncertain if you should pay for a date or not, Russian girls surely expect their boyfriends to do this. Splitting the bill will barely work – on the first date at least. Thus, picking up the tab seems to be the only solution. First, this is another way to prove her you are a gentleman. Second, this is the way to demonstrate your generosity which is one of the most desirable men’s traits for Russian ladies.

7. Escort your lady home

This should be the final stage of your first live meeting. Since Russian girls wish to stay with mannish and strong guys, they fall for those who display protectiveness. Moreover, if you feel the evening was great, accompanying her home is the logical continuation of all this. Not to mention you’ll get extra time to stroll and communicate. Believe there’s no Russian lady who wouldn’t evaluate such a gesture of affection!

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