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Dating a Russian Woman: Rules and Guidelines

How to date Russian women? This is a hot topic for any guy who meets a girl and madly falls in love with her. And then the question is the following: how to start a relationship with her? Here are rules and guidelines special for you.

Russian women dating

Where to meet Russian women

Shopping mall

Today, it is one of the best places for the acquaintance. There are a lot of beautiful girls who walk alone and some don’t even mind getting acquainted. Just find a beautiful girl in the mall, come and ask what her name is.

Cafes (restaurants, bars, etc.)

How to meet a Russian woman? Imagine that you come into a cafe and see that a girl is sitting alone and drinking tea. So, it is time to act. Start communication and look at her reaction: if she smiles and maintains a conversation, then everything is fine. But don’t stay near her for too long – exchange numbers and go. Call her in two hours and ask her out on a date.

Dating websites

The rapid development of modern technology makes people spend more and more time on the Internet. This pastime can be effectively used for dating Russian girls on the Internet. In addition to the specialized Russian dating sites, various social networks and applications for smartphones can be used for communication. Conveniently, this variant allows you to see an interlocutor because, as a rule, user’s page contains some photos.

Thematic forums

Don’t underestimate the importance of thematic forums – that's where you can meet Russian girls for dating. It is worth paying attention to discussions highlighting some known issues: cars, tourism, pets, sports or dances. Common topics for conversation quickly bring people together. And the same hobbies allow you to turn your communication into real life.

Russian dating Nightclubs

In such places, girls tend to feel relaxed and ready to get acquainted and communicate with everyone.

Exhibitions, museums, galleries

Here you will meet mostly educated girls. Therefore, you should be a professional in some areas as well. In fact, it's not difficult. It is enough to spend a little time in search of information about paintings, artifacts and so on. Thus, you will have something to say and successfully maintain a conversation on some topic. It will be easy to develop a conversation, turning it into something romantic, and gradually ask a girl on a date.

What to write to a girl on a dating site

With the development of the Internet, people's communication capabilities have improved significantly. Now the Internet helps people find new acquaintances for a variety of purposes, including relationships. Moreover, there are special websites that have been created specifically for people who want to find a soul mate. However, sometimes it is difficult for guys to get acquainted with girls even on such sites. Therefore, they are faced with the question of what to write to a girl on a Russian dating site in order to start communicating with her. Here are some tips for you:

How your profile should look like

If you decide to get acquainted with a girl using a specialized site, then you will need to prepare for this. So it is necessary to approach this issue very seriously. If you don’t give proper attention to the preparation of your profile on a dating site, then it will look boring and uninteresting, like many other pages. In this case, even a truly original and unusual message may not interest a girl. When preparing, you need to pay special attention to your photos and information on your page. Thus, it will be easier for a girl to know you better.

Where to start

As you know, the first phrase plays a key role in the development of the Internet romance. You can use several variants for writing the first phrase on a dating site:

1. Compliment. A compliment should refer to the appearance of a girl. Here it is necessary to be attentive – you can say that she is very stylish, has beautiful makeup, well-groomed hair or competently composed profile;

2. Humor. Any joke, especially on a popular topic, will be accepted by a girl with pleasure. The main thing is not to overdo and not look like a jester, as some girls are very serious about dating;

3. Questions. You can ask about what you see in her photo album or read in her profile;

4. Provocation. This is a comment that will encourage a girl to discuss it. It is important not to offend your interlocutor.

Right photos are the key to a successful acquaintance

This is the next thing that a girl will pay attention to after receiving a message from you. Photos should be of high-quality, made on a digital camera or by a professional photographer. Photos can be different: with your friends, at your favorite place or work, indoors or outdoors but not with beer and a cigarette. It is very important what kind of picture you have.

Profile as a way to tell about yourself

If you want to find Russian women for dating, your profile should be creative, capacious, and short. Intellect, originality, and sense of humor are welcomed here. Try to fill in a profile in your own way, avoiding template phrases. It is not necessary to write long reflections and philosophical treatises since this is simply not read by everyone in most cases. Describe yourself briefly, interestingly, and unusually.

Each of us can meet love anywhere, including dating sites. Don’t miss your chance to meet a charming girl on the Internet, invite her on a date and, perhaps, spend all your life with her.

How to behave in a relationship with Russian women

Russian women datingWomen are much more selective than men in choosing a life partner. Some girls look for partners who have traits of their fathers; for someone, the most important thing is money and so on. Every man wants to have success among the fair sex. However, some don’t know how to date a Russian woman. Here are tips on dating a Russian woman and practical advice that may help you become attractive in the eyes of such woman.

Be romantic

Despite the progression of emancipation, many Russian women wait beautiful courtship and romantic acts from men.

1. Organize a romantic dinner by candlelight, send her a big bouquet of flowers and give a gift that hints at your feelings. A girl can appreciate such sign of attention as a morning a message with a wish: “Have a nice day, my love!” Don’t be lazy to find time for calls or messages even during your working day.

2. Memorize or write down all important dates. Women like when men remember events that are significant for them.

3. Make little surprises. For example, give her a box of chocolates, a flower without a reason, invite her to the theater, walk in the romantic places of the city, and so on.

Forget about the monotonous sex

Dating Russian women, you should refuse from ordinary sex in a missionary position in favor of passionate love with role-playing games and accessories. Also, you can do it in a bathroom or on a soft carpet, for example.

You should provide support and comfort

Certainly, modern Russian women, especially those living in cities, are self-confident and self-sufficient. However, all of them want to feel a strong man's shoulder.

Don’t lie

When a woman asks something, it's better to tell the truth because it is very likely that she already knows the right answer. Female intuition works no worse than the investigator's intuition. Remember that a woman always delicately feels all the strings of your soul. And if you are sincere and open with her, she will surely answer with kindness and appreciate your attitude towards her.

Take care

This category includes the actions written in the code of etiquette: give a hand, help to put on outerwear, hold the door, and so on. Such examples can be listed indefinitely. But if a girl is really interesting to you, then this behavior will be completely organic for you and the desire to learn about her life will arise sincerely. A lasting and positive opinion of you is gradually being formed of these small but constant signs of attention and care.

Help her

But it's worth to be careful with how you offer your help. If you are wondering whether you can help her with bags (business issues, etc.) or not, you will most likely hear a refusal, even if help is pleasant and necessary. When you date Russian women, act confidently, speak with affirmative suggestions, and even if they tell you that they don’t need your help, still take their bags or help with a presentation.

Give her personal space

Respect her personal space and give a girl time and opportunity to relax from you. A common mistake is to contact her right after goodbye and continue communication in a virtual environment. Give her time to think about your meeting. Even if you had an amazing date with a Russian woman, this obsession can cause rejection.

Be courage

When you date Russian women, don’t complain about your fate, work and boss days and nights. Women don’t like whiners with a weak character and break up with such men without regrets.

Try to create a happy family

It is not enough to just marry and make a child. This can be done by anyone who doesn’t have problems with the reproductive system. But not everyone can create a happy and strong family. Russian women want reliable men who not only earn money but also know how to take care of a child and are happy to spend time with their families.

date hot Russians What Russian women prefer in sex

What do Russian women love in sex? This is a question that is periodically asked by even the most confident man. So, here are some rules for you:

1. Love

It is important for a woman to be loved. If you prove this in the way she likes, then we can assume that half of the battle is won. A female ear is susceptible to compliments and verbal caresses, so don’t hesitate to use them when you date hot Russians.

2. Give pleasure

The pleasure of a woman should be always put higher than yours. So, first of all, try to satisfy a partner and take more time for foreplay.

3. Protect

Even if a lady of your heart is passionate and experienced, communicate with her as with an innocent girl. It is important not to scare her but to show how nice sex with you can be. Any woman wants to feel helpless with a handsome and strong man.

4. Diversify

Be diverse in caresses. If you decide to extend foreplay, don’t stop at one reception because a woman can quickly get bored. Go from one erogenous zone to another, tease her, and use both hands and tongue.

5. Be sensual

Kisses should be sensual and movements of hands – gentle. If a woman hesitates and you are already impatient, apply your male distractions such as thoughts about work.

6. Don’t be silent

Women really like it when men tell them pleasant things in the ear or just groan. No wonder that women love with their ears. Words are good in both cases – during sex and after.

In order to have a strong relationship, both partners should be active and also make efforts to make a relationship even better. These rules are enough for you to build truly strong relationships with the most beautiful Russian women.

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