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Worst Texting Mistakes Guys Often Make

Yep, online dating had made it easier for us to find a coup, that's what we tend to believe. You can find any girl from any corner of the world, so it's highly unlikely that you may not find your perfect match. But there is one problem that has been following dating for ages – people. People make mistakes, and those mistakes rarely work to their advantage. On the one hand, online dating helps you avoid a lot of mistakes, as your main communication comes in the form of text messages, and you have enough time to think about your reply. On the other hand, you don't want to think, and you are bound to make mistakes. Texting mistakes that guys make are no way less hilarious than mistakes made by girls, but surprisingly they are occurring more often.

online texting

Texting Etiquette in 2018

Before dwelling on the worst texting mistakes, let's find out why they can ruin your online dating experience. As you know, dating comes with etiquette, and you may be keen on it, but when you are into online dating, your knowledge may turn out to be absolutely useless if you know nothing about texting etiquette. Yes, you know how to act on a date, you know that you must let the lady enter the building first and that you need to pull out a chair for her, but what's the point in it if you won't get to the real date making texting mistakes?

Online texting comes with etiquette as well, and if you don't follow its rules, you’re bound to fail. Girls don't like guys who make a lot of texting mistakes. You want her to take you seriously? And how is she going to do it if you are unable to text properly? Aside from failing to impress a girl, your texting mistake may turn into the Internet meme. You have some dirty texting ideas? Great, but mind that auto-correct is your worst enemA, as there is unlikely a girl who would like to be Ducked by you.

Another thing that you should mind is that you need to be patient and wait for the girl to reply. Sometimes girls like testing guys, and your message may stay without a reply for hours or days. What's your reaction? Yep, your texting her more and more and more. You are asking whether she has lost interest in you and so on. Don't! Just don't! Calmly wait for the reply.

That's texting etiquette in the nutshell, but if you want to minimize the possibility of failing in your online dating, you need to learn the do's and don'ts of texting a girl.

Texting a Girl: Do's and Don'ts

If you are new to online dating, texting a girl for the first time is going to be one of the most nerve-wracking moments in your life. But even if you are keen on online dating, you should read our list of do's and don'ts when texting a girl, as you may be doing something wrong.

The Do's

1. Text Her Right Away

Whenever you find a girl that you like, you should text her right away or within the first 48 hours. A recent survey by Dating Metrics showed that 90% of women prefer men to contact them within the two days of acquaintance.

2. Tell Her What You Think Of Her

Let her know what you are thinking of her. Tell her that she's beautiful, tell her that she's smart, tell her that she's sexy. Of course, you may lead a casual conversation, but there is a risk that she may start viewing you as a mere pen-friend.

3. Get To Know Her

The whole point of online dating is getting to know the person you are chatting with. So try figuring out what kind of a girl she is via texting her different messages. At first, try using something cute, but with a potential to start a conversation.

texting a girlThe Don'ts

1. Avoid Harassing Her With Messages

We've already mentioned that above, you shouldn't harass your online girlfriend with text messages when she's not replying to you. Use your logic: if she's being silent for a day or two, she may be busy, but if she's remaining silent for three or four days while being online, she's definitely ignoring you – move on.

2. Don't Be Creepy

There is a thin line between being flirty and being creepy. You are flirty when she's into it, but when she's clearly showing you that she doesn't want to receive any suggestive messages from you, and you continue sending them to her – you are creepy.

3. Don't Send Dick Pics

That's the most ridiculous mistake that guys make. Girls are not fans of dick pics, especially if you are sending them out of context of your conversation. Moreover, a lot of guys try to start conversation with a dick pic, and then get surprised that this idea fails.

Texting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Now, after learning the texting etiquette and the do's and don'ts of communication with the girl, you need to learn the 10 deadly texting mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Bad Spelling

As we've already mentioned, spelling counts. If you have problems with spelling, you are unlikely to be successful in online dating. She offers you to meet at 8 o'clock? It's “great” and not “grate” as you might think.

2. Too Many LOLs

One of the most common texting mistakes guys make. You may think that you are cool, putting LOL and HAHAHA after every message, but she may start thinking that it is a nervous laughter. As you may know, a nervous laughter is a sign that you are not confident about yourself and where you conversation is heading to.

3. Too Many Emojis

She may love emojis, and she may hate them. Pay attention to the way she puts them. If she doesn't use emojis at all, then try to use them less frequently or abandon them at all.

4. Too Many Ellipses

Well.... you know...while... you may think that....ellipses....don't matter at all... they When you are texting a girl a number of ellipses, she may get the feeling that you are quite unsure about everything that you say.

5. Walls Of Text

There is so many things you would like to say, but that doesn't mean that your messages should be miles long. It is extremely uncomfortable to read them, especially when you use your phone. An email is a better variant for your long-reads, but not your regular chatting via phone.

6. Guilt Tipping

We've already said that you need to learn to wait for the reply, but it doesn't mean that you should express your dissatisfaction about the waiting period with something like “I'm so glad that I'm on the top of your priorities”. Hey, you know, she doesn't owe you anything. And with messages like that, you could easily end up at the bottom of her priorities.

7. Confusing Texts

It is okay to ask her whether she likes to watch a movie or have a dinner, when texting girls. But then you can make everything way more confusing. You know, she said she would like to have a dinner, and then you ask her whether she would prefer this cafe or that cafe, or if she's unsure maybe watching a movie would be a better idea... you know, she thinks that you are unsure.

8. Waiting Too Long to Respond

Once there was a girl who waited for too long to respond to your messages and now you want to avenge yourself while texting other girls you like. Using such a strategy you are bound to fail. Girls make their decisions quicker than guys, and she may think that you've lost your interest in her.

9. Inappropriate Texts

If you're not into sexting already, you shouldn't bring it out of nowhere. You were talking about something, and then, out of a sudden, you are asking her what she's wearing or telling her what you'd like to do with her in bed. If you take it out of nowhere, your communication is most likely to end up nowhere. Probably, you don't need to be reminded that with dick pics out of nowhere, you would face the same consequences.

texting dirty10. Exclamation Marks

You are most likely using exclamation marks to show your excitement, but putting them after every sentence looks quite weird. While it is one of the funny texting mistakes, it is a mistake anyway. The girl may feel like you are yelling at her “I'm so excited! I'm so excited!” You know, there are other punctuation marks, aside from the exclamation mark.

Dirty Texting Examples

Texting dirty is a topic that deserves a stand-alone article, but right now we want you to focus on why auto-correct Emily, oh, we've meant Evelyn, no, ebony... Well, auto-correct is you worst enemy when it comes to texting dirty. In order to prove it, we offer you to check a few examples of dirty texting completely destroyed by auto-correct.

1. When You Say One Word, But You Mean Your Mother

Freud is everywhere, and he can really destroy your sexting, when you tell your girl how much you would like her to make you cum with her mother... oops, probably you meant her mouth.

2. When You Shit The Door

Imagine, you are at your work, and you start sexting your girlfriend, telling her what you are planning to do with her as soon as you get back home. You are telling her that you are hard and that you are going to get inside her as fast as you shit the door...oops, probably you've meant “shut” the door, but your texting sexcapades are destroyed already by uncontrollable laughing.

3. How Often Do You Dream About Streaming Services?

Imagine that you are lying in your bed and text your girl how you are rubbing your manhood thinking about Hulu...oops, probably you've meant “you”, but she's already sure that you are masturbating to movies that are streaming on Hulu.

Texting Pick Up Lines

And the last stop in our texting girls guide, is a few examples of pick up lines that would help you start a conversation with the girl online. Some of them might be cheesy, but they would definitely make your crush smile.

  1. Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears!
  2. I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.
  3. They say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Well apparently, no one has ever been standing next to you.
  4. For some reason, I was feeling a little off today. But when you came along, you definitely turned me on.
  5. Are you religious? Because you’re the answer to all my prayers.
  6. I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?
  7. Are you sure you’re not tired? You’ve been running through my mind all day.
  8. Was your dad a boxer? Because damn, you’re a knockout!
  9. I was wondering if you had an extra heart. Mine was just stolen.
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