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When You Are Falling for Your Best Friends: How to Turn It Around

Most people who begin dating and eventually form long-term close personal relationships start with being friends. There is definitely a strong correlation between dating and friendship. Therefore, friendship seems like an important stage on the way to dating. There are many signs you're in love with your best friend. At a certain point one realizes that something more than just friendship is present between the two friends. This something is the feeling of love. Read the following guide to know all about the difference between friendship and relationship.

can a friendship turn into a relationship

Sure Signs You Are in Love with Your Best Friend

There are many different signs you really are in love with your best friend. When a friend is eager to touch you, be with you all the time, and be involved in your life providing care and support, it might be so that love drives him or her to do it. Of course, friends also provide care and support to their friends but, even though the difference between friendship and love bases on sex, in the absence of sensual contact there are certain things which indicate that a friendship is about to become love.


Only lovers like to touch each other. Two people in love feel energy and drive coming from each other. It motivates them to look for the ways to touch each other at any possible occasion. Lovers like to take each others’ hands, hug, smell each other, and, in general, feel each other. So, in case your best friend likes to touch you or you look for a way to make sensual contact with your friend, it is one of the most certain signs you're in love with your best friend.

Time Spent Together

In case you’re spending a lot of time together with your friend, be aware that it is one of the most common signs of falling in love with your best friend. The more time you spend together, the bigger are the chances you fall in love for each other. Only lovers spend more time together than friends. So, the amount of time spent together clearly indicates whether you are best friends or possible lovers.


Male-male friends or female-female friends, provided they are all heterosexuals, rarely experience awkwardness or do not experience it at all. But the best male-female or female-male friends can experience awkwardness being “just friends”. This awkwardness clearly indicates that something is going on. This feeling of awkwardness is an irreplaceable component of friendship before relationship.

how to make your best friend love youIf you experience awkwardness of any kind, it probably indicates that sensual attraction is present and that love is possible. For example, you might find your friend acting weirdly being passive-aggressive, alienated or unnecessarily attentive. Commonly, friends do not make each other feel weird but, on the contrary, feel very comfortable and pleasant in the presence of each other. In case you’re not feeling that way, you are either not with a friend of yours, or with somebody who you love and / or who loves you.

Friendship Before Relationship: How Does it Work

Most people who start dating or involve themselves in serious long-term relationships go through a “friendship” stage of relationships. In other words, people who become lovers start with being just friends. It indicates that friendship is an important integral checkpoint on the way to more serious sensual relationships. Therefore, building a friendship before a relationship is crucial if you really want to become lovers with your best friend. Read the following tips to answer the question “can a friendship turn into a relationship?”

Friends or Lovers?

Best male-female friends usually want to become lovers. The feeling is commonly so great and intense that it is difficult to continue being friends without desiring something bigger. The case, therefore, is all about sex. Sex is exactly the thing that makes a difference between friends and lovers. But the attraction and sexual desire builds up in the process of friendship. Speaking otherwise, you become friends first and only then you allow each other to attract yourselves sexually.


To know how to turn a friendship into a relationship, it is critical to pay attention to sexual intercourse. That’s because that is all that distinguishes friends from lovers. Sexual attraction is based on the looks and appearance. You can have a friend with any kind of looks but your lover should satisfy you with his or her physical appearance. Therefore, you can only switch from friends to lovers if you are sexually attracted to your best friend. Speaking in broad terms, lovers are friends who kiss and have sexual intercourse. But to do it you need to be attracted to your friend physically, not just mentally on a psychological level. You need to be able to enjoy your friend’s body and physical appearance if you really want to switch from friends to lovers.


Another sign you’re in love with your best friend is excessive interest. If a friend is preoccupied with you and his or her interest is unlimited, there is a pretty strong possibility something sensual is going on. It usually indicates that friendship is to become love. Not only time but passion and energy you two provide for each other as well as sadness you experience in the absence of each other imply that you can become lovers.

Single Best Friend

Most people have many friends. But the best friend is usually a single person. You can have two, three, four or five friends but, generally, people have only one best friend. If they’re lucky, of course. In fact, it is exactly what distinguishes a friend from the best friend – the fact that he or she is one of a kind. Logically, you value this person because of the uniqueness and rarity of the contact you two have. You can only become real lovers with the best friend, not just a friend among other friends.

How to Make Your Best Friend Fall For You

The feeling of love that the best friends have for each other is often unbearable. But it is rarely mutual, at least at the same time right in the beginning. One friend can easily want to continue staying friends while the other one interprets it as an offence. Thus, the whole approach and your attitude should be delicate if you want to switch from lover to friends. Otherwise, not only you will not succeed but your friendship might end seeing as how there is no way back after one friend falls in love for the other. Keep in mind the following tips to know how to make your best friend fall in love with you.

Being Attentive

You need to test your own and your best friend’s feelings before doing something. How you do that? First of all, motivate yourself and turn the passion on. signs of falling in love with your best friendThe switch doesn’t happen with one spontaneous kiss. It requires careful planning that you do in the process of testing. Start with becoming more attentive to the little details. Try to notice the slightest changes in your friend’s mood, observe his or her emotions, behavior, actions, etc. For example, in case your best friend looks for an opportunity to organize a sleepover, it might indicate that he or she wants to make a move. Acting aggressively without a reason also shows that a friend has feelings that can’t be helped. Look for this evidence of love before doing something.

Being Perfect

The next step after being attentive is to start doing small things for your best friend to notice. Hug him or her more bit by bit. Look for more opportunities to meet, be extra helpful, understanding, and caring. This is a way to show your friend that you want to become more than just friends. If you really want to know how to make your best friend love you, you need to become a perfect friend.

You should always be there for you friend in order not to miss the right moment. Only perfect friends become lovers because their friendship has no flaws. Therefore, forget about quarrels, offenses, debts, being busy, etc. You cannot become lovers and continue being friends as you have been before. You need to develop your friendship to the point of perfection and only then you will know how to make your best female friend fall for you.

Making a Move

After you went through the preliminary stage, your primary objective is to make a move. Making a move is the most important and difficult part of the whole process. Usually, it is a kiss. But it can also be a conversation, a sexual intercourse or even a mutual agreement. It all depends on you and your best friend. Think about what kind of approach you need. In case you are really unsure, whether your friend loves you or not, but you’re sure about your own feelings, consider a conversation. If the feelings of both parties are obvious, a kiss is your best option. The difference between an intervention with a conversation and a kiss is that the latter is forced. You can ruin your friendship kissing your friend because, naturally, friends don’t kiss. Only lovers kiss.

Making a move defines everything. It will be successful, providing that you did not skip the required steps on your way to it. Making a move is just a matter of seconds or minutes. Don’t start your “switch operation” from it. It is a logical conclusion but it is only a tip of an iceberg. People who fail think that one kiss at the right moment can decide everything. It can’t and you better believe it.

All in all, now you know what to do to make your best friend fall in love with you. You should also be aware about the difference between friendship and love. In order to start dating your friend, this friend of yours should be your best friend, not just a friend. It is also critical to be sexually attracted to each other. Think about it before making a move. Good luck!

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